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I have listened to Pastor Greg, both in person at Harvest and here on his podcast, for about thirty years now. The Lord uses him so powerfully to spread the gospel, and to instruct and encourage others. I am in the midst of a very difficult season right now, and listening to Greg helps keep things in perspective. This podcast is a critical life-saving and life-enriching resource for me. I am so grateful for it, and for Greg’s steadfast faithfulness. Thank you, Greg.


Simply put Greg speaks truth in plain terms, easy to understand and apply to life!
He stays true to the gospel and biblical history and writ of God. I was invited as a sophomore to Harvest in Riverside in 2005 and it was then that I realized I can worship without being judged or I can pray without going to confession. I heard about the rapture and Revelation and all the other books that are in the Bible and not just the gospels (what the Catholic Church reads). The spirit drove me to move and seek God in a whole New way when priests would tell me my questions weren’t right (such as why do I have to call you ‘father’ when the Bible says to call God the Father only?) just many like that. I didn’t have to pray the rosary and it was through sermons from Greg that I realized who Jesus really was. He speaks truth and is so funny and makes now (being a Christian) great to evangelize after listening to his podcasts. ♥️ thank you Greg and Harvest ministry and to the Lord to Make these podcasts and gospel available everyday to millions.
I am a missionary Director in Globe Arizona that's it that's a tent. The church called Globe Church Of Nazarene . I was wondering how do I get permission to show Jesus revolution in my church or attendance on a regular basis is low near 10 people again I love listening to Greg I met Pastor Greg and a guy I love his ministry. I look forward to listening to more of his podcasts. My name is Joshua Cookson.
I found Pastor Greg after watching Jesus Revolution. I just love his humor and his love for the gospel. He keeps you engaged and eager to hear more. Such a gift. I love this podcast!
My dad shared this podcast with me and now I listen every morning. Pastor Laurie is so down to earth and real, I love the way he shares the word. Listening to this in the morning I learn something everyday and fill my cup up with the spirit. I love praying together at the end of the message and am so grateful for how my relationship with God has grown. Highly recommend!
Thx for sharing all know and experience in your journey. As a raised Catholic, and leaving God up on the shelf for 37 years, I’m happy to say I’m back with him. I made a “relationship with Jesus” again
Thank You Pastor Laurie for saving me with God’s word!


By Dcg :)
We went to see Jesus Revolution with our church this week. My husband and I both loved it!!
I came to Christ listening to pastor Greg Laurie I didn’t understand how to surrender to Christ and one day he was talking about it on the radio and I was at work . I drive for a living so there I was on my knees confessings my sins to God and allowing Him to take over my life . That was the day I felt whole (complete ) God is so amazing.
I enjoy so much listening to your messages! is there any way to get some in Spanish I would love for my husband to be able to listen as well
God knows our heart and when I got up my heart said it’s Jesus we need today for all People and A New Beginning had the same message. God knows what you need -listen and Lord willing believe!
Dear Pastor Greg, I love to listen to your podcasts, I learn so much! And your style of delivering The Good News is light hearted and fun. However I know when you are being very serious. You definitely take your responsibility to all of us very seriously. Thank you so much for not only what you do, but how you do it, with love and humor. And by the way I have watched and listened for a number of years and your jokes never get old! God bless you ❤️
I love your study’s. Sometimes I like to listen to your podcast while I get ready or while I do homework. You have helped me. Thank you for the encouraging words.
God has never left my side, even when it appeared outwardly that I wasn’t living in the word of Christ. I would call out to God in times of need and silent otherwise. For many year's I did not live within Gods words, until I found Pastor Greg. The verbal talent God gave Greg draws listeners into the word of God. Pastor Greg has helped me find my way back home. Glory be to God, in the name of Jesus, Amen
Pastor Greg, just after I heard Michael Franzese on another show, thinking I would like to hear more from Him, wow, You have Him on your podcast. Crazy. Love your podcasts!!!! Keep it up!! Victor Crockett
Sadly, Greg Laurie (at one time in my christian walk) was an inspiration and a favored teacher of mine along the way. In the recent years (covid) I began to notice some cracks appearing within his interpretation of scripture as it relates to ‘the world’. I hoped in the back of my mind, that it was me and convinced myself it was due to my infantile understanding of scripture. Bottom line, with the release of his latest book “Lennon, Dylan, Alice & Jesus”… there sadly isn’t much left to question. Greg Laurie has it seriously wrong and now his influence can no longer be supported. It’s time for all believers to embrace him in our prayers and ask God to please clear his confusion and grant him biblical clarity. Yours in Christ
I have just found Pastor Greg on the podcasts and he is great! How wonderful to have someone speak to our hearts so clearly of God’s word! Inspiring!
I’ve heard it said something like a person could live forty days without food, three days without water, and maybe 3 minutes without air, I think? But a person can only live 1 second without hope? The things Pastor Greg teaches from the Bible show me the hope of living for Jesus Christ each and every day.
Down to earth, bible teaching without fear of the unpleasant subjects being broached. Refreshing. It’s ruined with the constant reminder of that fact every time an announcer comes on asking to let you know how great you are. Gods great, you’re not. He can use anyone to tell His story… but He is using you… don’t muddy it up. It’s ruined every time you ask for money. Should you be paid? Why not exercise the faith you teach and let God handle your finances ? If you tithe your 10% the Bible promises you’ll be rewarded 10 fold… live it. Or it’s a lie. The constant affirmation need and begging is ugly, it may add you to the list of fakes… which is a shame, because your biblical message is not and the Spirit who gives you your gifts is most definitely not.


