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This is an incredibly biased, one-sided take on legal topics. A good lawyer understands that there’s more than one side to an issue and explores both sides to build a stronger case. Unfortunately, this podcast presents the law as though the progressive view is the only legitimate position.
I picked up this podcast when I began my law school application process and have listened to all available episodes. If you have no other legal news, it is a down and dirty intro into the legal world. If you know a little more, the “debate” pitch given for the show at its inception seems dubious. More of a lefty lawyer interview show, which, to be fair, is a great way to see how the legal left is thinking and what the next big political battles may be.
So shocked it’s a salty liberal who doesn’t do his homework. If you want to hear a snowflake cry listen to this show.
What did you expect? Lawyers in this day and age are an intellectual embarrassment. This program is no exception. Morons marching to socialism - I don’t a single guest could pass a calculus test. Intellectual deadwood in leftist lockstep - don’t waste your time.
This show is one of the longest running podcasts out there and continues to deliver year after year. If you want a deep dive on the legality of current events, this is definitely your show.
Mostly political commentary as opposed to analysis of the law.
Very factual, thought provoking, and engaging content.
I read some of the other reviews before posting this. Everything has some sort of bias and that needs to be expected. If the law didn't have a bias, and it was always black and white, we wouldn't need lawyers! That said, I think it is a great show and they do seem to try and present both sides as well as they can. As a non-lawyer i enjoy listening to it and then deciding if I want to do more research. No one will become an expert via a 30-45 minute podcast. Keep up the great show guys and definitely don't let any of these low scores bother you.
This podcast is not hopelessly biased, but it is biased enough that you cannot trust any of the rest. "Debaters" always represent only one side of the issue. On the odd chance they accidentally bring in a contrary opinion, he is invariably outnumbered and outclassed (and frequently wins the debate anyway). I really wanted to like this podcast. In the end, they make that impossible.
A great podcast for lawyers. Good format - makes you want more!
Really like the show and hearing about the interesting legal cases and what is happening in the law.


By 1LKay
I have been listening to this podcast since I discovered it in 2012. It is engaging, interesting and my favorite legal podcast out there!
Content that you’d expect to be on a major news network. These guys pull in some great guests and discuss current topics that impact law and the general public.
I wanted to get some fair perspective about the voter ID laws. These guys only gave examples of cases that worked against Dems and for Repubs. I know there have also been many cases of voter fraud, but that was never mentioned. Therefore, I am still looking for an objective argument for & against the issue.
The description encapsulates the podcast: Two lines spent on the topic of the podcast, five lines spent promoting the hosts and their guests. The guests often have impressive credentials which were not matched by their insights in discussion. The hosts seem like nice guys, but I wonder how much time is spent researching versus booking guests and promoting the podcast. Perhaps I expected too much after seeing the logo and hearing the highly produced introduction, but I was disappointed by the content of Lawyer2Lawyer. I listened to four episodes at work to give this podcast a chance. I did not think it was interesting, and I am a lawyer who has actually worked in areas of episodes I listened to. The podcast is neither good at reporting the news, nor providing the angle that I would hope legal experts would bring to the table. On top of all that, guests and hosts are sometimes recorded at telephone-quality audio.
I've only been listening for about a year but I've caught up and listened to all of the older podcasts. This show is pretty good. They usually have the right people on to provide a balanced discussion and it's just the right length. Kudos to the producers. Bravo to Messrs Ambrogi and Williams.