Reviews For Intellectual Icebergs

I'm about half way through the series and have greatly enjoyed it. The mix of critical thinking applied to matters of both investigation of the natural world and fulfilling your natural role as a social animal is very refreshing. The guests have all brought interesting perspectives to the table to supplement the refreshingly intelligent hosts. I find myself thinking about topics I hear on this podcast in the days and weeks following, and that's a good litmus test for me on the quality of the information. Keep up the great work.
This podcast is kind of hit or miss. Most of the topics covered are covered at an extremely superficial level. If you know anything at all about the topic, you are won't get anything out of the discussion. If you don't know much about the topic, you really won't come away knowing a whole lot. Sometimes the speakers appear to be experts on a topic, but sometimes they don't. Some of them, like the geek dating advice segment, are saw awful in presenting bad information that it might be better to avoid them. As a final criticism, the podcast is difficult to listen to with musical backgrounds. It's very mentally distracting. I have found myself listening for 10 or 15 minutes and realizing that because of the music I haven't really heard anything said. Even with these flaws, I give it 3 stars for the interesting topic selection.