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Always great stories. Ron and "the other" Ron are a great listen.
LOVE Ron's stories, and the production values are outstanding. Highly entertaining, always leaves you wanting more (in a good way).
Simply put, Ron is a gifted storyteller. Totally captivating and entertaining! I especially like that every episode is family friendly. Love it!!! Only wish it was produced more often.
Why is a story about Ron buying a camera so interesting? Because it's well written and most of his stories are universal in nature. He also helped me with my podcast format. I love the music in between the segments. Thanks Ron.
This podcast is amazing, even though I'm nearly 14 I still find this podcast immensly entertaining, so do my two little sisters. Especially the one about the cellphone and Happy the dog.
This is a great podcast. Period.
Ron is truely a gifted story teller. The stories are always interesting. Sometimes heart-felt, sometimes funny, always entertaining. I have listened since the very beginning and have never been disappointed in an episode. This podcast has possibly the best production out of any other podcast! Ron does a wonderful job and has a listener for life with me. Thank you very much for producing such an amazing podcast that is a real joy to listen to!
An excellent podcast. This man really knows what he is doing! Keep it up!
I've been enjoying Griddlecakes for about a year now. The stories are always entertaining and thought-provoking. It's like sitting across from a friend or favourite uncle at the kitchen table! :) Ron and the Other Ron keep me company while I'm doing housework, gardening, or walking the dog, and I'm always glad to see another griddlesode on my downloads list. Unfortunately, I don't have any kids, but this is just the kind of entertainment I'd be happy to share with them if I did. Keep up the good work!
No one tells a story better than Ron and the other Ron! If you've ever thought your daily grind is boring, listen to this podcast. It'll get you thinking about how every moment of life is an adventure. Great for the family!
Ron has accomplished something totally amazing. He has jumpstarted the collective imagination of a nation, no, actually the entire world. Instead of using fancy state of the art CG effects he has succeeded in reaching into our minds to build a vibrant, colorful and very personal world. His stories touch me deeply and take me back to my own upbringing, also in New England. He is my nominee for the next Nobel Peace Prize, because he has put us all better in touch with our own humanity. I know it is a tremendous amount of work to put together a podcast of such a high quality, but I hope he never stops. To do so would be to lose a piece of ourselves. He is a wonderful storyteller and I only wish that all children everywhere could be exposed to his wonderful wit and beautiful stories. I wonder if we could convince Apple to preload every iPod sold pre-subscribed to Griddlecakes Radio. Now that would be cool.
If someone has never heard of podcasts - Griddlecakes Radio is the first place that I send them. I caution them that it's not something to be absorbed quickly and best not consumed with distraction. But, with modest investment of attention you will reap rich rewards. The combination of high production values, attention to detail in development and presentation, and generous application of subtle humor make Griddlecakes Radio an affordable pleasure. Spread the word !
Well done! For those who love great storytelling, this is your podcast! I would recommend all the griddlecasts!
This is one of my all-time favorite podcasts! I like the pleasant, heartfelt stories without all the overemotional stuff some media is getting into. They are coming out less often now that Ron has scaled back his production, but that only makes them the more precious. Just subscribe and enjoy them when they magically appear!
I love Ron's stories. They're inspirational, humorous and family friendly. The technical quality of his recording and post production is also great. And I love how he uses podsafe music in his episodes to set the mood and aid him in his story telling. It is obvious that he loves doing this. I look forward to each episode. Keep them coming Ron! We love the show! — Jen
This podcast is terrible, disturbing, and not safe for children.
still not good.


wow, worst podcast of our time
Ron (and the other Ron) always bring fun, family-oriented entertaining stories to each podcast. I hope we get a few more of those video podcasts as well (that was cool). The "other Ron's" inner dialogue add some fun conversations for the "real" Ron. I loved that recent story about Tara. (Congratulations to Ron and Tara, by the way!) Thanks for the great shows. Keep up the good work!
This is a really great show for both kids and adults. Ron tells stories in a really fun way to listen to, and adds a lot of life wisdom to them. The only reason he gets 4 stars and not 5 is the viddlesode... no offence Ron, but your Griddlesodes are so well done, and so much fun to listen too, that the viddlesode came off, for me at least, as somewhat of a disappointment. I understand the attempt, but it was just not for me.
Great show that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Ron is a master storyteller, both in the regular audio form and in the ocasional video episode!
This is the only podcast on iTunes I have found that can keep my entire family amused and interested at the same time. Keep up the good work!
Thank you Ron (and Ron) for a fun, insightful, entertaining podcast. I love to listen to it with my family! Keep up the great work. I highly recommend this podcast!
If you give it a chance, it will not disappoint. And be sure to check out S2-006, a great story about a great book...
this is a wonderful pod cast-just wished there were more.
...of storytelling. Every show is like unwrapping a present: You're not sure what it'll be, but you know you'll love it and look forward to the next one. This is a great podcast I allow my two children to listen to... I can't say that about most shows. Ron, I'm waiting with anticipation of the next episode... the kids are too!
I can't say enough about this podcast. I'd listen to it everyday if it was a daily show!! Funny, moving, thought-provoking, and above all just plain fun!! Listen to the current episode, then listen to the rest. You won't regret it!! Thanks, Ron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Excellent family-friendly storytelling. Our kids argue about everything else but agree that Griddlecakes is what they want to listen to first. (Now they just argue about which are the absolute best episodes... sigh). Keep up the great work Ron!
