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Come listen!
We attended Calvary almost 10 years ago. I had yet to truly commit my heart to Christ. I look back and believe that the scriptural teachings at Calvary were my first memory of actually hearing the word. I knew I wasn't what Gene described. I am forever grateful that Gene's teachings are true and raw to the Word. I now listen to the podcasts some 8 years later and now listen with a love for the Lord and appreciation like never before. Thank you Gene. May God bless your service to Him.
Love it ...spirit filled message.;)
Gene always manages to bring a refreshing perspective to bible study. The verse by verse style that has been a hallmark of the Calvary Chapel movement makes this an informative and worthwhile podcast.


By K-Fro
As somebody who grew up at Calvary Hanford, I'm so fortunate to be able to follow along with my home church from the other side of the country. Whether you attend a Calvary church or not, give this a listen--Pastor Gene always finds an accessible, meaningful way to deliver the message that stays with me all week.
I have found Pastor Gene Pensiero to be a wonderful teacher and an entertaining speaker. Calvary Chapel of Hanford studies the Bible, chapter by chapter, verse by verse. I am not able to attend their services because I don't live in Hanford, so I simply subscribe to the podcast. I highly recommend this podcast. You will be blessed greatly by Pastor Gene's messages.