Reviews For Across the Sound New Marketing Podcast


Having read the fauning reviews I thought I would give it a try. Mr Jaffe talks with passion, but I didn't learn anything new.
...for anyone in marketing. Listen to Jaffe, or get left behind.
Easily my favorite podcast on business and marketing. I burn it to CD and listen on my way to work. You should too! Joseph is pitch perfect in the pacing, attitude, content, and interactivity of the show. Check it'll learn something
Joseph has what most marketing pros and and armchair commentators don't in the worlds of new and social media: 1) intuition; 2) balls; 3) and experience by walking the talk. Despite a little too much talk over his own quest for Podcast sponsorhips (I guess a necessary evil), Jaffe's no-bullshlt critiques and commentary can't be found anywhere else. His views are wrong one-third of the time, but two-thirds of the time they're spot on, and he's brilliant in articulating them. That's leads to the final thing that makes Joseph real and worthwhile: he takes has a point of view and stands by it. Thank you very much. LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLATER!
Those of us out here in flyover country use Across the Sound to keep in touch with the new face of marketing. There are very few weeks that I have an hour to devote to listening to one podcast, but I always find a way to catch ATS. That's the best compliment anyone can pay to a podcast: I listen. You should too.


By Platter
Jaffe is the spiritual leader of the new media/marketing arena. I have made his book required reading for my team and strongly suggest they listen to his podcast every week. ATS is consistently informative and surprisingly entertaining (even if you are not in the industry). This podcast is a Tour de Force (they use that with movies all the time, I guess I can use it with a podcast).
Across the sound keeps you up to date on the ever-changing advertising landscape. Jaffe shares his insight and brings in industry experts to back it up. Informative and inspirational this podcast reminds me of why I'm excited to be a part of the advertising business. Thanks for rallying the troops Joseph.
Jaffe is not only extemely smart and creative, but funny as well. Great insights and guests. Love the Juice
If you want to know where Marketing and Advertising will be in the future, this is the show to listen to. Joseph has a blunt honest approach to letting everyone know what is going on. The guests never stop amazing me and I look forward to this show ever single week.
Whether you know the name or not, Joseph Jaffe is quickly becoming a leader in new marketing. He constantly challenges convention, questions the deep-pocketed bricklayers known as traditional media and has a keen sense of what's compelling to today's elusive consumer (even if they don't know it yet). This podcast is real, honest and pointed -- exactly what every marketer should consider on a weekly basis.
Each week, Across the Sound features some of the biggest names in advertising and marketing, particularly from the interactive side of things. As someone in the industry, this is one of the best of the handful of marketing podcasts out there.
Mr. Jaffe gives you the latest in new marketing. He's working in the trenches and passes on first-hand knowledge in this podcast that includes a wide range of well known guests. If you are in Marketing, Advertising or PR this is one you don't want to miss!