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I always make a point to immediately listen to new eps when they’re released - I go through withdrawal when they go on hiatus for a while!
There's a lot of fun discussions on the podcast. While I often disagree with them (it's very clear that I'm on a different end of the PR fan spectrum), the podcast is usually entertaining. That said, each episode is typically about 2 hours long but not because it needs to be. It's actually because they all spend so much time repeating themselves (it's not uncommon to literally hear the same sentence 5-8 times in a row). I think it's Lisa's style to talk this way, which would be fine except the others picked up and started doing it as well. So, again, entertaining but very, very repetitious. Entertaining, but repetitious. Entertaining. But. Repetitious. (And so on...)
I’ve been a power rangers fan since birth basically. I found out about this podcast about a year ago, but listening to you all discuss something that we all have a mutual love for makes me feel like I’ve been listening to you all for years. Great show, keep up the great work! 11/10 recommend!!
I noticed there wasn't much reviews so I felt the need to chime in. I've been a follower of NPS for 5 years and every episode has always been fun to listen to whether it was while doing homework or driving to work. This show about my favorite show also got me through some tough times over the years. Thanks guys!
I listened to 164 "Vamola", a bunch of aspies complaining about diversity, engrish and making "Ugh" sounds about lame things. Will never listen again.
I've watched MPPR when it first came out and was addicted to the show. I grew up with it and the show always ment a lot to me, I still watch it sometimes though I only really like MPPR and Time Force. This podcast is the best one out here and if you are a power ranger fan then you need to listen. Great thoughts on all the Power ranger shows and it's clean( I really like that when so many are not and it is not needed to make a great podcast). I love that they have interveiws with different cast members. I really liked the interveiw with Amy Jo Johnson, she was my hero growing up and it was great hearing her talk about how she got on to power rangers. This is a great ride through memory lane
I love waiting to hear what you think of the current poduct and insights on how you felt on the past. I wish the team would do a commentary on random sentai movies or power rangers episodes. Other than that awesome podcast. SUBSCRIBE NOW!!!
Been a listeners for two years, awesome interviews and coverage Lisa J. is awesome!! The only downside is the male co hosts and their nasally,whiny, voices gets grating on the ears. And dont give money to Jer!!! He is a serious e beggar!!!!(begging for money to attend no pink spandex live!!!) Its funny how he so "broke" , yet still manges to buy every pr toy in sight!!!
U guys rock! Nice interviews
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! These vids are awesome and I hope to see more from you guys in the future!!!!!
I love coming on to my itunes and finding a new episode ready for me to upload. This is what made me crave a podcast of my own, and sparked conversations between my own friend and I on our favorite topic. This is a Must for Power Ranger fans!!!
They reveiw the episdoes so if you miss them they got it all summerized!