Reviews For DJ Rossstar's Punk Rock Show on idobi Radio

DJ Rossstar is by far one of my favorite people to listen to on the radio. The show he has is incredible and I promise you will enjoy what he has to offer. He has interviewed many poplular artists such as Fall Out Boy, Less Than Jake, New Fournd Glory, and Jeffree Star. Give him a listen and you'll be hooked.
I really like DJ Rossstar's shows, and I was so excited when I heard Andrew would be on. It's sad that he wasn't able to come in to the studio, but it's so great to hear him talking about everything and answering people's questions. This is a great show, now GO LISTEN TO IT!
dj rossstar is hilarious and the music is awsome too. they need to put more shows on itunes but anyways listen to it cuz ull be hooked.*****