Reviews For - 10 Real Estate Marketing Ideas In 10 Minutes -

Fantastic Podcast. Informative, interesting and entertaining. Five Stars.
Who cares if these episodes are years old? The advice is timeless and Dean Jackson knows his stuff.
Super hero podcast. I have learned alot..! Keep up the good work.


By jkh1
Besides the podcasts ending in June 2008, there's not a lot of great material here. The marketing ideas are very conceptual and nothing concrete to work on today. If you visit his site, you will see that he is in the business of locking up URLs, blogging and podcasting on quite a few different genres. No real estate marketing guru here.
I love these podcasts! Unlike most of the other free real estate industry stuff out there this is not just a giant sales pitch. It has real, practical, inexpensive marketing ideas you can implement right now.