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This show has been my inspiration to get into IT field and now that I have my enterprise to manage (I'm a network engeneer for a state institution) it's still fun to listen and get me excited about techology and all computing in general. Thanks guys!!!!
I'm really trying to like this show. I've listened for several weeks and these guys never appear to know what they're talking about. Maybe that's part of the charm of the show, but I've never heard tech guys get things wrong as often as these guys do. The constant bickering back and forth may also be a charm of the show, but so far, I'm just finding it annoying. I'll give it a few more weeks and if I change my mind I'll update my review, but so far this one is proving hard to like.
I haven't listen to this show in a long time. (since gmail was invitation only) thx for the invite guys. I will be continuing my support of this show in the future! Keep up the good work
The two hosts are Joe King, who is long in years, experienced with computers, and a bit cranky, and Hank Kee, who is long in years, Asian-American and very knowledgeable, and they have young and knowledgeable call-in guests. I like this show but I swear they never miss a chance to disagree with each other. They go out of their way to disagree. For every statement one guy makes, another will say "Here's where you're wrong..." and then we're off in another direction. Maybe it's a New York City thing. I stopped listening to the show for a while because of it, but eventually I got used to it and it's one of my favorite shows.
I am so glad Trend Micro is sponsoring this show. I like learning that trend micro is the answer to every computer problem and I really enjoyed hearing about their new products for the first 15 minutes of this week's show. I want to say also how excited I was to learn they are moving into the iphone app business. I just checked out their apps and they look as great as the owner of trend micro described today. not only do I want to thank Trend Micro for their sponsoring of the show, but I also want to thank wbai for keeping me updated on everything Trend Micro is doing. I do hope this plugging does its job and converts into sales for Trend Micro. so thank you wbai for giving such a nicely concentrated forum to advertise Trend Micro. I'm sure if their competitors asked to also host the show to make us aware of their products, that you would be glad to give them equal time. in fact I'd imagine that would be part of your mandate. keep up the great work Trend Micro!
Good solid computer information from 2 guys who have been in this business from the days when DOS was the operating system and the internet was white text on a black backgound! . They know their stuff. The sound quality of the podcast could be better, but don't forget that this is from a barebones listener sponsered radio station (WBAI-99.5FM) Contibute to them at
Joe,Hank,Alfred and Michael are heavy hitters in the computer world. They are very knowledgeable, funny and to the point. They all have different views and opinions without all the BS! Listen once and you will be hooked! Andy K