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Amazing Preaching... Glory to God!
Every time I listen to one of David's sermons, I feel as if I have been served a thick steak! When no one else wants to deal with a "difficult" passage, I find that I can trust that he will not ignore or gloss over it but will dig in with his expository backhoe, his confidence in the consistency and reliability of the character of God, and the complete truth and suffieciencty of His inspired Word. His preaching is bold, but never lacking in humility. I had listened to him a lot several years ago while seeking a fellowship, as I became more involved in church again, I seldom tuned to the internet for preaching. However, recently when I was struggling with discouragement and battle fatigue on more than one front, that maybe it would be easier to settle for , in David's terms, the "east side of the Jordan", God led me straight to his unsurpassed exposition of Romans 9, and then to "A Settlement Less than Your Inheritance". I will not fail to avail myself of the benefits of such faithful exhortation, encouragement and teaching again. Thank you for what you are allowing God to do through you, David!
David is one of the greatest men of faith that I have witnessed! Truly led by the spirit and grounded in sound, solid scripture based teachings. One of the many things that stick out about David is that you will not find one thing for sale on his web site! If you want a sermon on disc they will mail it to you or to someone you would like to send it to, For FREE. The series on heaven was truly a blessing to my and my wife, after the loss of our 4 year old Samantha to cancer. Heaven, not of my emanation but based on scripture never looked so good. Thank you Mr Legge
Top Preacher. David Legge with Preach The Word delivers bible lessons with historical backing, deep theology, and relevant messages. It's amazing what he manages to uncover. For example, fir the parable about building the house on a rock, it turns out the groundbin that area was hard like rock when dry, but sloshy when wet. So, someone building a house at the same location needs to dig deeper until they hit the rock. Likewise, we need to focus intently on scripture and have a deep faith in Jesus, the Rock. The website contains transcripts and methods to choose lessons by category too. I love the Irish accent too!
David's sermons are always soaked in the Word and always give me great information to meditate on and apply. I have enjoyed the sermons over the years, as well as his helpful information about Cults and False Religions. I know everyone who goes through the archives will be blessed by what they hear. God's Spirit will encourage you, convict you and strengthen you through this material
Having been a christian for years and having heard numerous teachers of the word, I think I shall wear my ipod out with the Preach the Word podcast. Pastor Legge so righty divides the word of the Lord that I pray for more teachers like him. There is a famine of foundational biblical teaching in our world today and I would recomend this solid ground to anyone seeking to understand the Bible. Beware though, you just may become a disciple of Christ and not just a beleiver...
Preach The Word is outstanding! Pastor David Legge has a way of getting to the heart of the subject, convicting you, and forcing you to look at yourself with a new set of eyes. His sermons are not to be missed.
Whenever I get really excited, I praise God in Spanish. David Legge is an amazing teacher. His ministry sermons are always Christ centered and Biblically accurate. He is reasonable in his calvinism and direct in his interpretation of God's Word. Outside of David Wilkerson, Paul David Washer and Raymond Wade, this guy is one of the rare gems in teaching God's Word.
My friend first found Pastor Legge on the web and shared the website with me. I am so glad to now have a podcast of his studies to take with me. I appreciate his dedication to study and preaching Gods word, and for posting here for all the earth to listen. I recomend this preacher to everyone, and please go check out his website, you will be blessed. If I ever get to travel abroad, Israel & Belfast will be my first destinations! God Bless you and your family Pastor Legge!
If you truly want to study and grow in the Word of God listen to David Legge. He is extremely passionate and divides the Word of God accurately. My wife and I have been truly blessed to have found David Legge, and God has convicted us through Pastor Legge's teaching to yield ourselves to Christ as Romans 12 calls us to do, transforming our minds through prayer and the exegetical study of God's Word. Thank you David, for fighting the good fight :)