Reviews For Cherry Hills Community Church: Audio

I don't review often but I am very grateful my home church uploads this audio so I can follow the pastor and talk about sermons with my family while in college. The pastor is very honest, and draws from Scripture to teach you how to be a better Christian/human. Relates to everyday life, and challenges me to think & aspire to serve more in the name of Christ. Also brings in guest speakers, which is awesome! I am very happy with the content. My only criticism is that sometimes the uploading has been a little inconsistent in the past, but it has been really good so far this year!
Clear messages that are rooted in God's word. Practical application that engages the Head, Heart, Soul and Mind.
Been members of Cherry Hills Community Church for the last 11 years...we continue to be amazed and blessed by God's work through Dr. Dixon and the church.
Jim Dixon's style and approach to the scripture is so motivational and blessed, I highly recommend this podcast. The guest speakers are always interesting too. Bringing out the real excitement that is in our Bible is what we all need. God has blessed Cherry Hills, and through them - us.
Highly recommend anything from the Reverend Ballard. What he lacks for in size he makes up for with his patience and kind heartedness. Really an ispirational man, he should be the teaching pastor. hope he stays at Cherry Hills forever....
Simply Awesome! Perhaps one of the best Biblically based reviews of the Last Days, the future state of Christians and our responsibilities to God, Humanity and our natural world.
This church, and its' ministries are blessed by God tremendously- Pastor Dixon's knowledge of the bible is unmatched in any other pastor I've had the chance to hear and/or see
I Go to this church and it truely does rock i even went to the school CHCS There untile 2nd grade when i moved but i know that the people how go there are great its the best church the podcasts are great too
The best and most right on you are going to hear on every subject!
Lots of Biblical and historical knowledge in these sermons. Pastors committed to Christ
I love the content and the research that was made to deliver these creative messages.