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I just don't understand how so many of you people are downing these guys just for going into a convention and trying to reach the lost? I've been addicted to pornography from the ages of 10-18, and no I am not joking with you, and their program X3 Watch Pro has managed to start me on a new path back to God. Without these guys I would probably be looking at porn right now. For any people that might say "Well your just a new Christian" or something like that, sorry your wrong. I grew up with a father as a pastor and my mother as a worship leader and Sunday School teacher. Some of these videos made me cry and realize the pain and the agony that I've caused my parents and family. They have also made me realize how much of my life that I wasted on things like porn, instead of developing skills in better things like instruments or a good job. I'm 18 years old and I'm just now able to combat pornography thanks to these guys and their program, they've gave me hope where others had given up on me. For all you people that think this is an abomination, or that this is sick, and claim to be a Christian. I'm sorry but your just like the pharisees who despised Jesus for going among the sinners and saving them. In all reality, it's religious people like you who are giving Christianity a bad name. People like you have probably turned away more potential Christians than Craig and his group have ever even come to. You people are the ones who would probably turn away people like Ron Jeremy if he came to your church doorstep and sat in your service. You need to get yourselves in check, because hating people like Craig who are trying to help people in this business is just religious and unloving. As for you who are calling Craig's group false prophets, get a life, seriously. How can someone who is obviously teaching God's word and going to churches helping people get away from adultery and pornography be a false prophet? Jeez man, seriously, how about we just not go and help these people and let them bask in their sins? "But they should admit their sins to the Lord and go to the altar". I'm sorry but some people need a little more help than that. Me for example, I stopped going to church, but coming across this online has revitalized my want for the Lord and has stirred me to get away from porn and actually try for once. Anyone who judges and scorns these guys outright can only be religious, "this is my pew", "but I want the hymnals only", take off your sunday shoes and do your sinning during the week, hypocrites...who have obviously grown up in a confused Christian environment. I'm sorry to break it to you, but you will stand before God one day, and he will ask you why you sat in your comfy little Church and never went out among the sinners to help bring more people to the Lord, and you will have no answer, and you will see the disappointment that you caused your God.


Wow. Read nearly every review, and people either love the ministry or hate it. I understand both sides. Yes, I agree their methods aren't necessarily the most effective. Handing someone a Bible won't make them read it. And some people will get false messages or understanding from it. But personally, I love the work they've done. I use X3Watch, along with two of my accountability partners, and it works like a charm. Their work has helped me to cut my porn problem down to not a fourth of what it was. So I see both sides. I'm rating them on my opinion, and I personally love them. Their methods, questionable, I agree. But it works with some. And for that, I give four stars.
Man, it's disgusting! It's like throwing pearls to the pigs...
You know when your on the right path when the RELIGIOUS, the exact people Jesus didn't come hang out with, people "of the day" are criticizing what you doing to bring GOD'S PEOPLE BACK TO HIM. It was the same in His day. Keep pushing the limit and moving toward God!
All right, I've read several reviews, and while I have yet to actually preview these podcasts, I thought I'd just comment about the discussion at hand, if it is still recent... if not, I hope that others coming upon this chain of thought will read this comment as well and add it to the collective argument being brought up here. Mainly, yes, I disagree with their methods, point one being the avatar image they use for the podcast itself... second off, mainly because I am a firm believer that just handing out Bibles and sending people on their way doesn't usually work, from my personal experience. It makes it an impersonal trade of theological knowledge, which discredits the value of the subject matter greatly in my opinion. Now then, I also do believe that the early church leaders (Paul, for one) did go to the worst of the worst; at the time the early church was really flourishing, there was much less inhibition implanted in the normal human than today. From what I've learned and read, if my memory serves me correctly, Corinth was, in essence, a pornographic spectacle. People had orgies in front of their idols in public as a form of praise during that time throughout the known world. But then, there's a part of me that's neutral. How do we really have the authority to say that other people's form of Christian worship and ministering are lies? I mean, remember the quote, I forget who said it, but it was regarding the Christian movement... it pertained to the fact that if the movement was of God, that you will not be able to stop it. If it isn't, then it will fall apart. So, I say, if you think it is false, let this movement be and let it fall away like all those other false movements that have sprung up during the years instead of keeping it in the spotlight with constant criticisms. In essence, don't feed the troll, if a troll this be. If it turns out to somehow be true, then I shall support them. If not, I'll pay them no mind and move on in my life. So, change the avatar and the website name, make your methods a bit more personal, and I think you guys might be onto something. Just my little two cents. Thought I'd pop in and write 'em, and if this discussion continues, well then, I'll be glad to keep it going. Stimulates the debating part of my brain and all.
