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There was a day I'd see 1 star wars collectable after looking in 50 different stores. Now the number have completely flipped to the opposite. This show saves me so much time - I usually find that 1 or 2 things every month I must have and know how and where to get it.
I have been a listener for years. Wonderful, fun and always great to listen too.
An awesome collecting podcast!
Arnie and Marjorie always provide very useful information and a excellent show
Collectors paradise of Star Wars collectable news.
From one loyal collector to another… EXCELLENT WORK!!!
Arnie and Marjorie share their passion for collecting Star Wars with us all. I love the detailed analysis they give for each product. I wish I had their budget for collecting!
There is no better source for Star Wars collectors anywhere! Love the info and detail presented on this show!
I have been listening to Arnie and Marjorie for a long time - found them after they had done about 5 or 6 episodes and have been hooked ever since. It’s great to find a couple who not only share my passion for Star Wars and collecting, but who are also genuine kind human beings. I was fortunate enough to meet Marjorie at the last Star Wars celebration. She is as warm and sweet in person as she comes across on their show. If you listen to just one Star Wars collecting podcast this should be the one.
I stumbled onto this podcast about a month before Celebration Anaheim '15. So glad I did. Arnie & Marjorie had a show dedicated to helping first-timers prepare and navigate the convention. So helpful! Their coverage and analysis of the con was great as well. I'm hooked on this podcast. A great blend of insight, tips, recommendations, delightful banter and humor. Arnie & Marjorie often remind me of me and my wife when we debate and deliberate over desired collectibles. A special nod to Steve "The Gingerprince". I always appreciate his perspective, humor and genuine love of the saga. Absolutely nothing to complain about with this show. I wish this podcast was produced weekly rather than twice per month :) Hope to get to meet these awesome folks one day at a con, celebration or one of their hosted breakfasts. MTFBWY!


Always a lot of fun listening too. Having a bad day....listen to the podcast and it picks you up.
I came across this podcast just a couple months ago and now I can't get enough! Very informative and detailed about vintage and modern SW collectables. I now listen to several SW podcasts and all of them fall short of what Arnie and Marjorie have put together. Not only can you get the most detailed review about a toy or collectable but they are also up to minute on all things SW from the cons, charity events, celebrities and of course new movie news! The pictures and video just make it that much sweeter. The only complaint is that it's not a daily show! Check it out! You'll be a instant fan!
As a selective collector with a limited budget, this show in invaluable to me. Many of the items they share I’ve not seen or heard about and help me make better decision where to put my dollar.
Love this podcast, one of the few I pull to the top of my must watch/listen to out of all my many podcast. Love that it is a video podcast so you can see what they are talking about. Stay to the end of each show, always love the bloopers of the show.
Why does this guy constantly yell at his audience about questions asked and how expensive the show is produce? I'm happy to support an independent endeavor to a show that needs support, but not when you’re going yell and scream and whine about money at me as part of the audience. And I don’t dare ask a question for fear it’s been asked, that’s when he really gets nasty.
I have been listening to A&M for around 4 years now and just recently thought about leaving them feedback. This podcast is fun to listen to and very well put together. Being fans, they provide thier information with enthusiasm and wit. I look forward every week to hear what they have to say about collectables and their feelings on SW in general. Keep up the great work!
The enhanced podcast is a fantastic way to not only hear about what’s going on in Star Wars collecting, but it’s a great way to SEE it as well. Excellent podcast.
Very entertaining show. I don't buy many new Star Wars things but I do like looking at what's coming out every other week.
If you need a source of news on the ever expanding world of Star Wars collectables, look no futher. This witty, smart, and information show presents everything you need to know.
If you are a Star Wars collector you should watch this show
Anything and everything you need to know about Star Wars the toys, books , the upcoming movies . If you pay attention to the podcast and look at your iphone they even include pictures !!!
Great podcast, I really like the detail they use when reviewing the collectibles
I love this podcast. I was a collector of Star Wars action figures way back when and I stopped because the line got stale. Now with the 6" Black Series coming out it was cool to hear the professionals opinions on what they think of the new line and if it was worth my time and money. Keep up the great job everyone.
I love the show and always tune in its a great place to not only hear but see cool news from a galaxy far far away. . .
Each podcast is like receiving a package of bacon and beef jerky dropped out of an airplane piloted by Arnie and Majorie. Thank you both, and the staff, for taking the time and effort to produce the show every week!
Like all of the Venganza podcasts, it's a great show. Sadly, iTunes no longer seems to support the enhanced podcasts for this and Marvelicious Toys. There has to be some way to see the picturs of what they're talking about.
May the 4th b with u!!!!!!!!
Arnie & Marjorie are true pros!
A fantastic show for news and reviews of all types of Star Wars Collectibles, from Hasbro to Sideshow. Also great for news and events going on all over the Star Wars Universe. Hosts are relaxed and easy to listen to. Sound quality is great and you can tell that they really take their time in editing. The BEST ENHANCED PODCAST around, so you don't just hear about items but get to see them also. Be sure to check this podcast out!!!
Started listening after i went to Celebration 6 and i wish i would have found it sooner!!! Great podcast! super informative! amazing reviews!! funny and a great listen! made me start collecting and helps the work days fly by! the listeners are friendly and helpful as well as the hosts!
Star Wars Action News is my go-to podcast for everything Star Wars. Arnie and Marjorie (and the entire SWAN staff) are not only a great team, but their unique point of view brings a continued freshness and relatability to an otherwise boring, corporate podcast landscape. Often funny and always informative, the Star Wars Action News podcast is the perfect resource for today's collector and fan.
Thanks to SW Action News, I am now keeping up to date on all kinds of interesting collectibles and events. I don't have plans to collect much, but this podcast and its associated Facebook and Twitter feeds have clued me in to a few choice items. The podcast also got me back into reading SW novels including new releases and older books. You can tell that the SW Action News does this for the love of the SW universe and not for any sort of gain for themselves.
Good podcast but the celebration coverage sounds like they are in a wind tunnel, and people keep hitting the mic...the echo makes it painful to listen...
So much good information !! As a collector this is a must !!!! Keep it up you guys !!! May the force be you


