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Woodland Hills is wonderful because everything is routed deep the theology, which is explained. Greg always gives you the full context in which to fully understand the scripture.
Greg Boyd has thoroughly done his research, on target in his messages. His weekly messages are fantastic, a highlight of my week. I urge all to listen to them.


By cria
Once you hear a sermon by Greg, you'll be intrigued to keep listening. This guy is genius and yet he always gives the credit where it belongs. I attended this church for several years, and now listen through podcast. You'll love it.
It's tough to explain why you like a preacher... all I can ever tell people is that there is something wonderful about hearing truth. Not just truth, but truth spoken with love. Greg Boyd's sermons are life-changing and grounded in Biblical truth. Give it a shot and subscribe, you won't regret it.
I love the way Greg explains the Bible. I love his take on theology and the world that we live in. I have struggled for years to find a theology that explains God in a way that seems consistent with all of the Bible. Greg's teachings certainly does that. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Subscribe, be challenged and enjoy the journey!
I don't quite know how to put it in words but "Myth of a Christian Nation" pressed me out of my political stance into a living, breathing, moving, child of God. I never really understood why there was never the "perfect" candidate and now I see through different eyes, the eyes of Jesus. I thank Dr. Boyd and Woodland Hills for maintaining free content. This is the real stuff. Check out his Christos Victor message on the Mars Hill Bible Church podcast, it is phenomenal. It takes a really smart guy to see through Western religiousity to lay bare the message of the Bible, the early church, and Jesus himself and I applaud Dr. Boyd for surrendering all to allow Jesus to speak through him.
I love the way Pastor Boyd asks questions that are so practical when he takes a look at a Bible passage. They are questions we're all asking and then he answers them one after another. We've learned that we need to see people the way God sees and loves people - with unsurpassable value.
I have been listening to Boyd's sermons ever since they started putting them on the Woodland Hills Church website. I now get them from the podcast though... I never went to the church, but I have read Boyd's books. He will blow you away, probably the most influencial Christian speaker available today hands down. He may not be center stage like the Grahm, but he is much much deeper in intellect and everyone is sure to grow because of it.