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Reviews For Community Bible Church

I asked a pastor friend about any podcast he listens to and this is one of them. WOW .. I’m not even sure words can explain how much I love the podcast. The truth and transparency and love. I truly hear his heart when he speaks.
Thank you for being truthful and not afraid to preach the truth! May God continue to bless you and your ministry.
Pasted Ed is a true servant and Christ centered leader. I love this pod cast with a passion of 1,000 suns.
Dr. Newton relates to everyone, practices what he preaches and delivers a complex message in a way everyone can gain from it. Best I’ve ever seen and heard.
No one is better than Pastor Ed!
I truly enjoy Roberts teachings. I listen every week all the way from California.
I am so thrilled about CBC and am proud to call it home. Pastor Robert Emmitt is a spirit filled man of God who uses his wit and humor in all his sermons. I would recommend this podcast to anyone wanting to know more about Jesus and His love. Pastor Robert Emmitt follows the script wonderfully, the script being the Word of God. God bless you, pastor!
I have been attending CBC for two years and am becoming a member tonight. Listening to these sermons by Robert have been amazing for my growing faith. At 26, I am happy to finally be recommitted to Christ and with the support of this church and all they offer, Saved!!! If you are on the fence, check them out!!! God Bless!
Great speaker Wish a little more scripture was put into it but over all great sermons I would attend every Sunday if their worship did not involve musical instruments God bless
Robert Emmit is outstanding! Although I regularly attend the Sunday service I listen to the sermon again during the week to ensure I understood his message. Robert is a terrific communicator and we are fortunate to have him here in San Antonio.
It is my opinion that Rev. Smith is one of the most outstanding preachers in the US today. There are a lot of fine ministers but not all of them have the ability to present a sermon that "you can take home with you" and apply to your life right away.
Yes! I can finally hear every sermon I've been out of town for, and re-listen to the ones that made big impacts on my life, all at my fingertips!! Amazing. Thank God Robert you rock! God bless
Please keep his sermons coming, I love looking forward to listening to what he has to say! I'm telling all my friends to subscribe. We miss attending CBC and living in San Antonio, but it's nice to know that we can still get his messages and download them on our ipods.
Pastor Robert is the best Preacher out there... it shows in how fast CBC grows! the podcast is amazing
Pastor Emmitt is one of the best pastors that I have ever seen. Anyone who cant make one of his inperson services must down load his podcasts.