By Ring 68
Love this podcast and Harvest church in Riverside Ca the Lord has done some great things since we’ve been attending May the Lord bless Harvest Boise this weekend and bring many more souls into His kingdom
I am changed because of Greg’s ministry
I’m only 11 yrs old and I listen to this podcast almost everyday! It has helped me so much, especially with guilt and forgiveness!! Thank you so much and bless you!!
I went too his church. Back. When I was a child. In the. 1980s. Loved. Being able too listen too him again. Back then I didn’t. Get it. I have been. Back sliding. My hole life. As a Christian . But. Listening. Too him again. Brings. . Hope. And is. Helping me too. Come back and grow. Listening too. Greg. Is giving me the tools. On how too be a better Christian. Am so glad. That you can. Listen. Too it on your phone. Well at work. And I do thank you. And god bless you.
Hello! I am writing from Caracas-Venezuela, I am also a podcaster here on Apple. I have been listening to pastor Greg Laurie. He messages are simple and the same time profound, the same way Jesus was in His ministry here on Earth. Pastor Laurie’s messages are very comforting and educational for me.
Great sermons, I’ve listened to Greg for years, miss listening to chuck smith too! Keep spreading the gospel that’s easy for nonbelievers to comprehend! Prayers always to Greg, his church and the world! Thanks brother in Christ, Jennifer Boughton
Please pray for my brother. He has Covid and his oxygen levels are bad. We are getting a prayer chain going to all believers we know. Thanks E in Iowa.
My fever is 101.9 I am listening to this it’s all I can do
Love this podcast, I’m 11 and this has helped me grow more towards god!!!!
Greg, host of the podcast, highlights all aspects of faith and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
When I was in college and the lowest I have ever felt, my depression was so loud. I was spending so much time trying to fit in with the world and drinking till I felt numb-and I just wanted to die, the more I dove in the more I felt dead inside. And one day I was looking for a radio station and Greg Laurie was preaching and he preached in a way that was so relatable and understandable. I know God has a lot in store for Greg because he surely is using him as a vessel for the glory of the Father 🖤God bless you ! And thank you !
I like listening to these on my way to work so I can start my day learning about the Lord. Greg is insightful and intelligent and has a goofy sense of humor.
The only thing that will save America is revival
I love his style and delivery! Godly content and preaching—just what I need each morning on my way to work.
No m. Dopaje nol en mink
Been learning from Pastor Greg for years.. simply the best.
Greg is the real deal and walks the talk.
I appreciate the podcast but I’m severely disappointed that Greg has not followed the Biblical message about holding church service during this time. That newspaper article he shared with the country is a real blow to Christianity and the strength and power of our God.


I’ve been listening to Greg since I was a kid with my father in his truck. He keeps it simple and easy to understand.
Love the podcast and Pastor Greg’s insight, but we don’t need to hear the same messages we already heard in 2020. With all of the unrest and turmoil happening RIGHT NOW, we need encouragement, guidance and a word from God for TODAY.
My sister in law passed at 33. That was 25 years ago. There’s always a void. ❤️
Find the Way by listening!!!
5/5, would totally recommend this preacher! Amazing example.
Since I stared listening to pastor Greg I have realized how much I needed Christ in my life , Pastor Greg’s daily devotions and Podcasts help so much to understand how essential our daily relationship with god is needed . Gracias usted cambio mi vida para estar más cerca de nuestro señor
Amazing it is truly life changing
I know he is with the Lord now but I’m so thankful we have Pastor Greg’s messages to help us along on our journey home. ❤️
I’m new, not that strong of a Christian.. this is making me stronger, giving me knowledge and hope at the same time. As a new Christian I’ve had a struggle understanding Christ, I don’t attend church but I try to just put my eyes on the lord, just lay my life in front of him.. I’m not perfect, but I am finally happy now.
So many years of pain and suffering mostly inflicted to my self due to many issues from childhood that have morphed into such a complicated monster, fear and anxiety, it’s real to many. I declare and pray for healing and the discernment to be able to combat these crazy unjust thoughts. Thank you Pastor Laurie for your wisdom and gentle yet powerful way of sharing the word..