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please start podcasting again miss you
Seriously... last podcast was in July '09. How am I to live my life without more of you guys? I freakin' love the show and am pleading with you to come back and make at least a few new ones for 2010.
I love Deana, Justin, and Jon!!! I love the sayings they come up with, the stories Deana tells about Justin and how he gets so annoyed, I love Justin and his personality and the voice, and Jon just adds that touch of completeness to the podcast! I could listen to them all day everyday! They are interesting and fun! Totally worth listening too!!
I have to admit that although they don't post often I can definitely get past that. Funny stories and great camaraderie make this a podcast to wait for each and every time. Definitely comes highly recommended. Enjoy if you dare when you are out and about but be prepare for those laugh out loud moments- they are aplenty!
I love DTWF! This is by far the best podcast I have ever listened to!! I love you guys! Keep doing what you are doing!
i've been listening for awhile and i love this podcast. they sound like a great group of friends.. the kind i want. i only wish they recorded more often since i have gone thru all their older episodes.
I was laughing and crying so hard my boss came to my cube and asked me if she could have some of whatever drugs I was on!!!!
Fun podcast with friends. I always want a bloody mary while listening to their stories. Unfortunately inconsistent in releasing episodes. Shouldn’t complain but I enjoy them so much.
I found this podcast a few years back and I became a fan. Give it chance by listening to at least 2 shows. It is quite a simple podcast, a group of friends talking, but after a while you feel as if you are one of them. Being a straight guy, I wasn't sure if I'd want to listen to the gay aspect. That is not an issue and this really is a funny podcast if you give it a chance. Jon is not with the group any longer and I hate to say it but I miss his comments. Deena, a straight and intelligent woman, adds a lot to the show. "I am glad that you are back and don't pick on my spelling or grammar". Andrea (sp?) another straight woman, is also a welcome part of the show and missed when she is not present. Most people will not read this much but if you did, give this show a chance.
I actually found this podcast by accident but I tell ya, U guys are freakin' funny!!
The only podcast that I have listened too. They have started to post shows on a regular basis (please keep this up!), and I honestly can't seem to get enough of them! It is a gay podcast so make sure you are fine with listening to a lot of innuendos and detailed jokes. If you have similar conversations with your friends you will love it!
This podcast is the funniest podcast ever. Y'all are hilarious. I look forward to every podcast.


By NikkiMN
This podcast makes my unbearable desk job bearable. Justin, Jon, and Andrea are so hilarous, you people should truly make a "vid-ja" (video) podcast. I would PAY for this podcast if it wasn't free on Itunes--Keep up the awesome work :-) LYLYBH :-)
I love this podcast; anyone with a brain or a sense of humor will listen to this podcast and love it! Ignore the negative reviews because this podcast is where it is at! :)


By ArkLa
Started listening to this podcast 2 years ago and still get excited each time they update.
Justin, Deena,Jon,Dan and Andrea are the best !
I listen to each podcast 3 or 4 times. Smart, witty, dirty fun...I love these kids!! I am so happy the podcasts are more frequent now. Do not listen when trying to look busy at work...yelling out dirty bottom will give you away.
I've been listening to this podcast since #29. This is by far the best podcast on iTunes. It has such a friendly, informal style with just the right mix of gross (the best kind) humor.


