Reviews For Manhattan Church of Christ Podcast

If Christ has instructed our women to remain silent in the church (1 Corinthians 14:34), then why am I hearing a female voice preaching in the podcast from 5/9/10? and if Christ has instructed us to simply SING praises, then why do I hear this female minister singing with a guitar accompaniment? I'm sorry, but sometimes God's preferences are not popular in our modern society, but I urge you to consider WHO your worship service is for - it SHOULD be for God - to honor and praise him and remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. If you have assembled to worship HIM, then worship in the way that he has indicated. it SHOULD NOT be catering to what the popular preferences of today's society are. God has given his instructions - I plan to follow those and no longer subscribe to the podcast of your services. THIS IS A RESPONSE TO THE COMMENT THAT FOLLOWED MINE: Please do not try to characterize my comment as sexist - it's not - I believe what the bible says - men and women are EQUAL, but with different roles in the Lord's church. You are demonstrating a dangerous mindset - it is NOT ok to ignore scriptures (you aren't "interpreting", if the bible clearly says something should be a certain way and you choose not to do that - you are IGNORING the instruction). When you begin picking instructions that you feel aren't suitable in our modern world - you are WEAKENING the Lord's church (what's next? accepting homosexuality? unmarried couples living together? we've been given the bible for a reason - it tells us what is right and wrong so we don't have to make it up on our own). I don't like to appear argumentative, but I've always defended the Church of Christ as the people who want to follow the bible's instructions to the letter and I'm not seeing it here.
I attend Manhattan CofC whenever I am in the city. They are a loving church doing amazing things in NYC. To explain to people the other comment, each Church of Christ is governed independantly. Some people interpret the Bible that women should stay silent and others interpret it as women are equals. There is no right or wrong answer and yet people get upset. The most important thing Christ taught is love. If we choose to simply love each other, all of our following actions will be right because they were made in love. I love this church family and am proud to call them family.