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The host of the podcast highlights all aspects of entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Kudos Tina Seelig for bringing these excellent conversations to those of us working to build early-stage companies. Your podcast never fails to prompt me to think deeper about the problems I’m working on. Tom Byers interviewing Tom Eisenmann was a great example of this.
This show combines the necessary elements of a strong podcast- quality content with well recieved guests, solid interview questions that extract the most valuable information from speakers, and an easy to follow and not overwhelming style. Overall great listen for any apsiring entrepreneur who wants to take that next step, but dont get me wrong- even the experienced entrepreneurs could learn a thing or 2 from a show like this!
If you’re currently a business owner, entrepreneur, or want to be one in the future than this podcast should be part of your weekly content diet. ETL is a must listen!
This podcast is full of great advice and actionable tips for biz owners, but the best part is the diversity of background and growth stories with each new guest. Anyone can listen in and hear a part of their struggle and triumph in these equal parts successful and interesting entrepreneurs!
I was going to be debt free this year, but I co-signed my daughter’s student loan.
The list of speakers maybe smart but are boring and not very good at public speaking. Plus, you really don’t walk away with any useful info from these speakers 😞
I love ETL, it is so inspiring to me. I’m a restless sole always seeking to improve and enhance. Trying to figure my way out of a big corporates engineering work into starting my own company pioneering a new line of products/services that will give real value to customers. Definitely inspired and learning from the amazing people on some of these talks - Thank you!
Great if you also like bio of entrepreneurs....
Great podcast to listen to individuals making the leap. Keeps my mind turning and wanting to start something worthwhile myself.
This podcast is fantastic. The speakers are all greatly successful and share some incredible insights. Particularlly the interviews with Tom Kelley of IDEO and Steve Young are some I've listened to countless times. You will be sure to come away inspired and with some new useful knowledge to grow yourself and your business.
This podcast is absolutely stellar. Everytime I listen to a new episode I get new ideas and thoughts. The speaker selection is great (Stanford after all) the talks are range on a wide variety of topics but all related to starting and running a business. Absolutely recommend it as one of the best Entrepreneurial podcasts available.
I love being able to listen to entrepreneurs from all around the country sharing their ideas and their experiences, amazing!
These podcasts are fantastic to listen to as all the reviews say but it's important to view them as entertainment rather than an opportunity to learn. They're inspiring but most of the CEOs are pretty out of touch with reality. For example, on the last podcast the VC mentioned that the CEO of Netflix made vacation optional as an extension of his freedom and responsibility mantra. This is HR 101 and why many companies REQUIRE employees to take their vacation, because now people are punished for choosing to take time off whether he wants to admit it or not. They're not working more because they want to, they want to keep their jobs. As another CEO answered a Stanford students question about students feeling disconnected from investors as a complete oxymoron, it has to be highlighted that these students are In the best possible position in the world for start ups. It's not like when these start ups fail, the students just can't find a job. They have to settle for google for a few years. It's a much greater risk for 99% of the rest of the world and it's important to remember that if the inspiration bug is biting rather hard after listening. Also look for podcasts that feature a speaker(s) that started a company recently and are focused on that, Otherwise you might get a bunch of pretentious 'lessons' from vc's Great podcast though, just treat it as entertainment.
It is great hearing these highly successful people talking candidly about their experiences, both their successes and their failures. I love the quote about the oil company CEO who approached Randy Komisar asking about how to improve his companies innovation. Randy replies with something like "are you ok with failing 70% of the time?" to which the CEO looks at him like he is crazy. It seems like that is a crucial part of the shared experience of these people, get a good team together and don't be afraid to fail a bunch before something works out. These talks have definitely helped empower me to keep my eyes peeled for opportunities, and then when one recently presented itself, convinced me to go for it. It has also given me a realistic expectation that this specific opportunity probably won't turn into anything, but the networking, and experience I gain from it will at the very least not leave me empty handed. Disclaimer: it is probably equally important to mention that most of these startups that people are talking about are created to solve some technical problem, so the startup teams are mostly people with technical backgrounds. I have a technical background and live in the bay area, which is a huge part of why I have any opportunities to go for in the first place. Most people who start these companies aren't people with MBAs, they are people with some kind of relevant technical expertise that they can contribute to solve some problem.
Great podcast. Calibre of speakers is amazing!
Amazing stuff. I can't stop listening
This lady says "right?" over 100 times during her hour presentation, but good info regardless.
As a "from my boot straps" entr. I just want and need to express my thanks!
If you've started a business or want to start one and you're not willing to listen to this podcast, I can only believe that you don't really care enough about succeeding. It's one world class speaker after another with real insights that can truly help you!