This is absolutly SICK!!!!
This group ministers to the porn industry, which would be congruent with Jesus' own tendencies were he still walking around in human form. Good intentions... that said... the production values of the podcast have room for improvement, there is less script/message congruency than there could be... but if you indeed want to help them (as they are asking you to do), you could probably help them with both their mission and the quality of their message by becoming part of their community.
you people who keeping rating these guys as 5 star and a great are either deceivers or really shalow dumb ignorant christians..... The words PORN and CHRIST do NOT mix. Jesus was pure nd holy and yeah I kno were not holy but we have to long and yearn for holiness. if porn is the only way you can live in jesus than im sorry to tell u but youre not really living in him.
This is sick and grieves my heart greatly because of the battles I have personally had over coming an addiction to porn. I didn't watch it and don't have to; this is an abomination to God and his church.
I was first introduced to xxxChurch through Porn Sunday at Porn is a real problem and ignoring it only hands the lives of God's people to the enemy. Almost every time I see this podcast my heart is both broken and built up. The pain and destruction that is the product of the adult industries is overwhelming. But the hand out to the broken that xxxChurch is, helps me to remember what I am called to: love, sacrifice, grace - be it not fir my Savior, Jesus, I would still live in utter hopeless desperation. The show on "the gals" going to the strip clubs & brothals and beginning to build relationships was amazing! There are people who are in need of someone to listen, take interest in them in all of our communities; whether they are affected by the adult entertainment industry, drugs, isolation, abuse... What an encouragement to see what the fruit of stepping out of our comfort zone and extended a hand or listening can do. The Lord opens the doors for us, I have to step through. Thanks for your witness - outside the Church and inside.
I support xxxchurch for two reasons: 1) I have personally been involved with xxxchurch since I was a teenager, and the testimonies from other people who struggle with pornography along with the accountability program x3watch has been instrumental in helping me to make even the darkest sins in my life come to the surface and be dealt with my the Lord. 2) Jesus loves the filthiest and most vile sinner in the world as much as he does he does his faithful followers. Craig and the others guys and xxxchurch have a sense of humor, and they don't do everything perfectly, but they are communicating God's love to an audience that has never heard the words "I love you" from the Body of Christ. XXXChurch is just planting seeding and watering flowers, God is doing the gorwing in the hearts of these people being ministered too(1 Corinthians 3:6)
I have been a fan since the beginning and these guys have stayed real and true! Love the podcasts!


First off I want to say that I am praying for those of you who's reviews I have read that say that this ministry is a false, hellish representation of the Bible and that these men and women of the xxx church are going to hell because it is clear that view of Christ is narrow minded and inaccurate. As my christian brothers and sisters I love you to death but you seriously must grasp a better understanding of Christ's message and stop being Christians and start being followers of Jesus Christ. The difference between the 2 is the christians are judgers who do not pull the plank out of their own eye before pulling the dust out of another's eye and Christ followers live their lives every day by what Christ says. The men and women in this ministry understand that love is God and they understand that people must change from the inside out and not the outside in. Jesus said that the poor, weak, and sick need helping not the rich in spirit. So before you judge this groundbreaking ministry of love and compassion I pose to you that you would pull the plank out of your eye and reevaluate your relationship and beliefs in Christ. I say this with love because it is true I love you all.
Did Jesus not surround himself with sinners? He was the only one without sin, yet he did not cast a stone. XXX Church directly involves themselves with other sinners with a message of hope. I do not know how anyone could say this group is a disgrace to Christianity. This is the epitome of Christ-like ministry. I am more offended by the man shouting hatred outside of the porn convention, than the humble servants of God who take the love of Jesus where other believers are too proud to go. This is real faith, and genuine love. Just because a person is surrounded by sin, does not mean that they partake in the sin. If you watch these videos you will see that XXX Church does not revel in the sin, but rather uses it as a vehicle to witness and convict. I don't want to hear about Jesus from someone who is too proud to meet me where I'm at, and that's why XXX Church is transforming this world for Christ. I wish more Christians had the same faith and passion.
Okay, first off, this has NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING to do with God or the Bible. Do you seriously think God followers should be involved with porn? I think this is insulting. This person who created the podcasts is definitely not a pastor. They're all lies.
