Reviews For Christ's Church of the Valley Weekend Audio Messages

Thank you for you faithfulness in the teaching of the word of God. Your podcasts keep me fed and encouraged. I miss my San Dimas family!
We love Jeff's messages every week. He is always able to answer any questions that I have. He is always so passionate and it really moves us. My life has changed since Jeff came. I have learned so much and it feels go good. Thank you Jeff and CCV!!
So i recently moved to San Francisco and im soooo excited that i can live here and still be in touch with whats going on at ccv. It makes me super super happy!
Chuck is an amazing and powerful speaker. Awesome man of God and is able to really connect to his audience. His messages have been convicting and life changing!
I get something out of the teaching every week! It is amazing that the seemingly obscure is so relevant!