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Reviews For Magic: The Gathering Podcast

Only thing about this podcast that really bothers me is the feed gets broken so often that I miss podcasts and wonder what happened. None of the other feeds I've gotten from Wizards breaks as often as this one.
Informative and entertaining interviews with world class players you'll never hear anywhere else.
There is no discussion of strategy or anything. All the podcast is is a narrator describing games. I love Magic but I found this podcast extremely boring.
This is a great cast, but one of the most annoying things is that when they are doing match recaps/play by play, they put this "crowd" sound effect in the back ground and you can hardly hear the review! There are all kinds of whistles and yelling and it is SOOO annoying! Other than that, I LOVE the cast. I just wish they would fade out the stupid sound effect or just use actual back ground sounds in it!!
I'm pretty impressed with the Magic podcast. Randy Buehler(?) is an enthusiastic host who tries (and succeeds) to keep things moving and interesting. He discusses the game and talks a lot about who is really involved, and he interviews people that play and help create the game. He gives advice, tips, and anecdotes. I don't know what else one could ask for from a podcast.
I'm an older casual player; I've never been to a tournment nor do I have any desire to although I'm quite sure they're exhilerating for people who enjoy the competition. I'm sure there are many, many people who thoroughly enjoy your tourny coverage; I, on the other hand, am now enjoying your new format that includes more on R&D, card and deck design, releases (past, present and future), art, effects, etc. If you find time to put out more podcasts like these, I'll be among the first on the list to subscribe. Thanks for the inside into WotC, as well.
This is a great podcast for the diehard Magic the Gathering Fans, although it can be confusing if you arn't very familiar with the cards and things. If you play Magic the Gathering this podcast is for you!
To see that Wizards of the Coast and Itunes joined up to broadcast the world championships for magic the gathering. Good sound quality, and I will continue to look for podcasts from wizards. Great stuff!