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I'm n pain really
Wow. That's all I can say. It was actually painful to watch...


Now THIS is something i enjoyed watching. I MISS YOU GUYS!! where are you guys?! I miss hearing the song and watching the intro. Everything about this show is amazing, come back! Karla, you need to STAY on this show, forget about rumor girls. You have better success on this one. You guys are perfect together. MARY! I think you are SOO Cool! Karla, i loveee ur sillyness! I watched every single one of your episodes (plus the secret one) in less than 3 days. Now, I am ur number one fan. Keep doing your thing girls! Esmeralda


By orthis
"MK" seems like an abbreviation for Kill Myself that Mary and Karla are too dumb to get right. It's so not funny it kind of makes me want to throw up, or it might be their shaky camera man. Do not waste any of your time with this; if you want a real podcast, check out Diggnation, Four Eyed Monsters, or Ask a Ninja.
It was an amusing waste of time, fun to listen to while driving home from work and they weren't hard on the eyes when I did get to peek at the video either. I am going to miss their show but if you haven't watched the vPodCast you still have a chance to watch it (hey, people watch re-runs on TV all the time). And if you don't like it, watch something else, this crap is free, stop complaining.
Im giving these ladies 5 out of 5 because i think that it is brave of them to create a podcast in the first place.....they arent pros and they never claim to be.....just listen to it if u like it, dont criticize them
These girls do their thing! They are awesome, hilarious, and totally down to earth. I love watching them goof up and talk about, well....nothing. If you have a lighthearted personality, this podcast is for you!
Sorry but this is perhaps the worst Podcast around. The girls are like 40 and acting like they are 20. I swear the positive reviews MUST be from friends or family because there is nothing good about this show!
I think this such a fun show! It is a show that keeps you smiling and laughing! These guys know how to make people happy. It is nice to see two friends together just having fun and doing something they love. They put 100% into the shows to make it as enjoyable as possible. If you want a genuinely fun show that can erase all traces of your bad day, then you should check out this show!
These girls are so funny. I look forward to all the updates. Keep up the great work girls!
You gurls rock! anyone who doesnt thinks so takes things too seriously. You gurls are a lot of fun... keep up the good work!
I love this show, it is awesome! It may not have a purpose, but it is hilarious just the same! I started watching the MK show in December and now I just can't get enough! You should check it out! It's totally worth it mmmmk!
I stumbled upon Mary and Karla...MmmmmmKaaay by accident. Their show while really offers nothing of consequential value serves up a big slice of fun casual entertainment. They'll take you shopping, for pizza, to the post office. It's very laid back and they are very easy to like. They mock themselves constantly and their chemistry is very strong. I find myself checking to see if iTunes has updated with a new show from them. It's kinda like hanging out with friends when ya ain't got any to hang out with. Thanks Mary and Karla.. Keep it going yo! As of recently they have an awesome Message Board.. where you can actually talk to the LADIES OF THE HOUR! They are awesome and real.. give em' a holla!
Mary and Karla are delightfully fun in a breezy, upbeat way as they chat about their lives. They are zany without being irritating and exude charm. They're cute too. This isn't NPR...and I have yet to figure out why watching them chat about well....nothing of consequence is so fascinating. But somehow it is time well spent and I have yet to find a podcast that equals their humor and light.
This show is #1 in my book. Definitely the best, most entertaining video podcast of the year. A lot of people criticize Mary and Karla for being airheads, but come on, take it for what it is-- just a couple of girls having a good time and talking about stuff that affects them. Hopefully Mary and Karla will be around for years to come! I'm gonna smoke a fatty in their name!