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Aduh, ini lagu cantik sekali. Terima kasih. I and my wife think that this Gamelan is so sweet. It's good to listen to it while on the aeroplane. Thanks for the uploading; our special thanks goes to Jody Diamond.
I was looking for different kinds of gamelan music on itunes... thanks for this podcast. It's something different. Keep it going!
the day is closed in, dark, dull,the overcast is oppressive...the sound of the gongs struck me right in my heart...my vision began to change and I saw the players, the group,the group,together, creating the music that embraced me and I sat back and just took it in and listened and saw the the hands of the players ,creating...and I thought, "this is a good day, this is a very good day"....exactly what g-d said when he made the world....