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Reviews For Pack Pride - The NC State Wolfpack Podcast

Cory seems to get the best guests on his podcasts, including the famed Debbie Yow. Also seems like he has a good rapport with NC State athletics which helps in getting us listeners awesome intel.
Absolute best NC State pod out there no questions straight fact. Wolfpack ain’t for soft people. You gotta be tough.


The host Cory is about as blatant a homer as you can get which is annoying even for an NCSU grad. Objective analysis will not be found here.
Sound quality is bad and background music needs to go. Show could be good if host would talk to the interviewees more like a journalist, and less like a “bro.” Like when Michael Clark comes on, but it’s so hard to hear him.


By wroncsu
Really like the different guests. Sound quality over the phone is a little rough though.
By far the worst NC State podcast. Poor production quality. The Wolfpacker podcast, The Red and White Podcast, and Backing the Pack podcasts have better insight and analysis, better production, and are honest and real. These guys are a bunch of homers toeing the company line trying to sell subscriptions. I listened for 4 months before I unsubscribed and I haven't regretted it since.
McLamb and Henderson do a great job here. Really go in depth here and cover off the beaten path topics that creates intrigue. They're particular strong on Basketball recruiting. But need some baseball podcasts. When you're doing at least a podcast a month and week by week for football and Basketball, baseball deserves some. More popular now and program deserves it at top 1/2 of ACC.
Please update this podcast! Its like 4 years old!
This is a freakin' sweet podcast even though it isn't up to date. I'm a big Wolfpack fan and this would be the perfect podcast for any NC State fan. And please, iTunes get this podcast up to date.(By the way the SUPERNOISE Highlight didn't have any sound when I played it on my iPod so be warned people.)