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You know when your on the right path when the RELIGIOUS, the exact people Jesus didn't come hang out with, people "of the day" are criticizing what you doing to bring GOD'S PEOPLE BACK TO HIM. It was the same in His day. Keep pushing the limit and moving toward God!
All right, I've read several reviews, and while I have yet to actually preview these podcasts, I thought I'd just comment about the discussion at hand, if it is still recent... if not, I hope that others coming upon this chain of thought will read this comment as well and add it to the collective argument being brought up here. Mainly, yes, I disagree with their methods, point one being the avatar image they use for the podcast itself... second off, mainly because I am a firm believer that just handing out Bibles and sending people on their way doesn't usually work, from my personal experience. It makes it an impersonal trade of theological knowledge, which discredits the value of the subject matter greatly in my opinion. Now then, I also do believe that the early church leaders (Paul, for one) did go to the worst of the worst; at the time the early church was really flourishing, there was much less inhibition implanted in the normal human than today. From what I've learned and read, if my memory serves me correctly, Corinth was, in essence, a pornographic spectacle. People had orgies in front of their idols in public as a form of praise during that time throughout the known world. But then, there's a part of me that's neutral. How do we really have the authority to say that other people's form of Christian worship and ministering are lies? I mean, remember the quote, I forget who said it, but it was regarding the Christian movement... it pertained to the fact that if the movement was of God, that you will not be able to stop it. If it isn't, then it will fall apart. So, I say, if you think it is false, let this movement be and let it fall away like all those other false movements that have sprung up during the years instead of keeping it in the spotlight with constant criticisms. In essence, don't feed the troll, if a troll this be. If it turns out to somehow be true, then I shall support them. If not, I'll pay them no mind and move on in my life. So, change the avatar and the website name, make your methods a bit more personal, and I think you guys might be onto something. Just my little two cents. Thought I'd pop in and write 'em, and if this discussion continues, well then, I'll be glad to keep it going. Stimulates the debating part of my brain and all.
This is absolutly SICK!!!!
I have been a fan since the beginning and these guys have stayed real and true! Love the podcasts!


Just to those who knock this ministry, consider what the bible says. In acts 18 Paul goes to a very pagan culture and he is troubled by what he sees. Though he goes and reaches out to these people and does so also by quoting secular sources. If paul was willing to get the gospel to those who need it rather than trying to get these people to go to church, what are these people doing that is any different? Great stuff!


By Boolez
A bunch of guys ask for money to be sent to p0rn expos.......for Jesus of course. It's strange that a group of men fail to get why it's on the mind of the rest of the population. It makes one wonder about....welll nevermind about that. My main gripe is that these pods are one big comercial to give them money so that they can continue to mention Jesus and p0rn in the same sentance. I think it's a gag, they offer no real alternative. It's plain to see they've never read the book that they're passing out. What with inses with the patriarchs, kings with their concubines and the fact that there is a whole book devoted to the subject, well they really have nothing to say. It seems cruel but if you ask me I don't think they're getting any at home. I'd pass on this one.
Jesus stirred things up, incited controversy-- not for the sake of trouble, but to reveal the truth. We are all called to preach the gospel according to our own experiences, personalities, gifts, and strengths. If these guys have chosen to take on such a tough topic to spread the Word, I applaud them. Itʻs unconventional yes, but I think Jesus pointed out enough examples of what happens when we get too comfortable in our faith.
90% of these reviews are editorials of what the reviewer thinks of the methods and/or ministry of XXXchurch. I read about 2 dozen reviews and only 3 comment on the content.
This is not wat u people should be talking about. WWJD think about it.
I haven't listened to the show, so I won't comment on that. If you are a real Christian, whether you are promoting the show or trying to discredit it, you should still try and represent yourself as a believer. When comments like, "I hope you are as popular in Hell as you are here," and, "...idiot needs to take his head out of his arse," are used, you are only giving others ammunition against Christianity as a whole. I know we don't have to defend God, but we should act like we are true followers all the time and be cautious of our words...even in writing reviews. Please try to be considerate of others feelings when you say and write things.
This is by far, the funniest podcast of all time. I'm really taken back. I've heard about these idiots before, but oh my god. Just having previewed some of them... I don't think I'll ever be the same.
I pray that God will anoint your guys words as you go out. God bless you guys. I am training to become a future youth pastor right now at BBC and I think this kind of ministry is awesome and as Christians we should help out and encourage one another. XXXChurch has helped me with my beliefs. Thank you. -Anthony
This is a great podcast produced by a wonderful ministry! Keep it up XXXchurch!
Supposedly these guys are pastors, but i don't know that they know the gospel from their podcasts. I mean, things like the Bible and Jesus are part of being a Christian, right? I just wish these would include little things like that into their schtick. It would also be nice if even one person repented and decided to follow Jesus as a result of this ministry. Maybe that has happened, but you'd never know it from listening to this.
I think that these guys are freakin amazing! I could never believe that there could be a ministry so focused on living out for God and changing lives as this one and going to the places NO ONE wants to go! Whoever bashes this ministry for going to p*rn conventions and seeking lost souls is an idiot and needs to takes his head out of his arse. Well, God bless you guys and never give up !!
NOTE TO REVIEW READERS - MANY REVIEWS HERE ARE OUT OF DATE, READ THE MOST RECENT. Used to very good and helpful. Now the sound quality is really bad and all they talk about is Halo and Macs. Their last video had nothing to do with helping people, it was a trip to the grocery store. whoopee. Guys, get back to talking about something real and actually getting into the Word and helping people. Save the self indulgent tripe for yourselves.
I have only listened to a couple of the podcasts and I already love what these guys are doing. While the majority of christians would call those who are involved in the adult entertainment industry "Lost Causes", these men boldly go to where they are and share the gospel with them. Let us remember what Jesus admonished his disciples to do, "Go into ALL the world....." These men are doing a great work for the kingdom. It takes a lot of courage to do something like this. Keep up the good work, fellas!!!!!!!


Whoever posted about XXXchurch on Nightline needs to rewatch the piece. The Holy Hotties of JCS Girls are not a ministry of XXXchurch. It said on the Nightline piece they were inspired by the ministry of XXXchurch. Not the same ministry. The podcast is great. It has even gotten better over the last few months. Bummer, that Mike had to leave the ministry, but hope he is doing okay. Keep it up guys!
I thought this podcast sounded pretty good but then I saw them being interviewed on niteline and was convinced that this isn't a good thing. They have this girls called that holy hotties that go around helping them get marketed.(yea you heard me right...girls marketing them). The thing is these girls are in the tight jeans and tank top shirts. PLEASE!!! They also said that most of their critics are christians....well....if you got that many people critazing you that are christians. Their probably not all wrong. As a youth pastor its tough to teach teens how to live right when even some people who claim to be christian do these type of things.
I hope you are as popular in hell as you are on here xD Totaly Ridiculously completely inappropriate. Thanks for ruining the christian name and contradicting everything it stands for. Satan (also a christian) will welcome you with open arms.
This podcast rocks. It has been a few weeks though...and I am starting to miss it!