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Came back to the podcast after a while and am pretty disappointed. I tried a couple episodes based on titles and topics that were appealing to me. The general experience was 5 minutes of the actual topic hidden somewhere within the episode and the remainder was discussion/banter/tangeants that were completely off topic or usually not even related to Disney. It’s mostly disappointing because when the hosts discuss the actual topic episode, I’ve enjoyed their perspectives, however it is far too much effort to try and locate that small piece of content within a much larger episode.
These guys are hilarious to listen to. I love their honest feedback and random chatter. If you’re looking for a Disney planning podcast ... another one might suite your needs better lol. But if you’re looking for an entertaining Disney podcast - THIS IS PERFECT! You all are celebrities in my book (psssssst Matt Lott is my favorite, don’t tell! Also be nicer to Terry everyone!).
Good job guys! This podcast is really fun and helpful. It really is like hanging out with friends who love Disney and have a ton of inside jokes. I love to run the trails in Arizona and I bring you guys with me. Ran a half marathon through the mountains with you guys yesterday.
I love when they actually stay on topic and talk about Disney. Logan is great to listen to and Terry tries to keep everyone on track. You can tell he loves Disney and tries to talk about it the most. I like some of Will’s comments but you can tell he doesn’t want to be there so he should just step out if that’s what he wants. It shows, badly. It kind of brings the whole show down. Wish they would make a few changes. :(
I didn’t listen to this before the new cast, but reading reviews and seeing that Len used to be on the show explains the high rating of this show and why it was always the first suggestion in my iTunes. I tried it out for a few months for when I had run through my other weekly podcasts, but I just can’t anymore. Listening to this show makes me feel like I’m in some guy’s garage listening to him and his friends talk about nothing. When they actually talk about Disney, which is rare, they don’t know what they are talking about or seem to care. The titles for the episodes are extremely misleading as they never stay on the selected topic for more than a few minutes. For example, when an episode is titled “listener questions” the hosts address one or two questions with mediocre answers and then get distracted for the rest of the show. I don’t mind tangents in other shows if the hosts are funny or interesting, but these guys aren’t remotely funny and they constantly talk over each other. If you are looking for a good podcast, listen to the Disney Dish with Len Testa, the DISunplugged, Be Our Guest Podcast, or Wedway Radio. Those are people who know what they are talking about and are enjoyable to listen to.
And that was a mistake. As others have said, when this was the original crew it was probably the best Disney podcast out there. Then they turned it over to a group who rarely visit Disney parks and who seem primarily concerned with promoting their other gigs. So I bailed. But hey, sometimes it takes awhile to find your footing, so I came back to see if they found it. Nope. It’s actually worse. They talk even less about Disney and when they do, they clearly do not know what they are talking about. To be fair, maybe they provide a useful nugget here or there, but since they talk over each other you’ll probably miss it. And that’s when they even bother to try to all about Disney at all.
This has been my favorite podcast to listen to since I came across it earlier this year. These guys are informative but, more than anything, they’re entertaining. It feels like you’re sitting with friends talking about Disney, family, and whatever else comes up- it’s just fun! I’d recommend this podcast to anyone and look forward to listening to others offered by the guys.
Potential is there, but too often go off topic.
These Disney nerds ain’t bad. Found my way over to this podcast (from the PodCask) and was pleasantly surprised to find a very informative “show” that will help you plan your next trip to The Happiest/Most Magical Place on Earth. I listen for the new theme park updates, the Disney food reviews and Resort accommodation recs. They do tend to talk over each other quite often (Logan dominates discussions and I’d love to hear more from Matt Lott and the Greeze on topics...but who’s to say? ;-) Keep up the good work guys!
These guys are experienced travelers and lovers of the Disney-verse. You will laugh, learn, and be drawn in for more! Don’t skip out on this podcast!
This literally was the best Disney World podcasts. Now it’s an ad for an Airbnb house.
Good show when they talk about Disney. They got off topic often to subjects I personally don’t care about. They also tend to talk over each other often, which makes it very difficult to listen to and understand.
Bunch of people talking over each other. Probably some good content in there somewhere, but you can’t hear it over the cacophony.
Great source for Disney news (and many other topics). One of my favorite podcasts!