Side-note: Before you go downrating this podcast because it mentions porn, I suggest that you listen(/watch) it first. Many have said that XXXchurch is at fault or sinning for setting up booths at porn conventions and handing out bibles. They say that true Christians would stay far away from porn shows and choose to evangalize in safe, secure environments. I cannot tell you how much of a lie this is! Jesus socialized with tax collectors, prostitutes, and all kinds of other sinners. The truth is, so many people involved in the porn industry are so hurt and so defensive towards religion and the church in general, that this is the only way that they will hear from Christians that Jesus truly loves them. They need to see Christianity in a different light! Other people say that no matter what, the guys that attend these conventions have to be looking at or enjoying the sin around them. I agree that this is a very tempting situation, but one of the most well known verses in the Bible is "I can do all things through Christ who stregnthens me." I think that this proves that the guys' (and girls') faith is very strong because they can still maintain their faith even in the midst of sin. Jesus needs more people like this! So basically, I support XXXchurch's ministry and I hope that people will be able to truly see their good intentions without immediatley condemning them. -Erik =]
Is this making a difference? Really? Are wicked poeple changing their lifestyle because of what this group is doing? Are the people involved in this ministry living a life that is holy and acceptable to God? Are the people to whom they are reaching out recognizing that they are sinners on their way to hell? Are they conforming to the image of Christ, or are they conforming Christ to their own image? I am not going to judge, but I think someone needs to do a little reassesment. I agree that Jesus loves porn stars; He died to save them too, but telling porn stars Jesus loves them without telling them that He hates their sin is giving them a false impression of reality. The reality is that their sin seperates them from the love of God. "God is not willing that ANY should perish but that ALL should COME TO REPENTANCE" If you are telling porn stars Jesus loves them, but neglecting to tell them that their sin is separeating them from God and sending them to hell, then not only are you displaying a false love (for true love would warn them of the consequences of their sins and urge them to repent), but you are also wrongfully placing Christ's stamp of approval on their actions, thereby blaspheming the Savior whom you claim to serve! Therefore, although I do agree with reaching EVERY lost soul for Christ, even porn stars, I cannot agree with methods this ministry is using. ......And for those who are stuggling with pornography, I urge you not to watch these videos. They will draw you away from God rather than lead you to Him!


Just to those who knock this ministry, consider what the bible says. In acts 18 Paul goes to a very pagan culture and he is troubled by what he sees. Though he goes and reaches out to these people and does so also by quoting secular sources. If paul was willing to get the gospel to those who need it rather than trying to get these people to go to church, what are these people doing that is any different? Great stuff!
Absolute "0"- any man (or woman) that has fooled themselves into believing that this is connected to the real God has been deceived. I will continue to pray for those to break free from the lies and deceit of Porn in all of its forms including sites that are not true to God's word. (Sad.....)


By Boolez
A bunch of guys ask for money to be sent to p0rn expos.......for Jesus of course. It's strange that a group of men fail to get why it's on the mind of the rest of the population. It makes one wonder about....welll nevermind about that. My main gripe is that these pods are one big comercial to give them money so that they can continue to mention Jesus and p0rn in the same sentance. I think it's a gag, they offer no real alternative. It's plain to see they've never read the book that they're passing out. What with inses with the patriarchs, kings with their concubines and the fact that there is a whole book devoted to the subject, well they really have nothing to say. It seems cruel but if you ask me I don't think they're getting any at home. I'd pass on this one.
Jesus stirred things up, incited controversy-- not for the sake of trouble, but to reveal the truth. We are all called to preach the gospel according to our own experiences, personalities, gifts, and strengths. If these guys have chosen to take on such a tough topic to spread the Word, I applaud them. Itʻs unconventional yes, but I think Jesus pointed out enough examples of what happens when we get too comfortable in our faith.
90% of these reviews are editorials of what the reviewer thinks of the methods and/or ministry of XXXchurch. I read about 2 dozen reviews and only 3 comment on the content.
