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Best Giants podcast out there . The guys are great and do not over hype anything . They are objective and tell it how it is Please make sure the podcasts are uploaded ! Sometimes days go by before they come on the app
Been a die hard Giants fan for over 20 years. The 2017 season has been a disgusting, debacle that management worsened by disgracing their franchise qb. However, you won’t hear any of this on the podcast except from the callers who aren’t worried about their jobs with the Giants. The callers give compelling thoughtful reasons why Ben and Jerry need to go and they say I’ve been a Giants fan all my life but will not watch a game again until they are fired. All you hear in response to this is, “Thanks for the call.” All the hosts of the show are putting lipstick on a pig and that’s not what Giants fans need to hear right now. The only reason anyone knows who Jerry Reese and Ben McAdoo are is Eli Manning, the man they’ve never shown respect to. They throw him under the bus week after week and Eli never says a bad word about anyone. Eli Manning has been benched for Geno Smith. Not Davis Webb, Geno Smith. But you won’t hear any of this on this show. Neither host mentioned how ridiculous of a decision this was on the show because their sycophants. Talk is Cheap is a much better quality podcast and they tell it like it is, not through rose colored lenses like these guys do. These guys need to take a page out of the playbook from Carl Banks and stand up to your employers when they get it wrong. This podcast is a joke. I will never listen again.
Love this show listen every day. I’m a season ticket holder. My only complaint is I wish each episode was available sooner after the show airs.. And some times Friday episodes don’t even get posted.
I am a +25 year transplant originally from the Upper Eastside currently in the Midwest. Overall I greatly appreciate hearing a NY Giants-centered podcast and feel like this podcast keeps me in the loop that out here, I wouldn't have. If there is a gripe it would be how some of my fellow-fans call in and kind of muddle up. But all together? Great podcast and I love listening to Lance, Pauly Dots, John, Feagles, Diehl etc. LET'S GO GI-ANTS...
Listen everyday. A must if your Giants fan.
John Schmeelk and Paul Dottino provide insightful commentary about the Giants' play and happenings year-round. Jeff Feagles pitches in with excellent analysis. Great line-up of guest hosts through the season headlined by Howard Cross and David Diehl. Everyone's favorite villain Charlie from Portland, ME, places frequent calls to complain about the offensive line much to everyone's "delight"...
You've got to record the podcast at a higher volume or at least normalize the audio. Audio quality is garbage
Great source for GIANTS news!! GO G-MEN!! Big Blue Kickoff Live is the best Giants Podcast out there.
Great show year around! Haters gonna hate.
Anita is the truth. Audio is pretty terrible... Please fix


By Rado84
Love the show. Listen every single day. Only reason its 4 stars and not 5 is Anita. Not because shes a woman. Keep rockin!


By Map7711
Is anyone else having problems with with low volume audio???
I'd have to give this podcast a 4 out of 5. The quality and knowledge between the hosts is very high and the discussions are rather compelling. Only gripe I have with the show is it can be a bit boring and repetitive. John is great, Lance is great, Paul is great, I think Anita is a bit annoying and Roman kisses the player’s behinds a bit too much. The podcast would be great if they got Anita off. She gets so sidetracked and brings out the “I’m a girl, I know my football stuff” tude all too often. Show can be a bit PC and boring, for obvious reasons (it’s the team’s podcast) but it is good for walking around/listening to! They’re on every day! The callers do tend to be trying and repeat themselves a bit too much. I would rather keep the fans OUT of the discussion for most of the show.
This podcast is good when it's updated but I don't understand why Giants coverage is so sparse when they're from the biggest city in the US. No post-draft analysis? Inexcusable! Then I go to ESPN and they have an Eagles fan posing as our beat writer. Terrible content options for NYG fans.
I love the podcast but there are several times that I do not get the new podcast available. It doesn't even show up to download. Something needs to be done! If the podcasts were available daily is would be 5 stars
Great option for fans outside of NYC radio broadcasting area!
The info for any Giants fan is great and it's updated three times a week but the podcast volume is ridiculously low compared to other podcasts. I have to put my iPod on max volume to listen to it.
This podcast is amzing. Great to listen to when you are doing math homework and very in depth and informative. Keep it up!!


By KhaZ-54
Eli for mayor
The Giants have the best media team in the NFL. Great podcast.
Good show but the volume levels are way off lately -- hosts way too quiet and callers too loud.
The talk show is great but the press conferences released 10 at a time can be a bit too much
I get my daily fix of giants from Seattle. Very knowledgeable.
It is awful to keep hearing the bob papa loop in the background. Can you please cut that out. It makes it impossible to listen too. You are ruining a great podcast. I have to give one star for that rather than five. Please change that.
The best podcast period.
Pro: Eisen's entertaining and present's the "company view" in a palatable manner. Con: Some of the press conference audio is terrible. Now that 08 Camp is underway, would be nice to see more updates!
GEEEEEEEE MEEEEEENNNN!!! ...that is all.
To all my football lovers this one is for the "GIANTS" cause your Ballin!
This is good content and I like the reporting and interviews, but it may be just me, but I have problems downloading many of the podcasts. My computer will get the info and start downloading it, but then it never downloads anything at all for close to half of the items. Is anyone else having this issue? Are the filesd being uploaded correctly? The ones I get are great, but I am not getting all the info. Is the video version any better? There is another one "New York Giants Audio" that helps fill in the gaps that this one misses. I would give it higher rating if I did not have all the problems downloading.
I love the giants and i was so happy to find a podcast! LETS GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yea, I'm a huge Giant's fan myself, but some of these aren't as good as the others. They sould have some of the press cinferences after every game, that's what I want to listen to. So before you buy this podcast, make sure u like the G-men enough to listen to some of the not-so-good stuff. Yea. Peace out, G-men. Maybe next year.
The G-men are going all the way this year tiki and amani are gonna take them there wit eli's help GO GGGGG GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think this podcast is worth the price of my ipod.
woot woot... first to write a review!!! [Dear iTunes.... edit this part out but please post the upper part of my review]