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If you even remotely like Camaros and you are not listening to this than you are wrong
many a bloke has surely enjoyed these wee lads. They've definitely provided a gags worth of laughs to me missy. I want to bludgen me leprechaun everytime he mentions the bloody ugly Mustang. Its a freakin disgrace what he says about your lassies! Keep up the blarney and the wee bit of humor and I'll be happy as a clam in pint full of Guinness.
this is by far the best podcast about a 2010 camaro I have ever heard.


By gabeman
this is the best podcast ever
This show really revs my engine! sorry, that was cheesy. But these guys do a great job in informing us on all things Camaro.
These guys do a great job with this Podcast. I love to listen to it on my way to and from work, and there is always a lot of good information in there. Great job guys!!!
Chris and Jason congrats! You now have one of, if not the best, Camaro site on the web and a podcast to boot! Keep up the great work guys!
great show, has all your brand new camaro news you need! and they do a good job with the presentation of the show. cant wait to start driving it! it has a great website also!
This is one of the best podcasts on my ipod and a great place to hear news for the awesome 2010 Camaro.
Every week, these two guys talk about Camaro and GM news, Jones Soda and muffler bearings. A great show to listen to.
This is a must-listen for any Camaro enthusiast.
This is one great Podcast! Chris Frezza and Jason Debler do a great job in bringing the latest Camaro, and GM news to you. Highly recommended!!!!
The guys have done a great job keeping the Camaro spirt alive. When they aren't talking about the weather in Michigan, the info is spot-on informative and entertaining. If you like car stuff, this podcast is a worthwhile subscription.
Chris and Jason do a terrific job on their Camaro oriented podcasts! I want tho thank them for their great work on the podcasts and their website, but I give an extra thanks to them for helping to keep the Camaro spirt alive, thru the dark days and back into the light with the unvailing of the Camaro Concept car on 1-9-2006.