Seeing as I have nothing in common with any of these guys (I’m a 25 year old lesbian with no kids in Philadelphia with no knowledge of what bourbon really is) besides love of Disney, I found myself surprised at how much I love this podcast. Great Disney content, humor that makes me laugh out loud all the time, and mostly relevant ad content. I even replay episodes for background noise at work. I miss you on your weeks off!
This podcast is still enjoyable, informative, and funny years later. I've been listening since epiosode 600 or so, and I love every episode. It took me awhile to get used to the new crew, but at this point I enjoy them just as much as I did the old crew - I think they've got a nice groove going now. The old guys needed a few hundred episodes before they found it too. They don’t take themselves too seriously and they make me laugh every week. Thanks, guys!
My favorite podcast. The interaction between they guys keeps me laughing and wanting more.
I enjoy listening to the guys give Disney updates and reviews!
And that’s what makes it a great show! So many podcasts are structured the same and talk strictly news and releases. These guys give their honest opinions on things, and they’re just like most of us Disney fans by proving they have a life outside of Disney. Sometimes they bounce around a little too much, but it all comes together in the end.
Best Disney podcast to listen to
**Update: I can’t take any more. It is very unclear why they even do this show. Their lack of preparation is glaringly obvious, as is their disinterest in providing information, entertainment, or purpose to the listener. I guess the point of the show is mostly for one host to peddle his vacation rental home, which is mentioned approximately infinity times on every episode (amongst other ad reads and personal plugs)** They don't care at all about providing help or even information to their listeners. On Ep 1618, while discussing Disney cruise pricing, one host said to another "I'll give you some off the record...(I won't publicly say 'cuz they don't sponsor our show)...secrets to how to save even more money and find specials." Gee, how useful to the rest of us.
I’ve given it a chance since the new guys took over and now I’m done. I had it two stars instead of one because I did learn about The Void through them. Terry seems to be the only one that really tries and the only that still likes Disney. Get Griese (not sure of spelling) off the show. He knows basically nothing about Disney and is the biggest contributor to the show not talking about Disney, which is my biggest complaint. I don’t want to hear about outlet malls in the greater Nashville area, I want to hear about WDW.
Logan and the gang are entertaining and keep me up to date on what’s happening in the parks. Keep up the great work!
These guys love Disney and know their stuff. They tend to get a bit off track, but it’s still entertaining. Listen for the things that Matt Lott says under his breath. They’re hilarious.
This is a really great source of Disney World Information. The presentation is entertaining and engaging. You really can't go to Disney World anymore without arming yourself with a great deal of knowledge beforehand, and this is where you'll find it.
Good for a laugh. Lots of randomness that pulls back to WDW. Better than average advice. Great stories.
I have been listening to this Podcast for years! I’m a huge Disney fan and this brings the magic from the parks to my home. This is my 4th year listening and it’s still very entertaining to this day. I love all of the Guys and they never fail to put a smile on my face!!
These guys are great. Love the Disney talk and the random stuff that they somehow they find themselves talking about. Go Dawgs!!
I am a WDW lover! I have been listening science the beginning but maybe focus on Disney a little more but I like the comedic undertone of the whole podcast and Mayr have more categories of shows like mabye one day listener questions then like stuck in a specific place! Keep improving guys!!!


By KL102
Just a bunch of guys talking over each other. There’s nothing informative, funny or worth listening to.
I've given the new guys numerous chances. For some reason I listen again hoping the shout outs, talking over each other, and discussions about anything but Disney would cease or at least lessen. I am continually disappointed. I recently listened to an episode entitled Listener Questions. Well, in the hour podcast they discussed the Mickey Mouse 90th Birthday special on T.V and numerous 80's boy/girl bands. They eventually got to the listener questions and they gave some lame answers for a total of 3 questions. I am done wasting my time as there are many other podcasts that will get me the Disney information I yearn. Thanks for the memories Mike, Mike, Len and Annette. You turned the podcast over to a bunch of.....
