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After my husband and son were killed in a car crash, I wanted to die. Pastor Greg’s sermons were so real and always hit home with me. My Christian brother helped me too. I listened to Pastor Greg’s teaching and preaching everyday and it helped me see the truth in Gods Word and gave me something uplifting and strengthening to cling to. God bless you pastor Greg. Keep the faith.
Pastor Greg Laurie is a great teacher of the Word of God! Sound teachings and easy for people without tons of past knowledge of the Bible can understand. I’ve come to realize that the easier it is for new believers to understand and the more willing they are going to be to listen and we should be trying to get heaven as crowded as possible with true believers that Love and want a real relationship with God!
The bad news, the good news, a heart for the lost, excellent illustrations, a dash of humor, and sound exigeisis.
Thank you for all the evangelist ‘jewels’ you drop in every sermon! This is an area I need constant teaching in! Thank you!
I really appreciate your message and translation of the truth! Thank you for being of service for God! -Chris Humphreys
I use to really enjoy this podcast. I use to listen to him first thing in the morning on my drive to work everyday. But over the past few months, all he’s talked about is the end of the world. And even though it may be important to mention from time to time, I don’t think any other pastor talks about it as much as he does. I started listening to other podcasts in the hopes of finding a topic more... cheerful.


By Ck_98
I listen almost daily and pastor Greg has blessed me and helped me in my every day life. He is a true blessing to me. God bless
Greg Laurie does is not your typical preacher. The Holy Spirit takes over him whenever he preaches. A true preacher/leader of God’s word! Amen


Why do the podcast sound like they are speaking so fast, please fix ASAP!!!
I love Pastor Greg’s teachings. Very down to earth and genuine; full of corny jokes and real life applications. No heavy-handed theology or hardened Calvinistic expositions here, just practical and lighthearted Gospel teaching to make the world a little less dark.
As a young man growing up in OC, I started out on my way- don’t do it! I started going to Study under a great man of God— Pastor Chuck Smith and I’d listen to Greg Laurie- I was eager to learn about Christianity, and I had two fantastic mentors to learn from whom Rip Pastor Chuck, and now I follow Pastor Greg Laurie who is funny and gets my Holy Spirit studying His Word! Gods annointing is upon Pastor Greg. God I pray you’ll use Greg to help me grow in Christ!! Amen/ Shalom a Yisrael 🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸🙏😇⭐️⭐️
Thanks to K-Love for helping me discover this amazing preacher
THE LORD KNOWS ALL THINGS! It been Years since I had HEARD from this MAN of GOD!!! KEEP ON KEEPING ON!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
He puts things in a perspective that even new believers can comprehend about God’s word! All of the stories in the Bible were very intimidating to me, but after listening to Pastor Greg, he parallels the Bible in a way that I can apply it to daily life! I’m so grateful God is using him! Thank you!
Thank you for sharing your spiritual gifts with the world I have been listening and watching you for a very long time now and just want to thank you for blessing us with the knowledge CHRIST instilled in you! Thank you LORD for Greg Laurie and for loving & forgiveness! AMEN.
I came across this podcast because I was looking for a deeper connection through Christ and the Holy Spirit. Pastor Greg does just that; if you weren’t aligned in your purpose before just listen to what he has to say! Great messages and thank you for sharing :))!
Love it!
I love Pastor Greg! He’s a faithful servant of the Lord with the gift of evangelism.
I really enjoy how Pastor Greg teaches the word using real life examples and not hesitating to also teach us the consequences of disobedience. His style has helped me better understand Gods word and apply it to my daily walk with God. I also enjoy his sense of humor.

By Li W.
Pastor Laurie’s messages are such a blessing
I listen to a lot of Christian podcasts and it's not too often I find one as enlightening and entertaining as this one! Not to mention it's involved me in the Harvest with bible studies and lots of information to help strengthen my faith. God Bless!!!!
Greg Laurie has a way of bringing the gospel into every sermon. His teachings are biblical, honest, and clear. This podcast and his Harvest podcast are great for new believers because he is so easy to understand and his message is never garbled.
love the simplicity with truth.
I love Greg. I am from old. I attended Calvary Chapel Riverside long before Harvest Christian Fellowship. Years ago, I moved from California to Arizona to Nebraska. It was great to reconnect on iTunes. Highly recommended. Greg mixes strong messages of faith with humor (only like he does).
I think this podcast too much marketing, not enough message. Well I guess its what happens when you spread yourself thin. I dont like how one theme can be repeated about 5 times in message, then parceled into 3 different podcasts. It becomes repetitive and monotonous! Oh and, please stop the "New York" guy's review, its dated and corny
I typically listen to 3-4 podcasts every day on my commute to and from work, but this one is my first. Greg helps put me in the right frame of mind for the day. His lessons are biblically sound and culturally relevant.
I came across this podcast while I was facing difficulties in life. Greg Laurie's message lifted my spirits everyday. There's not a day that I've stopped wanting to know more about God. I have since recommitted myself as a Christian. Thank you Pastor Greg for reaching people like me. This is my daily bread of life.
Greg Laurie does an excellent job in the presenting the Gospel and God's Word in a simple way that is easy to relate to and vivid in understanding scriptures. This podcast is one of my favorites.


