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I can't believe there are only 16 reviews for this show! It's really great in so many ways. Really helpful information, and who isn't in sales in some form or another? Plus, they leave all the episodes on itunes, so I can download all the way back to 2008! Really, fantastic show. I listen with a notebook in hand. Thank you! - Jennifer
These boys are from the North East, how can you go WRONG? I've only listened to a few episodes so far, and my sales philosophy has improved significantly. The Make it Stick episodes are a MUST, but buy and read the book first - once I listened to those episodes a second time, after reading the book, they helped even more. Thanks Guys! I'll help "defray the bandwidth costs" all I can.


By L*M
All the topics seem great, however it is very difficult to actually hear the good tips they are giving. Stop so much and get to the point.- the things they talk about are great but I don't want to listen to them joke around for 43 minutes.
Whether you are new to sales or have been selling for many years, the SalesRoundup provides a reliable and intelligent medium for continued growth. The show encapsulates everything you should be doing on a day to day basis in a humorous, informative and relevant podcast. It also provides many links to additional resources that will enhance your sales skills. This has become a part of my weekly activities. The SalesRoundup is a must for any sales professional.
Joe and Mike present CRITICAL sales tips and ideas designed to help anyone in any type of a "sales" role. Whether you sell to internal or external customers; sell a product or a service; new to sales or a seasoned veteran....The SalesRoundup Podcast provides "can't miss content" in an extremely fun and lighthearted manner.
As a small business where everyone wears multiple hats this show has become mandated so that all of our staff is on the same page. I can't recommend it enough.
Any CEO would agree, "There are two kinds of employees. Those who sell, and those who help those who sell." Revenue is king! This podcast is relevant to every sales professional who carries a bag. It's also relevant to those that support that sales person to better understand why customers buy and also understand how deals get done. Delivered in a very upbeat and entertaining format, you'll enjoy this show a lot. Highly recommend for any customer facing professional.
If you are in sales in any way, this podcast is a must. Your investment of 30-40 minutes per week will be well worth it. Joe & Mike cover all related areas of the sales cycle in a manner that is both informative and entertaining. Invest in yourself and your career by listening the the salesroundup. I have listened to too many bland podcasts that re-hash the same old same old. This is not one of them. I will give you fresh insights into the world of complex sales.
good deal of rather inane banter/chatter, echoing of each others comments, extended chuckling / insider joking, and far too many statements of the obvious. There are gems of wisdom buried in the discussion but not really worth listening to the entire show.
Anyone who works in IT, especially if you're a service provider, MUST listen to this great matter what your job in IT, as a member of your company; you're in sales: and Joe and Mike can help you promote, sell and close those products or services that your customers need! This is a great show filled with excellent content for the IT pro and salesperson.
These guys get to the point and deliver useful sales techniques with actionable steps to improve your skills. If you're in sales and you're not listening to the SalesRoundup, then you're missing out on the edge you need to close that next big sale!
If you're in sales, this podcast is a "must listen." These guys show you how to get it done!
There are thousands of sales podcasts online, and many of them are same recycled cheap swill, thinly disguised to hawk product. This is not one of them. The SalesRoundup podcast gives you real world information, solid tactics, and even "boy did we hose that deal" experiences that you can take to work - or the bank. Subscribe today!
If you are in high technology sales this podcast is required listening. Useful tips, techniques and even the occasional spreadsheet!
These guys do a good job. Relevant topics and good ideas for anyone in technology sales.
I especially like that Joe guy (;-)
I've reviewed hundreds of business podcasts and this one is by far the best! If you're in sales, you need to be listening to this. The content is very pertinent, very valuable and is delivered in an entertaining way.