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Love, love, love this podcast!!
I enjoyed hearing about the personal experience of individual moms. The comments were candid and realistic, not idealistic. Rather than getting "mounds" of advice, I was listening to moms evaluating their own feelings, observations and needs. I found the contrast between Mojo Mom Amy and the guests to be a relief. The differences help me relate to other moms and myself.
I really like Mojo Mom! they are a bit chatty at times but the topics are excellent!
I've been listening for quite awhile, and frankly, am completely baffled at the other reviewer's comments. If Mojo Mom DOES have an agenda, then I guess I share it: for each mom to find her own authentic voice and reach her fullest potential... Who wouldn't support that agenda? She interviews great people - very smart, original thinkers on current, compelling topics. It's my current favorite "Mommy" podcast; I really enjoy it.