Reviews For Resonance FM: Hooting Yard On The Air

Frank Key is the unappreciated genius of contemporary prose. Absurdist and antirationalist, the world that Key has envisioned is an masterpiece of aesthetic creation. I eagerly await each and every offering in this podcast feed, hungering for more glimpses into Mr. Key's imagination.
Fantastically bizarre and wonderfully absurd. The first thing that runs through your head is that you aren't sure what you've found, but that it was definitely missing in your life.
I enjoy the eridite and unusual stories that Mr. Frank Key reads. Amusing, witty and thoughtful. I would have listened to each and every episode but for one thing: the incidental music. Opening the show & between each story is a series of grating dischordanant tones that cause me to yank off my headphones with painful expediancy. To refer to this as "music" would be an overcompliment of galactic proportions. I would far prefer a moment of silence to this exercise in walll-climbing noise.