By Lyolka
I'm attending almost every lecture personally! It's really awesome course, every time I learn something new, interesting, exciting, and inspiring.
I just wanted to say thanks for the great podcast I have listened to almost every podcast you have put out. This podcast has changed my life and one day I would love to sit in on one live.
This podcast is great for any undergrad interested in pursuing an entrepreneurial venture. It has given be a great idea of the scope of issues in the international economy that are viable/important, as well as a perspective of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. I have looked into similar podcasts, but this has (by far) the most in depth, high quality, and autobiographical case studies/discussions on successful and unsuccessful startup companies.
Love every minute of it and look forward to hearing each podcast. Wish it was weekly.

By M0086
This is a really great resource for individuals who wants to improve and develop themselves into great leaders. Thank you for your faithfulness in posting in this podcast for all these years.
This podcast is definitely an enrichment for everybody interested in entrepreneurship. Fantastic leaders from different industries give a deep insight into their business and share their experience. I absolutely recommend that series!
Creative mentorship by industry master and entrepreneurs through lectures. Paul Baffo
I can't stop listening to these. Great diverse speakers, and topics. A must for any entrepreneur.
Some of these are inspirational, most are fascinating. Great for listening while commuting!
This is a very informative series with quality speakers. If you are too busy to hunt down useful entrepreneurial information, let this podcast do it for you.
Fantastic podcast. I have taken away many nuggets of knowlege that have changes my perception of my business.


By ijamz
This is the best podcast on itunes. An amazing lecture series. Always interesting, though the sound quality can sometimes be a problem.
I don't know how many books I would have had to read to have acquired a similar knowledge to what I've learned from this Podcast. Great insight from some of Silicon Valley's smartest and most successful Entrepreneurs.
Amazing insights, bestpractices and lessons learned from leaders. This is quite simply the best podcast in terms of valuable information that I have ever listened to. I never miss an episode. Get you pen ready to take some notes. You can always find something to apply to your business.
Supplies broad learning, nearly all of which is interesting, and some of which is very valuable.
The most inspirational entrepreneurial lectures I have heard. And I listen to tons of audio books. Thank you, Stanford, for publishing this. I find them very motivating and insightfull. A weblink for the presentation materials wold be a great addition.
Some are less interesting than others, but it's good for its purpose, and there's some great material.
The sound quality varies, but has gotten better as they have gone along. I also wish the organizers would get the speakers to focus on talking about their entrepreneurial experiences and less about what their companies are doing. The guy from LinkedIn and the guy from Glu mobile are my favorites so far.
Insightful talks from intelligent and succesful buisness execs.
I'm on the road all the time and really needed something to get my mind going again. These are great! I have listened to almost all of them and the consistancy of the quality speakers is fantastic! Keep up the good work Stanford!!


By p1agu3
I really enjoy listening to these when I'm not studying. It has inspired me day in, day out. What a wonderful source for case studies! Thank you.
Like an audio book but better.
It has been very useful to me as a businessman to listen to these men and women, their experiences both in life and business. I appreciate the candid nature of their comments and find their stories, advice, and warnings to be of the utmost use to me. Thank you.
As President of a small 50-person, digital asset management ASP provider in Upstate NY, it tough to find this type of insight and first-hand knowledge locally. Your Podcasts are an incredible resource. Thank you. Please keep them coming!
If you're an entrepreneur this should be manadatory listening. It is incredibly insightful and informative and provides a behind the scenes glimpse at some of the most successful companies and leaders, in Silicon Valley.
Wow, this weekly Podcast from Stanford is outstanding, the format is interesting, informative and energetic. Thus far my two favorite programs are: the 2/1/06 PodCast: Janice Fraser, CEO and a founding partner of Adaptive Path and the 2/8/06 PodCast: Kim Popovits, President and COO of Genomic Health. A great blending of technology and business insights.
Thank you Stanford University for publishing this podcast. It's rare to hear CEO's speak at all.  They motivate with their energy and excitement with their advice and their experiences.  I've listened to almost all of these podcasts and many have left me wanting more. I particularly enjoy the speeches by Joe Liemandt, Kim Polese, Jeff Hawkins, and Frank Ricks.  Great stuff.