WDW Today post-2016 changed to the new group, and the cast and feel of the show changed. This change resulted in some negative reviews, but those reviews are not representative of the current product. Disregard the negative reviews and give it a listen if you’re interested in a different take on Disney. It’s a podcast that sounds a lot like a high quality morning radio talk show all about Disney. Like a talk show, these guys will jump off topic, usually making funny comments and jokes along the way. It’s entertaining, it’s current on Disney news and information, and it’s always entertaining. I’ll continue looking forward to listening every week.


This show is funny.


This show has turned into garbage since the new people took over. It clearly seems like they don’t have enough Disney content to make a show because they come up with the dumbest topics and talk about them way too long. The random inclusion of their pals is annoying and it seems like they are just pimping for Patreon and as money now. Such a sham. Off to listen to better Disney podcasts!
I keep trying this occasionally to see if they have wised up and gone back to Logan, Terry and Len. Unfortunately not. It sounds like 5 potheads yabbering at 2am in a Waffle House - all talking over each other spouting garbage just to hear themselves talk. Moved to Jim Hill media podcasts, at least Jim and Len know what they are talking about.... ;-(
I like this show because it’s unique, entertaining and they don’t take themselves to seriously like some other podcasts. They don’t do generic top ten lists or anything like that. Instead, this show is like a bunch of hanging out and talking about Disney and other random things.
When it was just the three main guys, it was good. They focused on news and actual Disney discussion. When they added Matt (who isn’t bad) and “Grease” the show went down hill. They get way off track. The Grease acts as if he is clueless all the time. This podcast is more five guys having fun and chatting randomly, instead of focused news & discussion. I wish they could get back to what they were. PS: they started a DVC podcast & randomly stopped doing it.
I was hesitant with the new crew and it has turned into my favorite podcast. It’s like hanging out with my friends discussing Disney and wherever the tangents take us. I laugh out loud no matter where I am. My husband enjoys this podcast now too so I can play it in the car when we are together.
Listened to two episodes and hardly touched on Disney. Am I missing something?
For the most part I really enjoy WDW Today. The host panel is fairly young and offer a good perspective for families with young children. However, as other reviewers have stated. there appears to be a problem with the show going off on tangents and the hosts talking over one another. I would suggest perhaps using show notes and sticking to an agenda until they develop a better flow. They need to have some more courtesy towards one another and not speak over each other. This show has lots of potential and I look forward to seeing some improvements!
These guys are awesome. Yes, they frequently go on crazy side tangents. But, it’s hilarious!! It’s great Disney discussions.
This show is, in a word: unlistenable. A bunch of guys competing to talk over each other. Whatever the topic- selfish conversation is not entertaining.
There's nothing that the other reviews haven't said. It's gotten worse since the new hosts stepped in
I hate to write a negative review, but this used to be a podcast that i really enjoyed. It has now turned into a complete mess of people talking over each other and barely talking about WDW at all. Logan is fine and i feel like he tries to keep the show on track. Terry actually provides some advice about vacationing at wdw. Matt Lott is nice enough and seems to want to talk about the WDW resort. However, Will and the Grease are so insufferably annoying that it makes the show unlistenable.
Sorry Greeze, but you don't add anything valuable to the podcast.
Hands down the funniest Disney podcast I’ve ever heard. Nice job guys.


By wdwr
Very self involved. Just bad, I wish they were better.
I've been listening to WDW Today for about 5 years and I just recently unsubscribed. The new crew hardly talks about WDW and if they do it's extremelly uninteresting since non of them live near nor visit the parks.
The bulk of those 4-5-star ratings were for the old crew of Matt, Mike, Mike & Len. It is a totally different show now. Look at the reviews since 2016, when the new crew took over. You will notice a *huge* drop in average star rating. And you will notice several common threads in the reviews of the new crew: too-long, too-frequent ad reads; too much “zoo radio” schtick; lots of off-topic non-Disney discussion and less actual WDW discussion/trip advice; self-absorbed, insular and sometimes snobbish banter; too much self-promotion. I have to agree with all of it. After a rough start, I thought these guys would settle into their own groove after a while, and I guess they did. They just doubled down on all the things that people didn’t seem to like. It’s their show, to run as they like. And if you dig their format, then enjoy. But if you are taking the time to read these reviews -again, only read the reviews from 2016 onward. The current iteration of the show is *nothing* like the pre-2016 version.