Reviews For KPFA - The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays


💯 thank you
I visit, listen, and watch several news sources during the week, but the KPFA evening news is one of the only outlets/shows I listen to every week.
I listen to the pacifica evening news every day that I can. I love it and find it very informative, much more than the mainstream media.
I've listened to the KPFA news for at least a decade now. It is most helpful in covering news stories around the SF bay area that might not be covered very well elsewhere. Unfortunately, the national & international coverage relies on other sources and is usually a mixed bag. It also would seem that for as long as they've been at it, they'd be a little more professional in their presentation. Stories have a tendency to be repetitive and use long excerpts from interviews and speeches that aren't very informative. Unfortunately the podcast of any day's news isn't uploaded until several days later, long after its news.