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Among the "15 podcasts your brain and ears will love" I like this one the best. Smart and first-class podcast!
I've been listening to this for 4+ years. It got me through college. It's like if NPR was targeted to people under the age of 50. (Not that I don't enjoy a good dose of public radio every now and then.) It's inoffensive yet informative, but never dry. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys indie music, the Colbert Report, or cares anything about new technology. (Plus the "B***** of the Week" segment is always hilarious! And no, not "b****" as in sexist jokes.) Sorry I never reviewed before guys! Promise I'll donate soon!
This show will have you hooked!
A fresh show that is intelligent and humorous at the same time. Glad they're back!
Proablly one of the most original and savy podcasts I've yet to listen to. The show is fun, energetic, and thought provoking. This is definetley worth checking out. Oh and Dave, stop writing comments on your own podcast =)
I've been a fan since I accidently happened upon it about a year ago. Sure a few things have been lifted from other popular shows, but for the most part you got something really original and professionally produced. The topics are usually on point, and I find myself really into Seth and Dave's lives and their day to day feelings on everyday crap. The banter...always entertaining. Thanks for a great show fellas! Don't change a thing!
Fun conversation about the pervasive issues in technology, popular culture, and world events. Great hosts and enjoyable commentary.
This is one of the best examples of what i've dubbed 'banter-cast'. Dave and Seth seem to be sitting at the next table, and we all get to listen in. Their topics are hot, their comments frank, and it's refreshing. Also, as a Recording Engineer, i'm so very glad to hear someone doing good natural Stereo. This is a perfect application for it.
Seriously, I look forward to Urban Coffee more than I do TWIT. The sound quality is second to none, and there is no slack in the show. First rate. They always have a lot to talk about, and don't clog the show up with rambling, boring filler. Way to go Dave, and Seth. You deserve to be on the front page.
Seriously, Urban Coffee is one of the best podcasts on the Internet. I've been listening since the beginning episodes and they have only become exponentially better. The sound quality rivals the ‘big guys’ and the commentary and intelligence topples the competition. Give these guys a listen to, you won’t be sorry.
This is a quality podcast with a great variety of news, politics, and tech. It's funny and fresh. This should be featured on the front page. Listen to the quality of the audio. It deserves to compete with the big boys.