Ron does have a talent for storytelling! I just started listening, and I am very much enjoying it. My only irk with the show is listening to a whole minute of music before I can hear his story. Although the music is usually great, it's kind of like watching a commercial before the tv show. I'm hear to listen to stories! Not music. I would be much happier with just 10-15 second clips. Keep up the good work! I can't wait to hear more stories!
I love this podcast. The stories are wonderful and told so well. The shuttle story is probably the most memorable. Thanks for all you do
Ron you rock!!! Coming from Boston we love the stories. My son loves your stories and your creativity. I hope your childrens memories are as wonderful as yours. God Bless
Ron does a fantastic job in telling the stories in his life in a manner that are both genuine and interesting. I found Griddlecakes Radio back in late 2007 and have loved listening to the stories...especially since I can relate to many of them being from New England myself. Keep it up Ron (and the other Ron).
My 4-year-old son laughs at "The Other Ron" and I look forward to the pleasant surprise in my iTunes when a new Griddlesode is released. I stumbled on it while searching for Prairie Home Companion and figured I'd give it a shot. I'm hooked; it's nice having something that both my preschooler and I enjoy listening to together! Listening to Ron is like listening to a good friend or relative talking about what's going on in his life. Thanks, Ron!
Ron, and the other Ron are amazing at telling stories in a way that makes you feel like you are hearing a story from your life. When I stumbled on this podcast nearly a year ago, I got hooked. I quickly downloaded all the back episodes and listened to them. My only regret is that I exhausted my resource for storytelling. My goal was to catch up, but I soon found myself eagerly awaiting new stories. Now every time I see a new griddlecakes episode, I get excited. I wait for a time when I have the time to enjoy and savor it. If you like stories from real life growing up in America during the Sixties and Seventies, you will love this podcast.
I have been listening to Griddlecakes for about a year now. The storytelling is excellent, and I think the musical selections (mostly by lesser-known amateurs), technology, and method continue to get better. Yes, the "other Ron" can be a little corny, but he's fun. Thank you, thank you for a clean and safe podcast.
We've been fans of this great podcast for 2 years, and love it when a new Griddlesode pops up on the iPod menu. Ron's stories trigger similar tales from our past, giving us new opportunities for spinning family tales. The links to the music he plays have led us to appreciate artists we previously didn't know about. Highly recommended, family safe, wonderful entertainment.
My 12-year old son and I have listened to every episode ... and I mean *every* episode ... some of them multiple times. I have looked far and wide for a podcast I can listen to with my kids ... on those endless drives to travel sports games in Hatchapee or Tonopah ... and this one is far and away the best. I'm astounded that this show is produced by one guy in his home in his free time, because the content is compelling and the production values excellent. Ron is a talented story-teller, and extremely funny, without using ridicule or profanity as a crutch. My only regret is that Ron no longer has the time to produce a show every two weeks ... but I'll still take Griddlecakes Radio whenever we can get it!
I have been listening to Griddlecakes Radio since Episode 4 and have found it to consist of enjoyable stories of a good length for listening and with new content appearing regularly enough to maintain interest, but not so often as to be overwhelming.
I love this Podcast! Ron really knows how to tell a story, and they are safe enough for my 8 year old and still enjoyable for me at 40.
My husband and I listen to your podcasts on long commutes together. After the podcasts are over, there is always something interesting to talk about. Thank you for inspiring us!
Ron has a wonderful gift for storytelling. I have been subscribed for over a year. I have enjoyed every episode I've heard, and shared several with family and friends. The stories are not only entertaining--they are touching, inspirational and emotional. If you like storytelling, I highly recommend this podcast.
These stories are offered in a gentle, easy way that makes one really "see" the story. I have my list of favorite "griddlesodes" but it changes regularly! I say, "Listen today!"
I miss the days when Griddlecakes came out on a more regular basis, but it is always a pleassure to hear from Ron (and even the other Ron) and the latest story. A nice clean family friendly revival of story telling with high production value. Chris Christensen (Amateur Traveler podcast)
Griddlecakes Radio is a wonderful podcast of personal true stories told by the show's host. The stories are always in good taste and generally run twenty minutes long or less. Excellent for entertaining children during car trips.
Griddlecakes Radio is a shining example of all that is good with podcasting. Listening to Ron’s stories is a wonderful reminder of all the stories we have within us. You simply MUST listen to Griddlecakes Radio; and when you do you will find yourself looking forward to each new episode with the same joy experienced when a good friend, parent or grandfather would sit you down to tell you stories from their own lives. THIS is the lost art of audio storytelling; Griddlecakes Radio: possibly the ALL TIME best podcast EVER produced (no exaggeration here, listen for yourself!)
Ron is a phenomenal storyteller. The stories are from the heart and exceptionally told. We all could learn from him.
Old time storytelling meets new's a great mix. I love being able to exercise, travel, and easily share wonderful stories. Ron tells stories with great passion, so even simple stories about mailboxes and weather come alive with zest. Griddlecakes Radio is great, simple, inspiring entertainment. Safe for the whole family too!
This podcast can be enjoyed by the whole family, and has a large appeal. If you like Prairie Home Companion, you should also enjoy this podcast.
My 7 year old son and I have been listening to Ron for over a year now. His stories are very entertaining. Based on his own life's experiences, they are experiences many of us have had and are fun to share with our kids. Griddlecakes radio is among the top 3 podcasts for my son and I.