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I enjoy these minute packed power punches of podcast that give me a great message to chew on daily!
I used to love these podcasts, but it's recently stopped being daily lessons or messages and is now a one minute snippet of a message. I'll keep and eye on it and resubscribe if it returns to Nancy DeMoss Woulgemouth's lovely messages.
Amazing, varied, deep, encouraging and convicting content. Love the length and everything Nancy says!
This is my favorite podcast. I'm certain it is the reason I'm still married today. God has used it so powerfully in my life. The focus is always on Jesus. It has transformed my mind--the gospel, as it is taught through this show, has transformed my mind. Things I like: Nancy's teaching (with sincerity, vulnerability, conviction, humor), testimonies (relatable and hopeful), breadth of Biblical teaching (no topics too small, uninteresting, irrelevant). These are people who believe the Word of God is powerful and sufficient. It has taught me to view my womanhood in light of the Word of God, and I am much happier because of it.
Nancy is a gifted teacher who encourages, convicts and challenges her listeners. A true woman of God, she is honest about everything, including her own sins and encourages us to do the same. More than 5 stars! To God be the glory!
I can't say enough good things about revive our hearts and Nancy Leigh Demoss I love her passion for the Lord and her passion for women in the church. Our women's ministry went through the true women 101 a Bible study two years ago and it opened the eyes of so many women. It equipped us to make permanent and biblical changes in how we live and walk. This podcast is such and encouragement to myself and the women in my life since I regularly pass along the link to listen. Thank You Nancy and the entire team @ Revive Our Hearts.
Such a great resource for growing in your walk with the Lord! Thanks Nancy!
Nancy is a true Christian, teaching sound doctrine and solid bible for women. She has helped me to understand how to be a more godly wife and mother, pointing me to the scriptures for everything. I have truly grown closer to God through Nancy's teachings.
I listen to Nancy podcast every day and it has been a huge company and help in my christian walk. I also enjoy listening to the large radio archives she has on ROH webpage. Thanks to God that lead me to this ministry I have learn and grow on biblical womanhood and now I can understand my calling as a woman and as a wife. Thank you so much Nancy and the whole staff of ROH. I don't know what kind of christian woman I would be without your biblical resources. I love you much and I hope one day, here or in heaven give you all a big hug of thanks for being my company and helping in my walk with The Lord. :-)
We have to believe that God's power is greater than anything we have ever been subject to. We must get in the habit of rejecting the lies and embracing the truth!
I'm from the Philippines and a 22 years old graduating college nursing student here. I praise God that He led me to this podcast.. Its been almost a year now since I have started listening to revive our hearts and the LORD truly used this program in my life to draw me nearer to Him. May our precious Lord Jesus continue to be glorified and honored in this radio program and may the Lord abundantly bless you Ms. Nancy and to all who are part of this team, your labor is not in vain. To God all be the honor, glory and praises forevermore!
Truly the Lord Jesus has richly blessed me through this ministry, I have come to desire and delight in him more and more! I have been listening for 4 years, and this ministry has blessed me greatly as a wife, mother and as a woman. When I first started listening I had only 2 children, and now we are about to welcome our 6th child to our family! I have walked through many hard times these 4 years, and the Lord continues to bless me richly through this ministry!! This ministry even (accidentally) led me to my church family, and to my wonderful Pastor and his sweet wife, Ray & Jani Ortlund! I am RICHLY BLESSED!!
I can't describe the gift this ministry has been in my life. God is working through Revive Our Hearts!
Thank you to Nancy and the whole Revive Our Hearts ministry! What a blessing it has been in my life to listen to these podcasts! Such encouragement with God's word!
These lessons challenge you to be all that God intended you to be. If you want to keep growing in the Lord, these are for you!
I love listening to this podcast everyday, and I'm only in high school! She does an amazing job explaining everything and really helps you learn more about your life and God.
What a breath of fresh air in this day when many teachers are leading people ...especially females.... astray!! I've been listening for several years, on-line, and continue to be challenged and blessed. Nancy's bottom line: align yourself (through the work of the Holy Spirit) with God's Word and you will be right on!
God is using Nancy and her guests in a mighty way. God bless her as she continually share God's Word and her heart with her listeners.
She pursues truth with grace and without compromise. I may not always agree, but she always makes me think.
I have been listening to "revive our hearts" for around 2 years on my iPhone. Love love love it!!! I highly recommend it! The podcasts will challenge, convict, encourage, & bring you hope when you are at your wits end. I am amazed how much God has spoken directly to my heart through these podcasts over & over again. But it's because so much of His Word is coming forth & that's why it works. Just listen once I'm certain you will not regret it.