I would highly recommend listening to all of the podcasts and watching their videos before you pass judgement. God can use lots of things, and this ministry is definitely used by God. There are so many people in the church that struggle with the sin of pornography and they cannot go to the leadership in the church with it, which is why they call it the "Dirty Little Secret". I could never imagine giving my testimony (the real one) in my church, but I think it is important because someone might be able to look at me and say look at what Jesus did in HER life. There are other ministries that have a problem with this one saying they produce false converts, but if you watch some of the testimonies you can see that these girls (and guys) have received Christ and know that the Christian life is not easy. Listening to these guys have transformed my walk, and made me not ashamed of my past. As Christians we are new creations in Christ, and to be able to discuss our past gives the glory to HIM, because it is so obviously not me! Read and listen before you pass judgement. Then reach out to the porn starts and others that have basically had the church turn their back on them until they change. That's not what God tells us to do with Him. I hope these people find a saving relationship with Jesus Christ in spite of the church.
This is not wat u people should be talking about. WWJD think about it.
Ok... I gotta say somethin' to the softy softy dude... They don't WATCH the porn!!! Theses guys are excellent, they are true evangelists with God's Will in mind in what they do. I only hope that I can have such an effective ministry one day and be as strong as they are. To be around all of that temptation and still be doing only what God has chosen for them is awesome. Thanks a lot guys!!
These guys go where most people won't, in over their heads. But they have God as a life preserver. They go and share the love of God direct to people in the middle of sin, in a loving manner. Many churches won't even touch the topic of porn, these guys tackle it head on. They have said not everyone can do what they do, and they're right. I have had difficulty with porn in my life, I couldn't go where they go. But I am glad that they do. They show that the people who work in that industry are people, not just objects. Once you realize they are people, with hopes, dreams and pain; its impossible to look at them the same way again.
we should take a step back before we go judging them for what they are doing. i Give them props and a high five for what they are doing. Matthew (:10-13 says that Jesus did not come for the Heathy or the Righteous but the sick and Sinners of this world. and how different are they from us? God says that sin is sin. that murder is the same as lying so how far off are we from them according to sin? so with that said i really recommend if ur looking for stuff on how to deal with it and if its bad for you to watch it........
This is a disgrace to christians every where. Now the bible teaches that we are to go out untoo the world and preach the gospel. I'm not disagreeing with that, i disagree with going into a porn convention and handing out bible tracks. Again they want to see lost, saved but they are way out of line by doing it in this manner. This is exactly the thing that turns off so many people to christianity. I encourage you to read your bibble and if you are looking for a biblically based program for evangelism i suggest Way of the Master Radio. it's a podcast also if you are looking for sermons try looking up a pastor by the name of Paul Washer. He loves the Lord, (I'm not saying that these pastors do not), and is very heart felt about his preaching. I do not mean to slander or gossip about this ministry, but being a man i know the affects of lust has on the heart please take note to what i have said and stay away from any type of evangelism that has you going into the places of immorality and unGodliness.
I haven't listened to the show, so I won't comment on that. If you are a real Christian, whether you are promoting the show or trying to discredit it, you should still try and represent yourself as a believer. When comments like, "I hope you are as popular in Hell as you are here," and, "...idiot needs to take his head out of his arse," are used, you are only giving others ammunition against Christianity as a whole. I know we don't have to defend God, but we should act like we are true followers all the time and be cautious of our words...even in writing reviews. Please try to be considerate of others feelings when you say and write things.
There are other ways to witness to people. When I first saw this I thought it was an actual Christian porn site, that says something bad right there. Your message is all wrong, why cant people just present the true Gospel anymore. Im just saying if you want to witness to a drug dealer you dont go and buy drugs from him, so its the same if you want to witness to people that are in the pornagraphy industry. Also its really rude calling them porn stars, they are people and havent sinned anymore than you or I. Jesus does love everyone but thats not what we should focus on, we should focus on that we are all sinners because we broke God's Law (10 commandments), so we derserve hell and its only by God's grace and mercy that we are saved.
This is by far, the funniest podcast of all time. I'm really taken back. I've heard about these idiots before, but oh my god. Just having previewed some of them... I don't think I'll ever be the same.
I'm not sure we're supposed to immerse ourselves in the porn indsutry and its many conventions, in order to 'win souls'. I wonder how these guys can keep their eyes off the naked people walking around? But maybe theie immune, I don't know, but I find it odd that they claim to be Christian's but they attend porn shows. But i'm giving it two stars, as to give them the benefit of the doubt.... kind of.
I pray that God will anoint your guys words as you go out. God bless you guys. I am training to become a future youth pastor right now at BBC and I think this kind of ministry is awesome and as Christians we should help out and encourage one another. XXXChurch has helped me with my beliefs. Thank you. -Anthony
This is a great podcast produced by a wonderful ministry! Keep it up XXXchurch!
