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Salams when I was listening to your podcast of Allah's names I only heard 98 names AL Ahad- The One is missing
This is great stuff, keep doing what you do!
Salam alaykum Umair, I loved ur shows.. How come there arent any new ones.. Inshallah please make new shows.. Jazhakallah kher
You are inspiring me and many others may Allah reward you and continue to guide you. This is a great Podcast!
This is 1st Podcast I listened to I have to say it put a HUGE smile on my face. Amazing interview Brother Omair you are doing a great work Jazak Allah khair. Best thing is it focuses on youth, people who are looking for answers according to religion I listen to it more and more and it has really helped clear my mind. GREAT PODCAST!!!!


By Haa701
Endorses genocide and terrorism. Nuff said.
Since its inception I've always loved Mecca One - keep it going Omair!
This is an outstanding organization. I'm very appreciative of the efforts made to inform Muslims as well as non-Muslims about issues and topics concerning Islam. If you're looking for a spiritual uplifting, many of these broadcasts will provide just that. JazkAllah Khair and may Allah (SWT) bless and reward you all.
Whenever I'm feeling spiritually bankrupt, I tune into MeccaOne. The shows are uplifting, informative, and at times very funny! The topics are very broad - from social, moral, marriage issues and of course spiritual issues that anyone, no matter what faith, can benefit from. I am always coming back for more!
I really enjoy your show. I think it is really interesting in term of the guests you bring in and in terms of subjects covered. May Allah bless your work!
Man.. This podcadt is awesome I recommend everyone to listen to it.. muslims and known muslims, It's a must to listen podcast. please donate at
This program showcases issues of importance to modern Islam. Professionally presented, although sound quality during interviews can be a mixed bag, with guests fading or occasionally overlapping. Well worth the time, however, especially for Westerners interested in learning about Islamic culture and practice as they exist in contemporary society.
May God bless you in the talents that He has given you to do something beutiful and effective for His remembrance and glorification. Stay Real!