Daf Yomi with Rabbi Elefant - Cycle 14

Reviews For Daf Yomi with Rabbi Elefant - Cycle 14

I very much enjoy the shiur and the content. My only complaint is that the Rav generally spends 35 minutes on amud aleph and only has 15 min left to rush through amud beis. I'd rather the shiur be longer and more time spent on amud beis, or at least equal time given to each amud.
These shurim are amazing!!! Who is this? Why isn't the Rav's name listed? The problem is I cannot use this podcast because the dafs do not come in on time. Is there anyway to keep up with the daf schedule of Eretz Israel?
Thank you for getting the Shiurim out would it be possible to upload a couple of Shiurim ahead of time so if there is a glitch and can't upload on time you have some leeway and not fall behind Thank you for all your work
The shiur is wonderful, but the the software does not allow you to pause and resume where you left off. Even if you complete all but the last few minutes, if you pause it to collect your thoughts and review the text, when you resume playback, it returns to the beginning, and it does not allow you to scroll through to where you left off: You have to listen to the whole thing again. This makes a great shiur useless. Too bad!!!!
Seems like the shjur is not being updated due to the hurricane. For those wishing to hear the shiur on their mobile devices, there's an app called portal hadaf hayomi, it is a Hebrew app. You can find and listen to Rabbi Elefant's shiur through the app. B'esuros Tovos.
Hope all is well and that REBBI ROSENBERG recovers from all the damages of the hurricane ASAP! I really wish I'd be able to help! And hope you'll be able to continue posting asap!
Pls fix the sound quality
Tizku L'mitzvos!
The Daf podcasts are amazing. I use them on my commute to review and also they have been great when I have misses a daf yomi shiur. A mechiyah.
For this alone the iPhone is paid out


By Pinur
Meyer Rosenberg, let's appreciate that the OU has a Rav of such callibar.
Please get this guy out of the OU and he needs to get in the yeshiva world he would save lots of buchrim who go off the derech. I am sure OU can find a replacement.
It is amazing that so much information is conveyed in so little time. There is always a practical take away thought!
Thorough, insightful, useful, and appropriately concise.
This podcast is absolutely, indispensable for any English speakers seeking true Torah knowledge. This series covers one page a day from all of the recorded oral Hebrew tradition from beginning to end. This body of work is so immense that to cover all of the books, the cycle of reading takes seven years to complete. This is definitely one way to always keep Torah in your ears and may it be His will that listening to this also count as keeping His divine word before you always. ^^
If you have a life make sure that it includes the daily daf yomi - this is an excellent shiur and should and would be appreciated by all....