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Content is good. And appreciated. Only complaint comes with the player sounds bites: 1 minute of ads for 3 minutes of interview for 1 minute of ads. And it’s the same ones over and over. If you want to hear multiple players in a row, prep for lots of skipping or higher blood pressure.
Love this show listen every day. I’m a season ticket holder. My only complaint is I wish each episode was available sooner after the show airs.. And some times Friday episodes don’t even get posted. Let’s take it easy on the woke gay adds.
Amazing, no other words to say
Great way to get all my giants news and updates from a fan not living in NY
I like to listen. I hardly miss. The guys love to be right! They one up each other every chance they get. Plenty of good arguments especially if Lance is on. Charlie is my favorite caller.
Don’t bother with this podcast if you are looking for Giants coverage. This should be called fantasy banter.
I have listened everyday for years now. Love all the hosts and this by far is my favorite podcast.
Love listening to Jeff. Doesn’t get that much love.
I thirst for Giants info 24-7. I’ll listen to almost anything if it’s Giants related. I’ve stopped listening anytime Russ is on. He’s a rude know-it-all and is not interested in debate. He seems to believe he know everything, and anyone who disagrees with him is stupid. All due respect to the man.... He’s gotta go.
Love the show . I love david to the moon and back but the show is boring when he’s on and always talks about the same old thing .. hold each other accountable blah blah.. also .. whoever is in charge of the podcast uploads please make sure they are uploaded daily . Much appreciated by your non local fans . Still 5 stars and thankful for year round coverage -keep it up
This would be a 5 star podcast but Paul Dottino is really hard to listen to. I skip the episodes with him and love the rest with the others.
I have been listening daily for 1 year faithfully and love the podcast. The opportunity to listen to Giants talk dail, even in the offseason, is invaluable. I am really impressed with the knowledge of Lance, John, Paul, Jeff, David, and Howard. This would have been a 5 star review if not for 2 issues. Firstly, for a daily podcast it is imperative that it be uploaded daily in a timely manner. Often it is uploaded in the middle of the night or the next day when the information is stale. This is especially true toward the end of each week. Secondly, and the biggest issue, is Russ. In fact, this issue, often makes me not listen to the podcast when he is hosting. Hs football knowlege cannot compare to the other hosts and despite this, he is extremely rude and insists his opinions are correct, often cutting off callers and yelling at them when they disaree with his ridiculous thoughts and they are right. Please get rid of him. The offseason podcasts are such a pleasure without his annoying presence. He’s really an embarassment to the Giants family. P.S. I am a 36 year fan and 10 year season ticket holder.
I love the shows, minus Russ who’s an old curmudgeon that is awful to listen to. But, they used to have that days show avail on iTunes by 4-430pm EST almost always; however, now they never do, you’re lucky if half the shows that week ever become available to listen to, and the ones that do post are 2-3 days late and of no interest at that point. They need to get back on the ball with having the Podcast uploaded the same day, & within 2-3 hours after the show wraps up.
Who the hell does John think he is yelling at people like this every other episode . I used to love this show but now he’s getting upset at every other caller. These people watch your show and take the time to call show some respect. And stop talking under your breath whispering things. It’s a pretty rude felt bad for that caller who was questioning that draw play.
Lance and John gives great insight on the Giants. They also answer Twitter questions on the air. Being a Giants Fan Living in Hawaii the Giants podcast is great. Mahalo Alika from Hawaii. 🤙🏽🤙🏽
Great insight on the Giants. Provokes thought and opinion for listeners while providing detail and information beyond basics of football. If you’re a listener calling in PLEASE stop talking over the hosts when they attempt to interject. PLEASE.


I enjoy, John, Lance, Paul and Dave insightful and best podcast out there!!!
I love the show. I listen every day, but Russ is terrible. He doesn’t let people talk. He cuts them off and he has no patience to listen to callers points when they disagree with him. I’d give the show a 5 if it was just John Lance Paul and Jeff.
I can’t listen when this guy starts yelling over callers
Stop. Yelling. “Charlie”. Every. Time. Charlie. Calls. In. It’s 10/10 annoying and literally hurts my ears. Otherwise great podcast.
Great interview with Saquon Barkley on Friday.
Stop taking this guys call. Len from Columbia md shouldn’t be allowed on. It’s so annoying how he doesn’t listen. He just keeps talking. No one like you Len please stop calling in.
Great insight and information from as close to the Giants as we can get. Only negative aspect of the show is when Charlie from Portland, Maine calls in. Clown.
best giants talk except when russ is on.
By far the best Giants podcast.
