Reviews For Delta Park Gets Lost Podcast | Season: 6

Used to like these folks - now they are bitter & angry - they charge for some of these podcasts & now have the gall to bite the hand that helps to feed them. Very disappointing.
Well produced, I just find it hard to believe they actually like Lost. They sound more like Monday morning quarterbacks talking about what they didn't like and how it could have been better.
Jay and Jack are the fun Lostcast, Ryan and Jen are the ridiculous in depth and nerdy Lostcast, and this one is really short and sometimes bitter. I respect their opinion on the show but I do agree with others that they don't bring much insight into the overall story and concepts. The production is good and for the casual user it might be nice but most fans are so die hard that this thing is something of an insult.
I have never reviewed a podcast before (although I consistently listen to about 15 different ones during work), and nor do I usually criticize things/people. But, I just couldn't hold back from critiquing this one. These two, not only are monotoned, but they remind me of spoiled children who are so bummed by their own life that they can only pick 1 or 2 things they like and then hate on the rest. I found the podcast to be very negative about the characters & the plot - which is what LOST is all about (or any other TV show!)!!. Most importantly, though, they miss SOOO MUCH in their analysis of LOST. I'm sitting here thinking, "Wow. You actually get paid for this? My 5 year old picks up more on this show than them!" I mean come on, there are some obvious story lines that any viewer should get, but then there are some more subtle ones that anyone who considers the show for more than 10 mins should be able to figure out. Trust me and listen to one of the other LOST podcasts.
Yeah, you've got the podcasting down....Some of the Lost podcasts out there offer some insight, but they are literally unlistenable, because they sound like they were recorded on some old answering machine mini-cassette or something....Delta Park does a good job and I respect the fact that they put some effort into their show....
I used to love this podcast, but as a huge Lost fan, it's gotten really annoying. I have to agree with a couple other reviewers here that I'm sick of them complaining about the show. It seems like that's mostly what they do now during each podcast. They used to do at least a little research on each episode, but now they just do a recap and point out things they liked or didn't like (usually the latter). The podcast now comes off as lazy and they even sound like they're bored recording it. Towards the end of this third season they were absent for three episodes and didn't bother mentioning why. I doubt I'll be listening to them next season. And to Jason and Anna -- I think it's time you ditched the Lost podcast and stuck with whatever your main show is.
Love your reviews, anxiously awaiting more of your savvy takes on Lost ! You are witty and concise, great team!
Talking about Tom killing Boone according to the timeline because Ben says to have him cover the hatch with the plane? Come on guys. They didn't get into the hatch until season 2 which means Walt had already been taken and Boone was already dead. The plane had fallen and Tom was to simply move it to cover the hatch door. Glad your podcast is short.
They started out great, but now the podcast is simply a rehashing of the show, in which they continue to tell you what they dislike about the show and it's direction. They have also made the mistake of forgetting major story lines from the show and expounding upon that. A good example from the March 28th, 2007 show is how they forget how Michael is captured, or that he was even captured at all, from season 2: Anna: '... it gives me at least a little bit of a hint about how much, Michael must have spent quite a bit of time with the Others.' Jason: 'Yeah' Anna: 'Before, ya know, he went back...' Jason: 'Well he was gone for a long time...' Anna: 'He must have gone to them right away.' Jason: 'Yeah, I don't know how he got through the sonic fence? But, um...' Anna: 'Well we're never going to know ...' It's as if they have just started watching the show, and yet I've been listening to this podcast since the middle of season 2! No longer. As they have stated on the show repeatedly, they no longer like the direction the show is going and they continue to comment about how much they dislike Lost in season 3. If you are enjoying Lost and all of it's peculiarities then you will find this podcast a tedious rehashing of the weeks show, with no thought provoking commentary and a healthy dose of 'I no longer like Lost' mixed in.
Delta Park Gets Lost! used to be my fav LOST podcast. However, for Season 3, I kinda get the feeling that that Jason and Anna have lost their enthusiasm for the show and mythology. They seem to be going through the motions now. I remain faithful listening, hoping their love for the show is rekindled.
this is one of the best shows i have ever listened too. Jason and Anna are awsome and their podcasts are short and straight to the point unlike all the others I would highly reccomend this to any lost fanatic


I listened to and enjoyed this podcast during season 2, but now for some reason, it always crashes my ipod when i try to play it. I have no idea why, but other podcasts play just fine.
I used to listen to a number of different Lost related podcasts and now I only listen to Jason and Anna. They are funny, clever, have interesting observations to make and don't ramble on for over an hour for no good reason. I also recommend their regular Delta Park Project podcast for more general pop culture info.
So, when the Transmission ended, I was devistated. I needed a new lost podcast to listen to and I liked the Transmission so much, I didn't think it was possible for another one to replace it. Enter Jason and Anna, two really cute married folks from Portland. They are friendly, very funny and even have media clips that we can listen to to make the show more fun. It is a really great podcast and I always agree with their oppinions! See you in season three guys! I'll be listening! And, I hope the person reading this will be too!
I really enjoy their stuff. They are funny and don't go on and on about crazy theories that will never actually be a part of the show. They talk about what's there and that's about it.
You two make an interesting show. I subscribed to about 8 Lost shows at first and you have made it to the top of that list. Your shows aren't too over my head, though I like hearing the super theory shows as well sometimes, yours is the perfect fit for me. Love the clips especially. Sawyer, call me.
I look forward every week to find out what you guys thought about the show....keep 'em coming! Daryl Honolulu
I think this is my favorite podcast to listen to each week. They are funny, insiteful, and intelligent. They have a good time discussing the show while coming across as adults that REALLY love the show and like to talk about it. Good production value, 5 STARS!
Jason and Anna know how to produce a great TV interest podcast. WHen you listen to their Lost Podcast you know you will get concise, professionally produced, interesting discussion about the topic. They don't ramble on and on, nor do they act in an unprofessional manner. There are Lost Podcasts that have a rambling, non-professional manner and some really like that style. Not me. GET Delta Park Gets Lost NOW. Sean


By xionel
Its a good podcast, has good sound clips, which many other podcasts lack, but it doesnt go too deep in the Lost world, they dont go and really examine all the clues and details of the show, which is necesary for those fans who wanna get copletely Lost. Overall its a good show but doesnt provide enough insight for complete Lostaholics.
This is a fantastic podcast. Jason and Anna are funny, and give great insight into the show. It is like hearing what your buddies thought of the show. Lost is a great show, and there are times Jason and Anna pick up on things I didn't notice and that makes the episode even better.
Jason and Anna are funny, they keep the audience interested and keep the news and conversation flowing nicely. They don't tend to ramble off topic for too long and don't go off on tangents. The know what they're doing in podcasting and have thier podcasts well organized and concise and presented well. You can tell they are huge LOST fans! I recommend DPP gets LOST podcast to all my friends!
I love this podcast! I think that you guys do a great job. Every week I can't wait for the new Lost podcast. I think it is great. Seacrest out!


By Anna58
i'm addicted to your regular podcast, and this one is also great. great work, guys. ~superfan anna p.s. oh, and i think it's funny when you argue. seacrest out!
I have listened to most of the lost podcasts out there and find that DPP gets lost have the audience in mind when recapping shows and there use of clips from the show add to the production quality which is better than just listening to people tell us what happened.