A Bluegrass and Old Time Music Radio Show

Reviews For A Bluegrass and Old Time Music Radio Show

Just amazing bluegrass. Lots of history on bluegrass with great banjo playing! Download it asap!
I'm missing his podcasts. Did he leave us?
I found these podcasts overall to be somewhat inconsistent, some good while others weren't as interesting to me. However, I highly recommend listening to the "educational" podcasts about the history of bluegrass and the difference between bluegrass music and old time music (they really are different!). These selected podcasts are well worth the listen. There doesn't seem to be any new content in a few years, unfortunately...
I certainly enjoyed the podcast. Very charming and witty presentation. But, sadly enough it seems to be AWOL. Jack, where are you?. I emailed oldersurbur and no reply. Anyone have any details of why this podcast has gone away without any goodbyes? I feel left in the dark. Come back Jack! Please...!
Jack Lewis did a great job in these 26 episodes to explain a lot about old time and bluegrass music. Several of his podcasts were helpful in telling you things like how the sound system works for a band or what the differences are between bluegrass and old time music. He also introduced a lot of good bands that play this kind of music. Inexplicably he quit adding new episodes in January but go back to these still - they are worth the listen. Let's hope he resumes soon.
Not only is this a terrific podcast of quality music, but by the time you listen to Casts #1-#20 you will have a degree in Old Time and Bluegrass music theory. Jack is my professor of choice. Download these and burn them and hand them to friends, they won't be disappointed! Thanks Jack for your commitment to quality musicianship. Stuart from Maryland
Jack, I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy your podcast. I do magic shows on cruise ships & this music really helps me keep my feet planted firmly on the ground of my rural upbringings. I check for new downloads of your podcast every time we're in port. You are friendly, easy to understand and play GREAT music. I enjoy sharing the sounds with crewmembers from other countries and they enjoy it, too. I just did a "lookup" on itunes of my "most played" YOU are far & above #1! Thanks again, Jack. Keep up the good work!


I really like this podcast. Every show is enjoyable and I usually feel as if I've learned something new as well. If you enjoy traditional music you will love this podcast.
I've never really listened to Bluegrass and Old Time music before, but this is a great podcast with some fantastic toe-tapping music. Jack is so cool to listen to. He's laid back, which is quite different from my hectic city-suburbia lifestyle. He not a fast talker, and I really wanted to find a 'speed up' button at first, but I've come to love his pace, enjoying the ride and not just rushing to the destination. His podcasts make me want to get a freshly squeezed glass of lemonade and sit out on the back porch on the swing on a warm summer night and listen to his band play.
I'm rather new to bluegrass music and this podcast has been a wonderful introduction to the genre. Mr. Lewis is a great host. I especially like being introduced to lesser known bands.
Don't know the difference between Bluegrass or Old Time Music? Start listening to this guy - he is a terrific true believer who knows how to communicate. I have learned much through Jack's fantastic show and have had a lot of enjoyment listening at night in Cairo, Egypt or while driving the nerve-wracking roads here. All I learned about defensive driving I learned in Cairo. All I learned about old time music I learned from Jack Lewis - Bill Anderson, Surf Review And Report.
I cannot think of a better host for an old-time and bluegrass podcast. Not only is Jack knowledgeable, but he so clearly loves the music he plays. Most of all, his voice makes you feel welcome, at home and in the country.
This music makes you feel good in your heart and soul! Jack has taught me a lot as a new banjo player and Bluegrass lover. Get this podcast. You will love it. Thank you Jack!
This is the first Podcast that I ever subscribed to and it’s a good one. Being a city boy I wasn’t raised on country music, but I have always loved Bluegrass music. I guess there is a little country boy in all of us. Thanks Jack for the great music.
I have listened to all podcasts and found them very informative, the music good and the host very plesant. I Love this podcast. Dan Minneapolis
great music, and a great host. I knew nothing about bluegrass music, but thanks to Jack Lewis I have learnt all about it. I am heading to Galax to see some live. Everyone should listen to this music, along with blues and jazz, for enjoyment and music education
If you are a bluegrass fan this is the podcast for you. I've been listening to bluegrass music my whole life and yet Episode #1 taught me many things I didn't know. Mr. Lewis is a great teacher as well a good host of the program.