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LSU Football - Baseball- basketball- and all sports in between. The Boys from the bayou deliver the goods. They speak there minds and cut through the BS and go straight for the jugular. No scared cows are topics with this brain trust. There are no rules on these airways ... just opinions and like the one body part that we all share they some times stink ... most of the time I find myself agreeing ... One thing that everyone agrees on is the "GEAUX SHOW" LSU'S original pod cast gets better and better every year and every episode. The sound quality problems have been virtually eliminated . If you REALLY DIG LSU football with a PURPLE passion... You will love the "GEAUX SHOW" with a PURPLE passion. When LSU wins the "GEAUX SHOW" is better than a RUTH CHRIS steak and a HELL'va lot cheeper. Geaux for it !
tis is aswome. Subscribe!
the only set back is that is very slow they don't and as offten as most of the podcast will,but other than that is is very informitive