I thank you Lord Jesus for Pastor Greg. Thank you for bringing me to Christ & answering my prayers concerning my families salvation as well. You see my brother & sisters & I were all brought up Buddhist as my parents were brought up Buddhist as well, following traditional Japanese upbringing by each of our parents. But through prayer & supplication - never ceasing. Both my Mother, Father, Sisters & Brother have excepted Jesus Christ as our Lord & Savior. Glory be to our King... In his Holy name with thanksgiving - AMEN!
I am so thank for to Greg Laurie and Harvest Ministries, your teachings have helped me strengthen my relationship with God. May God continue to bless you and your minitries.
I am 44 now and i can't help but think back when i was in my twenties, sorry Pastor Greg, i didnt mean to date you. But seriously , He will always be known to my heart dearly as Pastor Greg. I would have a 30 minute drive to work in the morning and it just so happened his radio show is 30 minutes. Sorry , i am wiping away my tears as I write this. Tears of so many emotions really. The way he would make me laugh so hard i would have tears of joy. Or cry with him during times of pain, like his talks about when Jesus was put to death. Or cry with him tears of pain when he talked about losing his son. Pastor Greg has taught me so many things about myself that i didnt know. How to be a good christian, how to love myself, how to love others, how to be a man basically. Its been a long time since those days in my car driving to work. And to e honest somedays i would show up to work crying like a baby and people at work would think i was nuts or something. Someday i would really hope I can meet Pastor Greg and just hug him to say thank you. And i love you in Christ as a man and as a communicator because believe it or not. I am that one person he always hopes would turn to God or that one person he hopes to touch with his message. I want to come down and hug him and probably have all those tears in my eyes as well. Pastor Greg , i truly thank you with all my heart for not doing what you wanted to do, but doing what God has touched you to do. God bless you, and all of us. Pastor Greg is a special man of God. By the way, i still listen anytime i can to his radio shows.
I love pastor Greg and what the Harvest team does, but the podcasts are recycled from like 2008 or 2009. I haven't downloaded anything new in a long time. Please give us some new content!!! Update - Still wishing for new podcasts. They recycle the same ones over and over again. Sadly, I've started listening to different pastors more often because the have new content. Update - STILL the same ones from years past. The frequency of repetition is ridiculous. It seems like there are a hundred or so they just keep recycling. Kinda disappointed.
Excellent! Used by God in a mighty way in my life and millions of others!
Each time I listen to your teachings I hear at least one thing I never knew about Jesus!
The current 2-part message called Don't Worry, Pray is incredible! This is SO helpful for me and now I really understand what's going on behind the spiritual curtains. I Love God more that he cares so much to have this message taught by Pastor Laurie!
I have listened to this podcast since I found it on ITunes years ago. Pastor Laurie continues to inspire me; hearing him preach is truly a blessing to my heart. I do believe he is a true man of God. I have listened to his sermons and I have never found anything that I have disagreed with-he preaches the Bible. That is what it is going to take to get to Heaven.
Pastor Greg Laurie is spreading the gospel of our Lord and savior in a magnificent way. The glory is all God's because he blessed Greg with an amazing talent to reach new followers for Christ. Praise God forever.
I love the way that Pastor Laurie teaches the word. I even catch my moody 17 y/o son listening. It's a blessing to receive the word in our home
Greg is the best way to start the day. Straight forward and plain talking . . . No pulled punches. He got me back on track to the Biblical Jesus.
I am privileged to teach senior youth high school bible study at our church. The youth love listening to Greg's podcast and discussing his message. The youth relate and connect to God's word through Greg's very personal, joyful, and fun style. Very uplifting and has helped all of us grow in our faith and our witness. It is amazical (Amazing and magical) to see the holy spirit at work through Greg and Harvest. Org ministries. Thanks!

By JonWI
Really love Greg's daily podcast. They are filled with concrete lessons from the bible. Down to earth.
He teaches from the bible & makes it very easy to understand.
I enjoy every message from Pastor Greg


By Tulvox
I strongly recommend this podcast. God speaking through Greg. God bless everybody
Greg Laurie talks straight, gets right to the point, and pulls no punches. He has helped me so much personally and in turn I pass wisdom on when appropriate. Podcasts are great, a dumb pop station crowded off the one I used to listen to on drive to work.
Awesome! Listening daily helps me stay the course, even when life tries to get me down.
Great podcast