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Reviews For CoasterBuzz Podcast

It's a great podcast when they do one. I've been listening to them since # 50. Lord Gonchar makes to podcast.
Don't waste your time, just go to any amusement industry website and read the headlines. The hosts are boring and ramble way too much. There are no interviews with people in the amusement industry. There is absolutely no editing or interaction with listeners on the show. If you are looking for a amusement industry podcast that is well edited and entertaining, there are FAR better choices out there.
an informative and funny show.
This podcast seems to take all the joy out of theme parks.  It is pretty good source for news, but the hosts come off dry and long winded.
Great podcast with focus on the amusement industry. It's not specifically focused on Florida or a specific region. Episodes are updated on a regular basis and normally full of good information. Sometimes the information goes by too fast. I would like to hear some of the subjects talked about a little longer. Other than that, its a great podcast and I recommend it!
This show not only gives out the coaster information, but is very professional, and humorous.
You do a great job with this podcast! Happy 100 episodes!
There is far too much rambling stream-of-consciousness chit-chat among the speakers in this podcast. It makes for tedious listening that is generally uninformative. Too much chaff to bother sifting through to get to the wheat.
It's shorter than coasterradio, so I have no idea why this isn't as good. This is for those who wants news and the most sane opinions out there.
They need more videos on coasters, but alot of good info.
Great show for information and news in the industry, but sometimes it gets boring.
the shows are way too long. sound is ok. hard to hear sometimes. coasterradio is better.