The talent of the hosts is no question, the level of bias spoils it. Paul Dottino is the most self-absorbed and condescending host that I’ve ever seen last on a show. He flexes his experience when he gets into trouble with his bullish views and throws it in the face of the fans when they have every reason to be upset with an underperforming team. John is the only host that will respect fair criticisms of the team without twisting and contorting the callers point to make the team look better. The fans don't deserve expert debaters to play devils advocate on points that are true just to make the team look better, that's not good radio or genuine radio, not what the fans deserve. Not disputing talent but it's the intentions of the hosts that are way off here outside of John.
These guys are professionals who come up with great content every single episode. They also do a great job of walking people (including myself) off ledges when they’re reacting emotionally to breaking news about the team. Thank you Giants podcast for being my go-to podcast for all Giants discussion/news!!!
You guys do a phenomenal job with guests and information that fans really want to know about!! Thanks guys , keep up the great work!!!
I’m a die hard Giants fan but it’s getting harder and harder to listen to you guys especially since I’m found other Giants Podcast. You guys do a good job I’m converting the team just just cause you guys work for the team dosnt mean you can’t have you own opinions or disagree sometimes.. try and be realistic about the team and stop getting so mad at people who call up and have different views about the direction on the team. Paul and Russ are the worst.
The BBKL crew delivers so much juicy content that their cup runneth over into a whole new and amazing podcast! The Huddle is fantastic! They’ve all been great but that David Cutcliffe episode was next level! I’m fairly certain that interview single handedly allowed many a Giants fan to take a step back from that proverbial ledge following the draft haha I can’t wait to see what content you all have cooking for training camp! Great work and thank you!
Absolutely awesome podcast!! Great content and hosts I love it. Keep up the good work fellas 👍🏼
For a guy who is literally never right about anything Giants related, he is very condescending and arrogant when addressing other viewpoints
Even though John and Lance are Cowboys Fans, they bring good insight. Diehl and Feagles are outstanding! Dotino is good when he’s not self egrandising. Overall excellent content!
Love all of you. John and Jeff on Friday’s are my favorite episodes. Please don’t bring Mean Uncle Russ back for a third season. He obviously doesn’t listen to the show and isn’t cut out for it.
Update: 4/11/19 the "new" Giants Huddle segment is absolutely great!!! Thank You. I am a +25 year transplant originally from the Upper Eastside currently in the Midwest. Overall I greatly appreciate hearing a NY Giants-centered podcast and feel like this podcast keeps me in the loop that out here, I wouldn't have. If there is a gripe it would be how some of my fellow-fans call in and kind of muddle up. But all together? Great podcast and I love listening to John, Lance, Pauly Dots, Feagles, Diehl etc. LET'S GO GI-ANTS...
These guys are front office mouthpieces and Gettleman apologists. They shut down every caller and think we’re all a bunch of morons who don’t understand the organization’s “greater plan.” Pointless to listen to.
Great show. Love it
I love this show. Whether I watch it on a video or as a podcast I don’t think I’ve missed an episode in 3 years. Everyone that hosts it has different ways of seeing things and I guarantee it’s worth the listen. #GiantsFanForLife
This should not be free


By jdirigu
I don’t like Russ. He is rude to the callers and moody. He never has insightful takes or positions. He’s stuck in the 1980s. When he host the show I don’t download or listen. I know many of my fiends feel the same way. He’s the worst host on this program. Give his shows to anyone else. Thanks. Matt
One of the callers from Virginia was rude on this show. However, I didn’t expect the analysts(Russ) to stereotype all of Virginia as dumb and hill billies. Obviously you are pretty ignorant and have never been to Virginia outside of your high school text book. What a way to marginalize all your fans from Virginia. The caller that criticized you and this franchise may be right if that’s the kind of attitude you are going to put on display. You make me question why I continue to be a giants.
I can’t do Russ’s condescending attitude toward callers he disagrees with. He makes the show unbearable. My advice is, get rid of Russ and let Jeff, Lance, John and David do more shows. No matter, maybe I’ll tune in when Russ is gone. In the meantime I get my content from more objective press.
Lance constantly says “take into consideration” over, and over, and over again! Awesome nonetheless
Excellent podcast! You guys are the best and I love listening to this podcast. Great in-site and prospective.
I’m a huge fan and have listened everyday for the past 4 years since I got into podcast. I’m just tired of the low audio and you guys not uploading BBK a few hours after you have the show. Every other show gets there content up within an hour. Sometimes it takes you days to get it up. Not even talking about all the Friday shows you forget to upload in the off season.
