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Love the stories this podcast covers, it's a colorful and fascinating mix. But the show's format is so tedious with the multiple, minutes-long, bombastic music interruptions and the constant need for the host to announce his name and location (as if we don't know where BONN is). The constant interruptions are distracting and make this hard to listen to in full.
So I’m a very average middle aged white American, and overall appreciate the solid English language coverage of European news from a non-British perspective. That said, the one embarrassing short coming in DW reporting seems to be a consistent giddy obsession with covering Muslims, and trying to frame their existence in Europe (or elsewhere) as being in opposition to liberal ideals, typically using Jewish people or women, etc. as an ultimately transparent way to hide the motives for this coverage, even while there’s precious little coverage of the struggles any less privileged group faces in Germany for example if they’re due to non-migrants (e.g. there’s as much or more coverage of European antisemitism BY MUSLIMS than by the much larger white far right... Steve Bannon would be proud) Of course I wouldn’t say all this, except that I’ve been listening to these podcasts for years, and it’s been a consistent theme, maybe even getting worse (like one in 3 weeks will have some cringeworthy islamophobic material). It’s reminiscent of the breathless over-reporting of “black crime” you’ll see in a lot of American news. Apparently DW can only see racism in other countries and in people who don’t look like them :/
A podcast I've listened to off and on for ten years, it manages to unearth unique stories from all sectors of Europe's great complexity and tell them in ways that both intrigue and delight. As one not able to travel as much as he would like, it's immensely pleasurable to ride along with Inside Europe's tour of the continent's monumental diversity and wonder. Exceptional!
Great podcast and I’m loving the new presenter!
This report is very interesting & informative. I enjoy it every week. Thank you, DW for producing this!


All the reported are excellent, the production is superb and it all makes long for another sojourn in Europe. My favorite reporter is Terri (sp) Shultz. Compelling storyteller.
This is an excellent podcast for anyone interested in understanding more about European political affairs. The stories are in-depth but manageable and they always include one or two human interest stories as well! The podcast does well to focus on *all* of Europe and not just Western Europe. The presenters also frame the stories in a way that acknowledges the repercussions of certain events on a global scale. It’s a weekly “must listen” podcast for me!
An informed, detailed review of the week's news that places focus on covering chosen stories with depth and intelligence rather than run down a litany of briefly mentioned events. In short, a nice supplement to daily news outlets.
Inside Europe is a great radio talk show that offers useful and objective information on current european affairs in a very elegant style. For all fans of a more united Europe, this is a podcast you will definitely enjoy!
Wonderful analysis of the events in Europe; Highly recommended!
I love this program, and don't miss is. It is informative on a lit of topics.
I listen to this podcast weekly and love it. Covers topics you won't hear in US news sources and covers them in depth. If your a European or are interested in more than FOX or CNN this is an excellant choice.