By Decca10
This is one of those podcasts where a group of people get together with a microphone to talk and think they are the funniest people in the world. While these discussions might be funny among their group, the rest of us have to suffer. They say nothing! There is no social commentary, no direction, no humor! Stay far away!
i love your podcast...it has inspired me to get my friends together and try to start our own chicago podcast of homos and heteros, with special guests each week. what is the saying, "something something blah blah blah is the best form of flattery". well this is the case for this scenario. I cannot wait..be on the look out for m&m and j&b..we are coming at you something fierce like, with a latin twist of gay stories..and some straight lame ones... i love you guys for the inspiration...keep it up..-mikey c.
I've tried most of the gay podcasts on itunes. All of them are horrible. Nobody but DTWF has captured what the audience is really looking for -- an unusual dynamic of people who really understand each other. I've been listening since 2006 and by far, this is my FAVORITE podcast out there. Jon, Justin, and Deena (and andrea too!) Keep up the great work. We truly love you guys. Oh, and I keep my iPhone next to my brush.
THIS IS UNDOUBTLY THE FUNNIEST PODCAST EVER RECORDED IN PODCAST HISTORY! From episode one to present I've cracked up outloud. Before new rules were enforced at work I use to listen to their shows, but I had difficulty working because I was laughing so much. And this is the kind of show that will have you laugh out loud in public to the point people will think you're crazy. All I ask from the cast is to get Deena back. I'm glad she came back for one episode since she left but I would be so grateful for you guys/gal to get her back. I miss you Deena!
My friends and I love this show, lots of fun!
At one point this was my favorite podcast. I even bought the DVD with all the First years shows. I got a blank DVD. , When I e-mailed them they said they would send me another, they never did. No matter, I still listened, and enjoyed. Then Deena left the show. which really screwed up the show. Deena was the the smart one and 'straigt man' (no pun intended) to Justin and Jon. Jon is/was the funny one with his stories that went no where. and Justen was/is the host (no less important a role). But without Deena, the show went flat, and they knew it. You can tell by the spuratic nature of the show, and now I have as much interest in listening to it as they have in doing it.
Best podcast around --- I'm addicted to you guys!
I never thought that I would sit down and write a review on a podcast, but this one is a must listen; that is, if you like to laugh. These guys have the best stories and plus the humor is crazy funny. Just listen and you will love them too.
I hate to see this one go bye but I guess it has. It really was my fav
If your lucky enough to have not listened to this pod cast yet and your any kind of normal red blooded American DON"T, A run down of this pod cast would be two queer guys (at least I think there guys ) and one girl most, Of the talk is about there problems in life there pains of love and how the tow guys are always walking funny(and we don't wanna know why).
Very funny, keep it up!
This is one of the funniest podcasts that I've listened to. The DTWF crew is so much fun to listen to and they make work go by so much faster. Everyone should download this!!!
These guys and the people they have come on the show are HILARIOUS!!! Not only are they from a great city, but they know how to make laugh out loud! FANTASTIC!!!!! HOORAH!!
Funny when I am not drinking too!!
Laugh out Loud funny!!!!! I've gotten strange looks from people on the train from laughing. But by far the best episode ever was the one with the neighbor who lost her keys, had a bath running, and cooking a pizza. I've made every one a know to suscribe just for that. Keep up the good work and keep them coming.
I just found this podcast a few days ago and I just completed listening to the last 10 or so episodes. It is very entertaining. I am looking forward to hearing what ever they come up with next. Keep up the good work guys. Where's Macomb?
I love your podcast. After listening to 2 episodes I was hooked and subscribed. However I noticed something the last few times ya'll have updated. The length of the podcast has been cut almost in half. The hour long length is one reason I liked Drink 'till we're funny b/c I could sit and listen, and with the daily interuptions of my job, the podcast would last most of the day. Now it's getting so short that just as I get into it, it's over. Just wondered if there was a reason for the reduction in length.
Dysfuncional Families are the best! This is better than therapy! It is one of the only things that make my work-outs NOT seem like work.
This show is funny. These guys and gals have formed a strong bond and they are welling to let you in their little click just by downloading their podcast. They hit on broad range of topics and they are not afraid to speak their minds. This show is like Will and Grace on crack (although I don’t think any of these people do crack…) I download them to my I pod … hit play… and the stress just melts away. I swear I didn’t mean for that rhyme, Deena. Well, how-dee-dooo Justin, Deena, and Jon.
If you enjoy talking about Deena's Boobies, Jon's Mother, or who Justin wants to burn in hell this week...DTWF is everything you could ever want. However, if you just like snorting out loud, practically peeing your pants because you're laughing so hard, and enjoy Fat, Poop and Death..this is also the podcast for you!
I listen to this podcast very regularly. Of the many podcasts I subscribe to, this is the podcast I await most eagerly. There is a very apparent lifelong connection between the three co-hosts which creates and consistantly maintains a nice, synergistic conversation that is always changing and fresh. I love their accents and Chicago humor. I am not from the Chicago area, but they always seem to bring the include my as a listener to their regionally inside joke. Just a fun comedy!
Yes, even Deena's (they can't take away my gay card for that, can they?). I've found myself saying things like "hurd it" as part of my natural speach now! Looking forward to the new format. I think you should bring back the "Howdy Do" song!
I love this podcast. Once I listen to the most recent one, I can't wait for the next one to download. I listen to them on my commute on the DC Metro, and I will say that the other people do look at me when I am laughing out loud, but they will also look at me when they hear Deena laugh through my earphones! The three of them are totally like how my friends and I sit around and talk, and I feel like they are my friends (not that I am going to start stalking them or anything...)...but the next time you are in the DC area, please make sure you email me so we can hang out. If there is one gay themed podcast anyone should download, this is the one... Luv ya, mean it...MDSkippy (Tim) who loves Vodka and Cranberry, or a nice Cosmo....
This is one of the first podcasts I started listening to about a month ago. I have heard many more since then and I still think you guys are the best! I'm an animator and I got sick of listening to the same music everyday when I worked. Thats when I ventured off and discovered podcasts and Drink til we're funny. I just moved to TX from WI and I think it also reminds me of home listening to the accents!This is my kind of humor!! Thanks again!! Jenn
I randomly stumbled upon this podcast right when they started. I was in hysterics (the good kind) from the moment I started listening. So download them all! They are all hilarious and inapprpriate!!
wow. this podcast is hilarious. esp the story about the black womans pie. so funny i started crying. my fav podcast. jon, deena, justin... u guys are great
i really nearly wet myself while on the redline listening to these guys. if you have the chance, go the the website to order their upcoming DVD of all past episodes. i'm still catching up on some of them, but they are all so great that i usually listen more than once. for just a taste, try one of their "best of" episodes. you'll be hooked!
DTWF is brilliant! It's true, the cast is smart and the best part about the show is that they play around with words, which to me is the funniest thing... I swear I thought my friends and I were the only people who sat around and screwed around with the words people use and how they use them... which is mostly incorrectly. DTWF is AMAZING and should not be missed!
I would not get thru my day at work without you guys....keep it up....escalator


Justin, Deena and Jon are my three new best friends. I wish I had a longer commute so I could listen uninterrupted. The bond between the three of them prompts some of the best comedy I've ever heard. DTWF was the first podcast I ever listened to and there's no need to seek out another one. I still laugh outloud everytime I think of Linda Wheat. Kudos to DTWF for keeping it real, laugh outloud funny and giving me a reason to live. If you guys ever need a guest - i'm your guy. Beence / frijoles - classic! love, mrkmstrtt