I’m a true fan this needs to stop
I love this show more than any other pod, and I’m currently subscribed to 15 other football pods. But I must digress, and I feel this is the only form of media I’m able to. Mr. John Schmeelk- I like you, even if I don’t agree with you all of the time. In fact.... I never agree with you anymore, but I still like you. Why, oh why do you want the New York Giants to draft Baker Mayfield 2nd overall? Football inabilities and that fake completion percentage (that was a product of a spread scheme, the best OL in CFB, the worst defenses in CFB, a run first attack, and dink and dunk short passes after his OL bought him 5 minutes to escape the pocket, which drew the subpar LB’s out of the box, allowing him a wide open window to throw the ball to the best coached WR corps in CFB (sterling shepard) on their crisp routes against subpar DB’s)— football inabilities aside, why would you bring that child into the NY spotlight? If Darnold and Rosen are spoiled, Baker’s an only child in the middle of a toy store in December with rich parents. Everyone knows that he was arrested in February of 2017 because he attempted to run from the cops “because he was drunk.” In essence, yes. But no one mentions why the cops were there in the first place. He first tried to steal some random guy’s Chinese food- and that was in Arkansas. My goodness, imagine him in midtown- already a recipe for disaster. Anyways, he fled after he grabbed the Chinese food from some random guy at 2:00am—AND HE COULDN’T OUTRUN THE RANDOM GUY! Come on, that’s like Jeff Feagles slow! So the guy catches up to him and at a minimum, a verbal exchange is made between he and Baker. That’s when the gentleman flagged down a police officer to “take an assault and battery report” (official transcripts from the arresting officer). At this point there’s at least four police officers on scene. While they are listening to the poor individual (whom was probably working a grave shift to pay for his child’s medical bills) recount his mugging, two officers tell Baker to “stop cussing and yelling” at his girlfriend (whom was sitting down and Baker was staring down on) or they will “arrest him right now.” Baker heeds this point and agrees to stop, and stepped away from his girlfriend. His girlfriend then thanked the police. So Baker casually took several steps....and then turned to an outright sprint, reminiscent of Jeff Feagles chasing DeSean. Yes, HE’S THAT SLOW! Even the arresting officer noted this when he was told that Baker was the QB for OU! So Baker got laid out-the hit was alright, but those police officers aren’t exactly NFL caliber linebackers for a reason. That’s when the alligator tears started. In the report, the police officer claims Baker was resisting putting his arms behind his back. Fortunately for us, our other boys in blue are better at their jobs than Baker is at being a QB for a pro-style offense— they forced his arm behind his back.... And then came the real tears. A LOT of tears- Baker’s loaded parents just told him “no” in the middle of that toy store. Go ahead and Youtube “Baker mayfield arrest video” and make sure to click on the one that’s 18 minutes long— the proof is in the pudding. What’s ironic to me is, clearly he’s had a few drinks... but I didn’t notice him stumble at all. Whatever, they cut him a break and said “boys will be boys.” So he learned, right? No- this just enabled Baker. Planting the flag. The obscene gestures and mouthing “vacuum” to opposing teams (all while on national television). The kid must think he’s the leader of the free world with how he calls out people on Twitter. And he’s a product of the strict disciplinarian institution of Oklahoma University. Someone get Sterling’s take on Baker. Baker’s like the misbehaved little kid during the first five minutes of an episode of Law and Order SVU- you don’t know the how or the what, but you know it’s about to get shockingly ugly and he’s going to be the one Elliot Stabler hauls away in cuffs. To summarize, Mr. Schmeelk, you want to transition from Eli the perfect son Manning to this character, that’s emotionally suited to be on Monday Night Raw, in a market that will never let the greatest WR in the game forget about that time he shoved a kicking net? You must own stock in TMZ. I hope Gettleman listened today so he can point and laugh at you in the cafeteria come May. Maybe he’ll put in a good word for you to Vince McMahon to get you a GM job with the XFL. Baker Mayfield.....🙄 🤦‍♂️ stick to journalism, sir!
Been a die hard Giants fan for over 20 years. The 2017 season has been a disgusting, debacle that management worsened by disgracing their franchise qb. However, you won’t hear any of this on the podcast except from the callers who aren’t worried about their jobs with the Giants. The callers give compelling thoughtful reasons why Ben and Jerry need to go and they say I’ve been a Giants fan all my life but will not watch a game again until they are fired. All you hear in response to this is, “Thanks for the call.” All the hosts of the show are putting lipstick on a pig and that’s not what Giants fans need to hear right now. The only reason anyone knows who Jerry Reese and Ben McAdoo are is Eli Manning, the man they’ve never shown respect to. They throw him under the bus week after week and Eli never says a bad word about anyone. Eli Manning has been benched for Geno Smith. Not Davis Webb, Geno Smith. But you won’t hear any of this on this show. Neither host mentioned how ridiculous of a decision this was on the show because their sycophants. Talk is Cheap is a much better quality podcast and they tell it like it is, not through rose colored lenses like these guys do. These guys need to take a page out of the playbook from Carl Banks and stand up to your employers when they get it wrong. This podcast is a joke. I will never listen again.