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Three podcasts for people who love Jesus and walk with him daily and don’t have the stomach to sit in an institution every Sunday: The God journey Seed to Seed with John and Beverley Sheasby Paul White Ministries That’s it. They cover it all WITHOUT the slightest hint of manipulation, which is almost nonexistent in the world of Christian preaching. Love you guys!... John and Beverley came to Nashville/Franklin TN in 2007-8 and forever changed my life, and my Wife, and also the way we are raising our 7 children... Legalism was the only way we knew how to raise “good little Christian children”... just think about the impact that you guys are making on future generations now that we’re at least trying to raise our children in grace and for them to listen to the Holy Spirit to guide them through life !
A really open, honest, and mature conversation about faith and Christianity
I love you guys! It is so refreshing to hear the freedom and joy that they bring to the Christian faith. Wayne Jacobsen is a huge part of how I’ve stayed in the faith and continue to grow in Jesus!
Brad and Wayne have invited me and thousands (millions?) to join them on a journey to understand the heart and joy of God through Christ as they take us through what it means to be a follower. What started in 2005 is now a series of connections with them and each other as listeners and fellow sojourners in the discovery of who Jesus is. While the tag line is "two real guys talking about life", they aren't simply talking about it; they are living it and giving us the opportunity to experience real joy and sadness in their authenticity.
I listen to about 20 podcasts, but I only listen to every episode of 2-3 of them. This is one of the podcasts I always listen to. Wayne speaks from the heart with love, care, and tenderness. If you are trying to find the love of God, let Wayne show you the Father's affection.
Get ready for a journey of learning to live in the embrace of a loving Father outside the walls of institutional church and the whole performance obligation and shame-management system that holds it together.
The audio quality seems to have gone downhill, it sounds kind of 'whiny' in the background. Other than that, I love the content, and keep it up!!
This podcast encourages me in my journey of living in Father's love and affection. Funny, heart-warming, informative, REAL!! Thank you, guys, for making these podcasts!!
It is good to see your journey has expanded to include ordinary people outside the two of you. Bringing the body as a whole into the journey will open even more doors for listeners. And do even greater things. Keep it going my Brothers and Sisters!!
These podcasts just get better and better as you listen and let the message soak in.
Brad and Wayne are excellent in their conversational ministry. Rather than imposing their views as truth that explain their views and challenges the listener to allow God to work in his or her heart to reveal Truth. In a world where pastors are expanding their ministries in hopes of expanding their personal wealth, Brad and Wayne remind me that Christ wants our hearts and minds first.
This podcast makes me inspired and encouraged and elated with the gift of life, just to have the opportunity to know God. If your church leaves you feeling judged, ashamed or guilty... Then get ready to hear the good news :)
What life changing information you will find here. Get rid of religion and get into relationship.
it's great to hear two guys (and occasionally more if they have guests) talk about God without sounding bizarre or stuffy. in other words, they sound like actual human beings! =)
Great, simply great and inspiring.
to "Some truth, but..." - what???? The point is to put God first and grow in relatioship with Him and with can that possibly be "backwards"? Thank you Brad & Wayne for helping me to see past being MAN centered and relaxing into a truth that was already there. I have never felt more free and more alive in Christ. Coming from a church background that focused on being "sharp" and intertwined both "love" & manipulation to get people to become members, it has been so freeing realizing that God's church and the "culture" of a specific church have nothing to do with each other. This has been a profound journey that I wish all would embrace...
I love how Brad and Wayne focus on relationship with God. I think they start at the right point, but too much time and energy is put into "figuring out" or "rediscovering" the "constant", "neverchanging" character of God. He doesn't change, we do. I can't help but feel that they are putting God into their own box of what they can understand and swallow. Basing God off of their own experiences, heart aches, and relationships. I can't help but feel that they have it backwards. Seek God. Know Him. He will change your heart to see Him as He is. His ways are higher, His ways are deeper.
Yea more gimmie more!
He is a big God, and we are all trying to become theologians to know Him. But we know Him as we walk with him in relationship, not when we can describe, stereotype or explain Him. That's what these guy's are all about. Simply walking in freedom with Christ personally and seeing God as the loving Father who want's to redeem all of his children from the disease of sin. If you want to strip away everything and be completely naked and it's just you and Jesus, then listen to these guy's. Read the books. Removing the box can be scary, but then you begin to see the real Jesus and depend on him like never before. Then we can walk with him in freedom every day through whatever it brings. Love these guy's!
These guys are for real. There is so much information on the internet that we can get overwhelmed and end up on rabbit trails disappointed, confused and discouraged. You gottta know that you were created to "live loved" by a God who is drawing you to daily intimacy... Not only with Him but also with His Son and His Spirit. Wayne and Brad have such a relationship and we can all benefit by their experiences of where they have been and where they are going on this journey to Papa's place. It's a hoot of a ride.... Hop on!
These 2 Brothers encourage us all to live in relationship with God and let go of religion and all its trappings! So much fun to listen to!
Wayne and Brad are a great couple of guys endeavoring to live lives genuinely connected to the Father through Jesus. I look foreword to the conversation each week.


A very real, very challenging podcast. Has made me question and examine a lot of what I have grown up believing. Tough questions are not avoided and are addressed honestly. Important for anyone facing the emptyness of religion and seeking a genuine relationship with God.
I've listened to Wayne and Brad's podcasts since they first "went on the air." I love their honesty, wit and wisdom. Anyone who has sensed a longing in their heart for real and growing relationships within the Body of Christ and with Jesus Himself, will find these conversations between these two brothers refreshing and confirming. The God Journey... no, it's not another "movement." It's just two real guys talking about real life and the Life that Jesus desires for us all.
Two opposite natured men brought together by The Lord for such a time as this that they would converse about real life issues in a conversational manner that reaches right to the heart of the matter without being offensive toward people while standing firm about real, daily, personal relationship between Jesus and man within an "outside the box" format. As the podcast rolls on, the warm tone opens up, the life changing material is bantered about as God blends tow heart voices into one beautiful expression of His current heart for a bonding relationship with mankind, and the listener is left knowing God just broke through the natural barriers in our minds in a subtle and lasting way, through the invisible power of His Holy Spirit.
I stumbled onto the God journey in late 2005 and have listened to every episode. Wayne and Brad consistently deliver thought provoking dialogue on real-world topics. At times it is a little lobsided, but when balancing this podcast with Wayne's lessons, you get a sense of how genuine they are about their journey.
Lots of good stuff but tainted with a little bit of bitterness
I've been listening to Wayne and Brad from the first issue of The God Journey. This podcast has done more than any other to open my eyes to a world of people learning about Jesus, relating to each other, and sharing their struggles and joys in that journey. There's a nice balance of humor, serious discussion, getting to know the hosts, and hearing interviews and stories from all over the world. This podcast really captures a lot of information about what God is doing in the world, without being preachy or dry. This is a podcast you don't want to miss... there's nothing else like it.
The God Journey is a great podcast! The practical and real conversation about relational Christianity will induce a hunger for the living relationship with our Father outside of the lure of religious practice. If you are someone seeking God but have given up on the "Sunday Morning Clubs", here are two guys who don't have a formula or a program for you to follow. However, they have a love and a desire to follow Jesus right to the Father's heart.