Zoe Ball and Friends

Reviews For Zoe Ball and Friends

I don't know how Mr. Evans keeps up the energy level the way he does. I get worn out just listening. He is a wonderful host. His guests (whether I know who they are or not) are amazingly talented and entertaining.
Something up with the editing lately? Curious silences have begun appearing in this podcast.
Chris Evans lightens up my day. I love his wit. I wish they were longer podcasts. I look forward to more.
Quick witted, bright and engaging. Chris Evans and crew have a fascile wit and a gift for banter and word-play that is British humor at its best.
I hope you eventually make these podcasts longer! Love this show as it has everything that makes British radio so much better than here in the US. That's it! I'm moving back!!!!
Very funny and entertaining - Chris is a barrel of wit and laughs. These excerpts from Chris Evan's BBC show are gems. Do hope they keep them going, and provide an archive of earlier shows also.