Reviews For Heart of the Night Show - Indie Rock, Pop, Folk and Variety Music

The Heart of the Night Show is a great podcast, first and foremost, because it plays the best indie music from all over the world. The show only airs every few months or so and is a half hour long, but in that one half hour you will hear a solid, eclectic collection of different bands who you will definitely enjoy. The host, Jill No Jack, has a warm, soothing voice and knows a lot about the bands that she plays on her show. She only talks about topics related to music and the bands that she plays and about her own experiences seeing them perform. I really like this podcast because of the diversity in the bands that are featured on it. The host clearly knows about a ton of music because, although she is from the United States, she plays music from a lot of different countries. She searches far and wide for music that she feels is the best and conveys her positive attitude in an articulate, joyful manner. She introduces her listeners to new types of music that they probably would never have found or thought to listen to. All in all, the Heart of the Night Show is a great podcast because it features diversity in not only the cultural background of the artists but also the genres of indie music that is played. You can hear an alternative 90’s style rock song followed by a folksy acoustic song within the same five minutes, and that is what sets this podcast apart from other indie podcasts.
an indie artist myself looking for like genres; found this podcost. only one listen thus far, but need more of the same....
I like shows where every song doesn't sound alike, and even tho' this show is mostly rock, it does have a lot of different kinds of rock and some pop (but not that I'm a pretty girl but I can't sing junk), and it also has some pretty good folk stuff once in a while.
Jill picks a great mix of music, every week.