Boutique Cafe (Enhanced)

Reviews For Boutique Cafe (Enhanced)

A perfect blend of fun, news, and music!!!
I love listening to Boutique Cafe. From the first time I heard my first BC podcast I was hooked. I look forward to opening my email and getting excited when i see the BC newsletter saying there is a new podcast up!. From the intro music to the last note played on the ending is so much fun to hear. Its full of great information very usefull for those of us who craft! It is truely a crafters haven...even the kids love it! there is nothing better than sitting down to listen to the show and just relax and have some laughs! Im hooked...thats for sure!
I love Daria's podcasts! Her personality bubbles and when you are listening to her, you can imagine sitting right next to her and chatting like old friends. She has an extremely caring nature and it comes through in her podcasts!
Daria is like the Energizer Bunny: her enthusiasm and creativity keep going, and going, and going... Honestly. I certainly don't claim to be a fashion-savvy momma, but Daria inspires me to try.
Thanks for putting together a wonderful podcast. I love learning about amazing designers and fabulous fashion. I love that you are supporting moms!
I can't wait to hear each new installment of this podcast and I also can't delete them once I have listen. There is so much information about ebay, the boutique community & designers, and just being a mom that I often listen a second or third time. Daria really tries to keep the podcast fun by including prizes and incentives for going to the Boutique Cafe website and posting or emailing. Keep serving up our daily Cup of Couture!