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I am learning every week listening to Rabbi Tzvi’s panel style discussions with some of the Sages of our time. I appreciate what has been prepared in advance and what arises out of the challenging questions posed on tbe presented material. יישר כוח פרדס!
Short synopsis of each parsha without going too deep into the inherent conflicts that they often bring up. Generally presents a decidedly conservative view aka politically conservative view and presents it as “correct” without showing how the opposite view is also “correct.” Whether this is also a religiously conservative view idk. All in all one of the better ones but still not deep enough for me.
Michael Hatton’s Crises and Kings series is excellent! I came across this series while listening to another podcast and it has become a favorite. I find myself jumping back and forth in various texts and taking notes of my findings. Michael is a good tour guide! I hope he will keep producing more…….
What a great series. Rabbi Hattin brings out all the nuance the Book of Samuel has to offer with his close reading of the text. Many themes, allusions, etc that I wasn’t aware of. I hope he does other series on other books of the Bible.
What a terrific series! Even though I am familiar with the Book of Samuel, Rabbi Hattin’s retelling offers psychological insights and untangles all the relationships and events that make these books so much a part of the lore of ancient Israel, that I am always drawn to the next episode with excitement. His use of the Rabbinic commentaries where questions arise about text’s intent, language, or conflicting details, is masterful , and gives the series great spiritual significance. Although I often enjoy the offerings of Pardes, I can not recommend this series enough.
I have been listening to Michael Hattons’ series, crises and kings, about the book of Samuel and I am getting so much out of it! He moves at a slow and deliberate pace, reviewing the previous each week for a few minutes at the beginning of each podcast and summarizing at the end. He brings in the Hebrew in order to provide more depth and meaning to the story, as well as making sure that all of the terms are understandable. I have never learned about this period In such depth and I am so happy that I found this podcast! I recommend especially to beginners who are studying Tanach and interested in learning about the first kings of Israel.
Pardes from Jerusalem is a religious show usually centered on the weekly parsha, out of the Pardes Institute in Jerusalem. Content is deep and thoughtful, sound quality is mixed.
Wonderful and diverse parsha podcast with consistently thought-provoking lessons from a wide variety of voices.
Pardes from Jerusalem lessons on the weekly Torah portion are engaging and meaningful. The wide range of instructors brings a diverse range of styles — keep searching through the lessons until you find an instructor with whom you connect. I have several favorites and have been enjoying this weekly series for years. Hope you will as well. Todah Pardes!
Phenomenal deep bench of Sages who inspire and teach how to walk in His ways through service to G-d through halakah and mitzvot in Torah/Talmud. Wonderful eclecticism. A blessing.
Actually, the Pardes Institute is not on Mount Zion, but it's close enough. For all seriously studious Jews (and non-Jews curious about what serious Judaism looks like), orthodox and liberal, religious or secular. Each week's Torah portion analyzed and elaborated upon by one of the faculty of one of Israel's finest yeshivot (higher religious schools).
Thank you, Pardes, for spreading the light of Torah by using the latest and greatest technology. It is a true pleasure to be able to listen to the renowned Pardes teachers from across the world.
One of the best Jewish podcasts out there.
This is among the best regularly updated podcasts that deals with Parshat HaShavua. It is a fine on-the-go companion to real text and hevruta study.
I don't know how Pardes does it, but every week I feel like I receive a shabbat gift from them in their Torah commentary. Their scholars are deep, insightful, and also very down to earth. The way they approach Torah is very relatable. I highly recommend!!
A great source of inspiration, insight, information, & holy learning.
The Pardes Institute has several quality podcasts. I look forward to them all.
As a Pardes alum (90), I love reconnecting through their Torah.
Each week is always an interesting take on the week’s portion.
I studied at Pardes a few years ago and listening to this podcast has been a meaningful extension to a superb education.
I listen while running and often quote in my divrei Torah. Always worthwhile and gentle words of Torah from learned and skilled teachers.
Consistently execellent! I listen each week to the current portion in the Torah as well as portions from previous years. Commentary is thoughtful and sensitive in it's insight to Hashem's Torah. Thank you Pardes!
Really interesting and deep insights into the parsha. Don't listen to the fundie nutbag below me about "authentic Judaism". This is good as it gets.
This is my favorite Parsha of the week discussion. The Pardes Rabbis are excellent speakers with thought-provoking commentary every time. The length of each commentary is about right; long enough to allow for indepth discussion, but not so long that I lose interest. I have been a fan for over four years.
This is a beautiful dvar Torah. It is accessible in regards to easy to obtain through iTunes & in regards to comprehension. It incorporates concepts for those new to torah and for those whom have enjoyed 'beresheet' for 1/2 century. Thank you for this addition to my Torah joy! Ps good length, good sound. If you do incorporate parsha readings please do them on separate podcasts
I really appreciate this weekly dvar torah. Very smart yet accessible, traditionally-texted structured, and non-judgemental.
I am grateful to Pardes for publishing this podcast for us Gentiles and desire that they continue even expand this educational outreach, maybe providing music...
After subscribing for more than a year I find these podcasts consistently provide insight and often fascinating understanding of Torah.
I have listened to Pardes weekly for 2 or 3 years now and heartily recommend it. It connects me to spiritual understanding and makes me wonder, using words and themes that are accesible to everyone. Don't need to be a torah scholar. Sometimes I will play previous year’s parshiot from Pardes one after another- Each is generally unique enough to sustain interest. The sound quality and depth of content is good. I subscribe to other podcasts and keep coming back to Pardes. Thanks!
I have been listening to the Pardes podcasts for about 5 months. I look forward every week to getting an interesting and inspiring dvar from Pardes. Thank you, Pardes, for this wonderful service!
A great podcast to listen while on the go! It seems that we are given information on not only the basic level, but also insights into deeper thinking. These are a great way for a recent college grad [like myself] to keep up with weekly study while working a busy weekly schedule.
Excellent Podcasts, Keep up the good work Since leaving Pardes in May 2005, it’s been difficult keeping up with Parshat HaShavua and Torah study. These Podcasts by Rabbi Schweiger & Rabbi Landes are an excellent way for busy Pardes alums like myself to keep up and refresh our Torah study. Rabbi Schweiger’s keen insight into Torah is beautiful. Thank you Rachel, Rabbi Schweiger, Rabbi Landes, and all who have made this Podcast possible.
The Pardes Institute is a non-demoninational Torah Study Center in Jerusalem. What is great about these Divrei Torah is that they don't assume an in-depth knowledge of the parsha (though a basic foundation helps), yet they open up the text in a fashion you are not likely to find in a typical Dvar given from the pulpit. For those of us who can't go to Jerusalem to study at Pardes, this is a wonderful weekly taste.
I really love this podcast for two main reasons. 1. it is kept short. I know that sometimes D'var Torah's can go really long, but these are short and sweet and informative. 2. The podcasts are informative and understantable. I don't know much about torah and I'm trying to learn and understand more. If you are beginer and want to have some thing to listen to on TORAH than you should listen to this. It is Excellent!!! The only thing missing is a reading of the weekly portion it's slef so that listener's can have some basic kowladge of it.