Supposedly these guys are pastors, but i don't know that they know the gospel from their podcasts. I mean, things like the Bible and Jesus are part of being a Christian, right? I just wish these would include little things like that into their schtick. It would also be nice if even one person repented and decided to follow Jesus as a result of this ministry. Maybe that has happened, but you'd never know it from listening to this.
I think that these guys are freakin amazing! I could never believe that there could be a ministry so focused on living out for God and changing lives as this one and going to the places NO ONE wants to go! Whoever bashes this ministry for going to p*rn conventions and seeking lost souls is an idiot and needs to takes his head out of his arse. Well, God bless you guys and never give up !!
NOTE TO REVIEW READERS - MANY REVIEWS HERE ARE OUT OF DATE, READ THE MOST RECENT. Used to very good and helpful. Now the sound quality is really bad and all they talk about is Halo and Macs. Their last video had nothing to do with helping people, it was a trip to the grocery store. whoopee. Guys, get back to talking about something real and actually getting into the Word and helping people. Save the self indulgent tripe for yourselves.
for god sent his son not to condem the world but to save it ^if anyone has got problems with the fact that these guys spread love to the porn industry instead of yelling at them, they can read that verse for themselves -God Bless xxxchurch, pray the porn industry can turn someday
I found this podcast after hearing Craig Gross preach the sermon titled "The Belt" on the Mars Hill podcasts. If you find this podcast interesting, please check out the podcasts of Rob Bell and the Mars Hill Church in Grand Rapids MI. The early podcasts have the passion and impromptu format that really drew me in. The videos are wonderful and the outreach is very unique and needed! In case you don't know it, this ministry went to the point of distributing bibles at the massive Porn tradeshows throughout the country. The bibles, with the cover stating "Jesus Loves Porn Stars" have been passed along through the outreach. These folks now have relationships and have reached a group of people that may not have been. A word of caution though, they do not hold back, but deal openly with sexual topics like the church has needed to. Full of testimonies and heartfelt stories of hope and life change, XXXChurch has touched my life, and, hopefully yours as well. God Bless your ministry! Jesus Loves Porn Stars!
I am so glad that Christians are actually taking God's word to the masses in a new, REFRESHING, and innovative way! So many men and WOMEN are hurting because of this industry and the lack of honest discussion about it. God has a heart for RECONCILIATION and REPENTANCE FOR ALL MEN, including the porn industry. Jesus met and still meets us in our sin everyday, STEPPING DOWN from His throne to do so. XXXChurch is coming off the "we're high and too mighty" throne to actually meet people where they are! I just only wish it didn't take 15 minutes to get to the meat of the message, and that some Christians would open their eyes to change God is bringing about! Thanks for letting God use you!
They do what Jesus did hang out with those needing to see the love of Jesus in action. If one porn star or individual comes out of this destructive lifestyle and makes Jesus their Savior then all the angels in Heaven as well as God himself rejoice......and start singing the Happy Song. Good work guys and thanks for the encouragement to allow God to help me in keeping myself pure and when I do fall...the grace of God is there to help me and allows brothers in Christ to encourage me to seek Jesus daily.
'The Church' is more concerned about sex than anything else. It's bad, it's God's gift, whatever. With this pathological focus, the church makes sex so dirty and tantilizing, it's hard not to resist. This podcast is an example of this. Not good or bad, it just is. And I don't care what they say, these dudes do 'look' when they go to porn conventions and probably think about what they saw later. Suggestion: podcast about money. Jesus talked a whole lot more about that than sex by far. Listen wtih caution.
First, to the 14 year old critic, to say the Lord never intended His Word to be interpreted “that way” aren’t you yourself guilty of saying you know the way God’s Word should be interpreted. Another viewer said “anything associating itself with porn and Christianity is definitely not ok.” What? So anything associating itself with sin and Christianity is definitely not ok either. Maybe we shouldn’t even talk about sin with believers. Maybe we should not help those struggling with pornography. Or maybe you meant the evils of pornography are far worse than other sins. Going to porn shows to pass out bibles? Amen. To say to porn addicts you are too ugly or you are too sinful is to diminish the power of the Lord’s mercy and love. Jesus loves the worst of sinners. If Christ is not at the porn shows he is not present anywhere! How sad for Christ followers to avoid showing love to the sick. When I struggle with lust I really wish someone would just talk to me about God’s love for me. I understand in the gospels the scribes and Pharisees were unwilling to repent, and Christ was unwilling to relent in His condemnation of their unrighteous attitude. But in the same way these men at XXX church do not accept the sin. They do not associate themselves with sinner, but with Christ. in love they try to reach the sinners. As another viewer stated these men have said if anyone can think of a better way to do things then let them know and come join them. I do not have the answers. I’m just trying to figure what Jesus would do. Hope you do the same. Good show.