Such an awesome source of Godly wisdom and encouragement. Thank you!
This ministry has been so powerful to bring the right message God wants me to listen in His appointed time!! Praise the Lord for this awesome ministry! It is always encourage me to keep focus in the right place : God Himself and His unfailing love & goodness toward me.
This show offers so much encouragement for me everyday! I feel so blessed to have time to listen to it! I recommend this show to almost every woman I come in contact with! It's so rich with biblical teaching for every age group! Thank you so much!
Thank you for making these lessons available!
I am so THANKFUL!!!!! For this ministry! My computer went out do to a virus! I have am iPhone & now I can download her podcast. Thanks Nancy! I love yall!!
I thank God for this ministry and am so grateful for being able to follow the messages through the podcasts. The Incomparable Christ series has truly helped to focus on our wonderful Savior during this Lenten season. Thank you!
Revive our hearts teaches us women to fix put eyes on the Lord and stand firm on the Living Word!! I love this podcast and am a daily listener.
Awesome this is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nancy has been teaching through a series in Habakkuk. It has been wonderfully meaningful to me. It has been relevant, spirit-filled and bible-based! If you want some challenging bible teaching listen to every lesson on Habakkuk! It will not disappoint! Make sure to have your bible ready as you won't believe all the nuggets Nancy mines out of this little book!
Wonderful podcast from a godly wise and real woman. Thanks, Nancy!
I'm one of your constant listener and love hearing the message you bring that God has given you, but I was trying to download the recent one but they are only 1 minute. Is there a way to have the whole message?. P.S. I'm also on my way on sending my contribution for your message that has helped me so much....
I took a job a couple of years ago working during the day, and have been unable to listen to alot of the Christian radio shows that I used to listen to. I recently became aware that you can download a Moody radio link to an Iphone. That prompted me to buy one. Now I have found that I can get the daily Revive Our Hearts program through Itunes. This is such a blessing to me! I listen every day! I am not so into technology, but this is allowing me to hear preaching and exposition daily. Thank you, Nancy! You are a true inspiration!
I bless your life and ministry for letting yourself be used by our Lord. It is hard for me to say something over a particular teaching because all of them are wonderful! Keep up the good work and lots of blessings
God has given me hope and encouragement through your ministry, and I am so thankful for your podcasts. May he abundantly bless you and your ministry, and those who look forward for a fresh word each day.
I have heard you speak at Moody Bible Institue and was glad to see you had a podcast. I enjoy your your teaching. I have to listen to your teaching on my Ipod as I work when your time is broadcasted in my area. It has been a blessing
I am deeply grateful for the wonderful biblical teaching from Revive Our Hearts. I am a daily listener and find that the Lord speaks into my life through your ministry. My heart and walk have been changed remarkably by more than 3 years of listening. Thank you daily for challenging me toward Biblical Womanhood. May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry.


Thank you nancy for your ministry. I am the father of a young women, I liked the shows that deal with how young women should dress, act, and present themselves apropriatly to not send the wrong message. That was something that gave me the correct word to relay it to my daughter, while showing my love as a father. thanks
This is the best thing that you can do. Download ROH with Nancy Leigh DeMoss and walk or ride with a friend and listen together and lift up your spirits every day.


Revive Our Hearts changes lifes. We find God in our darkest moments. Our daughter is in a comma at home, and I am stronger in my heart. I tune in daily in her room. This program is a true blessing. Nancy Leigh DeMoss has a way of teaching the Scriptures, that reveals the transparency of her walk with the Lord. We can relate to her because, she is honest about how she has weak areas. And we have hope because, she tells us how God strengthens her in the very areas we struggle. Love in Christ,
I love this podcast. Nancy is a woman with a true heart for the Lord. She is knowledgeable about God's word and she is a great teacher. She follows God's word and not the teachings of the world. May we all do the same.
Thank you Nancy for such good teaching on being a godly woman. I appreciate your thoughtful, thorough exposition of the Bible. You have brought many truths to light for me. I try not to miss any episodes!
Revive Our Hearts has had an amazing impact on my Christian life and relationships with God and others. God speaks through Nancy and her heart is to do God's will and bless His people (her specific calling is to women). I highly recommend this ministry.
I drive to work in the morning and listen to the show. It always inspires me and speaks to me. I will be going in a bit earlier now so I will be downloading the Podcast to my IPOD so I can still be fed God's Word through this loving and down to earth women's ministry. When God wants to speak to your heart he finds the most convenient (and I have to say technologically advanced) ways to reach you. thank you and bless you and your team for this ministry.
I went to your conference in Louisville, KY a few weeks ago....and it is very nice to be able to listen to you every day now with the Pod-cast. I can't always tune in on the local radio station.