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Brian, Mark, and their fascinating guests have a plethora of knowledge surrounding all things coffee. Add in the fact that they're funny and engaging and you've got all the makings of an awesome podcast. Thanks for putting out such a wonderful show guys - keep up the great work!
I love this podcast. I love how these episodes are not just about coffee, but about life and about things that are to be enjoyed in life. Sometimes I wonder where Brian and Mark are going with some of their topics but then amazingly they will tie it in so perfectly with the coffee world. Even if someone is not into coffee I think they could relate. They touch on such a wide variety of interests. Very informative and often causes me to look at the world differently.
A small but very strong force trying to change the specialty coffee community...You can tell a lot about a person who has run 100 miles several times. Brian is doing his best to try out new things, and from Episode 70, he really improved the content of the podcast significantly. You may not like the bluntness of earlier episodes, but you can tell Brian is an honest guy who just says whatever is in his mind, so if you can, try to be open minded and learn from them objectively. If you can't, listen from at least episode 70. Happy 8th Birthday, Doubleshot, and I hope Brian can feature a lot more episodes of AA Cafe podcast.
This is a very informative podcast. Although the host is a little cocky at first, Brian Franklin talks intelligently about coffee and espresso.I really enjoyed the podcast where he talked about being held at gunpoint when he went to origin. I'm so glad to finally have a down to earth podcast that isn't two hours long and actually airs podcast on a regular basis. Keep drinkin' great coffee.
talk about what you are doing...not about what everyone else is doing
This podcast purports to be about coffee but if you are hoping it teaches you something look elsewhere. These guys spend too much time playing the role of victim and not enough time speaking intelligently about coffee. He got into the business knowing there were others already blazing a trail for specialty coffee in this country. A trail that he may not have had any lucrative success without them having gone before him. Bashing is not mature nor is it what I want to listen to. You can take me off your listener list.
Brian Franklin is a guy that really knows his stuff. I love this podcast because he's not afraid of what people think. Some think he's a jerk but I think that anyone who pushes you to grow is vital to society. Sure, you can go somewhere else and they will be all snuggly (and fake), but DoubleShot Coffee expands your view of coffee and they just tell it like it is. Don't get upset with AA Cafe Podcast, take time to consider what Brian is saying. Great podcast for both amateur coffee sippers and world class baristas!
These fellers crack me up! This must be the best damn podcast on the entire world wide web. I listen to each episode over and over again- I just can't get enough AA Café. Right from the clever intros to the tip o' the cast to CoffeeNews™ to the very interesting and funny education about coffee, I love it all. Brian is the greatest. He's the hero of podcasttown.
I was just randomly sampling podcasts and stumbled over this one. I'm not a real coffee snob but these guys are really funny/entertaining. You'll laugh and you'll learn somthing about your brew.