The name XXX Church is a bait to get the sinner in. They come expecting one thing and get the gospel ministered to them...Hallelujah!!! If it's only but a seed sown, that's great. But even if one soul is won...all of heaven rejoices!!! Get out of your tradition. Tradition is what makes the word of God of no effect. And as for the Holy Hotties, that ministry was started by an ex-stripper. She reaches out in love to witness to the women whose lives are tangled up in strip clubs. She invites them to church and one by one, they have been receiving Jesus as Lord. Praise God, in the name of Jesus. God will use whoever is available.
I have only listened to a couple of the podcasts and I already love what these guys are doing. While the majority of christians would call those who are involved in the adult entertainment industry "Lost Causes", these men boldly go to where they are and share the gospel with them. Let us remember what Jesus admonished his disciples to do, "Go into ALL the world....." These men are doing a great work for the kingdom. It takes a lot of courage to do something like this. Keep up the good work, fellas!!!!!!!
I have never ever written a review before... but the reviews on this podcast sparked my attention. It is either 5 stars or nothing. One thing about these guys is that they really care about changing lives. No one else has done much of anything on a large scale to help people remove the addiction of porn from their lives. Yes some could argue with their methods... but I have heard them say themselves that if anyone can think of a better way to do things then let them know and come join them. Jesus ate with tax collectors and the religious leader of the time couldn't figure out why he wasted his time with these "unholy people". Before you give them a 1 star rating ask yourself "how would I start to reach out to pornstars, atheists, cult followers, and the like?” You can argue whether they are “HOT” or “COLD” but they are definitely on one end of the extreme… at least they won’t be spat out of God’s mouth for being lukewarm.


Whoever posted about XXXchurch on Nightline needs to rewatch the piece. The Holy Hotties of JCS Girls are not a ministry of XXXchurch. It said on the Nightline piece they were inspired by the ministry of XXXchurch. Not the same ministry. The podcast is great. It has even gotten better over the last few months. Bummer, that Mike had to leave the ministry, but hope he is doing okay. Keep it up guys!
I thought this podcast sounded pretty good but then I saw them being interviewed on niteline and was convinced that this isn't a good thing. They have this girls called that holy hotties that go around helping them get marketed.(yea you heard me right...girls marketing them). The thing is these girls are in the tight jeans and tank top shirts. PLEASE!!! They also said that most of their critics are christians....well....if you got that many people critazing you that are christians. Their probably not all wrong. As a youth pastor its tough to teach teens how to live right when even some people who claim to be christian do these type of things.
Anything associating porn and Christianity is definitiely not ok. Jesus said even if you look at a woman lustfully you are commiting adultery with her in your mind(Matthew 5). If you want to witness to someone addicted to porn go stand outside a strip club, keyword outside, to talk to them. The Bible clearly is against sexual immorality. Flip though your Bible and you'll find lots of pasages against it. You dont have to be in sin to witness to a sinner. Finally Brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praise worthy seek about such things Philippians 4:8 e^ipi+1=0
I must say that I am very disappointed in this sad, sad a Godly young woman I must say that I am offended and distraught with your "doctrine" that is leading so many people astray!!! The Lord never, ever, EVER, intended His Word to be interpreted in such a way as these people make it. Going to porn shows to pass out Bibles? To me, it sounds like a lame excuse for checking out the sin yourself. You are giving Bible-believing Christians a horrific name and I strongly suggest to anyone interested in viewing this podcast to...NOT. Unless you want to look into Satan's doings, get away from this place right now and find somewhere that actually is God-inspired and not sinful. In Matthew 5:27 it says, "You have heard that it was said, 'Do not commit adultery'." Well, if you're married and you're looking at porn, you are committing adultery. If you are unmarried and looking at porn, you are committing adultery on the woman who could be your wife, even if you haven't met her yet. There are different ways of outreach then going to porn shops. Yes, those people need to be witnessed to, but you are going all the wrong way about doing it.