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Steve, do you know simon and lewis?
And I was in 7th or 8th grade. Now I am about to finish up my undergrad in college. I'll be a listener as long as Arnie and Marjorie put on the show. It's as top notch as can be, and its been a blast growing with the show, and watching the show (an A&Ms collection) grow.
SW action news is a great show that informs you about star wars news, new figures, statues, busts etc. Unfortunately, the stores located near them don't get new figures often so the store runs are a little thumbs down at times. BUT OTHERWISE, GREAT SHOW!
The best Star Wars podcast there is hosted by two of the most likable collecting couples in the galaxy!
I love the podcast. The creators of the podcast care about the show and it comes through. They give out some great collecting information and resources and I look forward to each weeks new episode.
Ever since I discovered this Podcast a couple years ago I could not go with out it every week! They do a great service to all Star Wars Collectors and Star Wars fans alike! I highly recommend!!! -RIPKENOBI- Ryan and Jamey
I have been listening to Star Wars Action News for years now. I look forward to a new episode every week. Arnie and Marjorie are interesting, opinionated and funny as they discuss the wide world of Star Wars Collecting. The podcast includes detailed descriptions of various Star Wars merchandise, clothing and collectibles; as well as general discussions about the Star Wars Universe- the films, TV shows and EU Books/Comics etc. The regular correspondents such as Steve the Ginger Prince add delightful insight and perspective. There are interviews with Star Wars authors and artists. The Holiday Wish List, Black Friday, and Year in Review Shows are just highlights of the fantastic world this podcast offers. For me, this show isn't only about Star Wars and action figures and other collectibles. This show has become "Star Wars" for me. It is new Star Wars every week, and I love the show and high production value! Thank you Arnie and Marjorie for bringing new Star Wars into my life each week Long Live SWAN
Great show every week
If you are Star Wars collector, this is the BEST podcast you need to be listening to, it covers all aspects of SW collecting from hasbro to sideshow and with great reviews on new SW stuff. Stop reading this and download the podcast right now...
Star Wars Action News is the best podcast in the galaxy!! The pictures that go along with the show is what I like about the show the best. This show is a collectors must.......They really make you aware of all the lastest Star Wars items out there. I also like to be part of the show every now and then by send them great deals I run into. Can't wait to meet the host at CVI.
I used to listen to the forcecast until I discovered this show four years ago and have been an avid listener since. I love the fact that the hosts don't praise everything that comes from lucasfilm and hasbro and point out flaws in things while letting you know if something is worth a purchase or not. Excellent show and hope it's around for years to come!
This is a wonderful show to listen to even if you are not a collector. Arnie and Marjorie bring a sense of humor, interesting feed back and interviews on the Star Wars toys, articles, and collection items that are available to the public. The interaction between husband and wife is fun and down right entertaining. One of the best Podcasts out there.


I would give it 2 stars for production quality, but the content is pretty lacking. Arnie comes off as high-brow and often condescending. Marjorie made it bearable for a time, but I find her love of Jar-jar (and Arnie) to be enough to question her judgment and reasoning. I don't care for the elitist attitude of the show. I quit listening; just too unbearable as a lifelong star wars fan to listen them judge other fans for their collecting pursuits.
I have been with Arnie and Marjorie since episode 4 of their podcast and they are still making me laugh, Thanks to the entire team for the past few years of the highest quality fan audio around.
SWAN , is the best collecting podcast on the web. Every week I look foward to hearing SWAN. It is my favorite podcast of any type .If you love Star Wars and collecting toys/collectabels , this is the podcast for you!
Doing one hell of a job. Love the debate between dolls and action figures. When I hear you ask that question on marvels pod cast I about s@!t my pants. Too funny everyone. Keep it up and I am looking forward to running into all of you at c2e2 this year.