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i love turntable radio been a fan from the frist day it came out . there has not been a bad so yet . i wish there was mixes with turntable music :)
All I ever want to listen to!
Been listening to Turntable Radio for years even before the podcast. The show is always on point with many different styles of scratching and using the turntable as an instrument. The format is always precise. Big ups to these guys for representing the art.
Resonance FM: A Podcast that is very nicely produced and well thought out and planned before turning on the Technics. - I must say that I am surprised nobody has taken the time to even comment on this show. Mr. Trick and Laurent do this up right. Check it out and take 2 minutes to say you like it .... (dj) ROYCE - Sirius Area 33 Resident DJ www.djroyce.us