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The Need of Faith was an excellent talk! What a great reminder for how to live. The month of July has been super for the spiritual insight Dr. Chris Michales provides. I am extremely greatful Namaste, CJD


CSL Kansas City always has great speakers, many seems to talk about just what I need to hear that day. Rev Chris, Rev Jarie, and Rev Mike do a wonderful job. As well and the guest speakers that they have.
CSL-KC is my spiritual home and I was fortunate enough to spend several years in the community, knowing and loving all the wonderful people that make it so special. When they say "diverse spiritual community", they MEAN it! What fun! Now, even though I've moved across the continent, I can still experience CSL's unique, *hilarious* and softly motivating messages. That's the biggest blessing of all. I am re-connecting and soul-balancing from afar, listening each week like I'm in the room (and laughing like it too!). There is NO place like place like place like home CSL-KC. *click heels*click heels*
He is so full of positive emotion and really brings me up when I'm feeling down. I'm so glad that I'm able to hear his sermon all the time now whenever I want. Has comedy soo much in his message and I just love what he talks about.
Rev. Michaels is a gifted speaker. His messages always touch some portion of my heart and my life. I never miss his Sunday messages and I'm so glad that I can now listen to them on my iPod, anytime that I wish.
Chris, Thanks for providing your weekly talks on itunes. Your message is clear and powerful, I look forward to many more wonderful podcasts. NAMASTE