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Maria and Mary have interesting guests on each week. I love hearing from experts and other moms. Worth checking out!
Excellent advice and guidance. Not just for moms...
As an enthusiastic athiest, working mother I still listen to this show. Why? Because there are not many places that I can listen for information about juggling entrprenural efforts and my family. This show is informative, yes she mentions god, yes I roll my eyes when I hear it. At the same time I am reflecting about time management, the importance of physical fitness and ideas of how to be more involved with my kid, books I may find interesting, and websites that may provide resources. Maria, if you read these things, please do tone it down with the God stuff because the meat of your show is so good.
Not sure what the other reviewer was listening to, but Maria's interview with Aviva and myself is not about religion, it is about Mommy Guilt. The interview was conducted in April, right around Easter/Passover but that is all it has in common with religion. The podcast is about our book "Mommy Guilt" which is based upon a survey of over 1300 parents, mainly mothers, and their feelings of guilt associated with parenting. The interview is about having more enjoyable parenting experiences based upon what suits individual families and is not based upon any religious ideology at all. I hope this clears some things up. Thanks!
iTunes needs to change the genre of this Podcast to "religious". "Moms" is an inclusive heading and this broadcast is exclusively for and from fundamentalist Christian parents. I didn't see that mentioned anywhere in the description. When did the extreme Christian fundamentalist pass an amendment to the "Shall not lie" commandment? When did it become a "Christian Value" to disguise, mislead and lie about their agenda in order to lure in those of us that they know would avoid it had we been given honest information beforehand? For me, this validates the fear that Americans are expressing about these fundamentalist groups, and proves how much the extreme Christian right has in common with the Muslim extremist in Afghanistan: Both are willing to disregard the core dictates of the religion they claim to follow in their effort to impose it on society. Mendacious attempts to impose your political program are sacrilegious and insulting to genuine, honest Christians.
good info, but a lot of popping into the mic . . . annoying.