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Gary is extremely knowledgeable about cruising & I feel fortunate that he shares all of that knowledge with us. Thank you Gary for sharing yourself, your knowledge & your personal cruise time making notes, filming, and producing these tips.
I love the truly practical tips, especially for anyone who’s done little travel. One of the best tips is the DK eyewitness travel guides. They are spectacular! Most episodes lately have seemed overwhelmingly cruise centric, which is ironic considering how late he came to the cruise game, but again the tips are extremely helpful and practical. Love the English accent but would also find it helpful if the information was a bit less Eurocentric. Overall, keep up the good work.
I like this podcast. Good audio quality, just the right length of time, and great information and tips. Try it :-)
I downloaded 5 podcasts about Venice before my trip and this was the best one by far. There were travel tips and bits of history included as well which was nice. There were a couple things I wasn't going to do, but now changed my mind after listening to these podcasts!
Wonderful, useful travel tips. I enjoy listening to Gary's British accent. His podcast are relatively quick and always stay on topic; unlike others that fill the time with uninteresting banter. Be sure to listen to his older episodes.
Great podcast thank you
The London and Venice podcasts were very helpful.
He gets right to the point and tells you what you need to know. I recent must have in our travel planning
lowkey advice. I found it rather "refreshing" . Definiely UK resident oriented but I had no problem with that.
Might be going to Melbourne in a month and found your podcast Feel like I know where to go and what to see while I am there! Thank you Joe mulinaro Indianapolis, IN
Thank you for all the info. This podcast is helpful and full of tips for newbies! Highlights, must see landmarks, but best off all sample itineraries!
This podcast is full of great tips for all kinds of travelers. Gary is very knowledgeable and offers valuable travel information. Can’t wait to hear more. Great job!
The podcasts are are very informative and practical. I have been to several of the cities on the podcast and have used it in advance to plan my trip. The advice is practical, such as areas in which to stay in, and must do attractions. I feel most of the information is unbiased and not sponsored. I do get the impression on some of the cruise podcasts that he may have some sponsorship, as he mentions the cruise line quite a bit. There is also advertising for a travel guide publication. This is definately one of the better sources for travel information and I really enjoy listening. He has an enjoyable personality. He is from the UK but the information is good universally. It also gives me ideas and inspiration for future travel.
I listened to both podcasts about Tokyo while on my flight there from the US…. They were incredibly helpful and I ended up changing many of my original plans to the suggested trips in the podcast. My trip was greatly enhanced thanks to this show :)
I came for the River Cruise info and stayed because Gary is awesome! In depth and accurate. What else could you ask for?
Love to hear these tips from a seasoned traveler like Gary… makes me dream of all the places I want to visit! I am a new fan of this show.
I'm currently in the midst of planning my first cruise, and am very grateful to have found this podcast! Great information and advice, and really just an enjoyable listen. I feel much more confident in choosing the right cruise for my partner and me, and now have many more resources to check out. I've only listened to a handful of the episodes so far but am looking forward to going back and listening to more cruise advice and reviews!
I really enjoyed listening to several of his podcasts before I travelled and found several of his tips very helpful
Enjoy going to places with Gary to places I dream of seeing. I look forward to each podcast.
I have been listening to Gary for years. He provides vast insight to places, events and activities. For anyone who loves travel, this is a must.
If you have yet to visit a destination Bembridge covers you will learn the top sites to visit and some of the logistics. He doesn’t dive deep but it is enough to give me a sense of whether I would like to visit. I think The Amateur Traveler is better but I listen to this one too.
I find the cities guides and the interviews very interesting and very useful.
Gary presents a no nonsense approach to his descriptions with great general knowledge and tips. While I have never been drawn to cruising in my travel experiences, I always check in with Gary's episodes for when he reviews a particular destination or offers a particular topic.
Love the podcast thank you!
We are going on a cruise next month and I found Gary's site. Listened to the ones on Crusing Norway as well as Bergen and Geiranger. All three very informative. I'd recommend these. Well done Gary.
The presenter does an excellent job of imparting a great deal of information with a catchy, British efficient style. No fluff & gets to what interests and he is an obvious enthusiast which comes through.
Gary does a great job providing a wide variety of travel information. His commentary is especially valuable as it is based on his business travel experience coupled with leisure travel. I disagree respectfully with Kitty below in that Gary's comments are indeed valuable. He offers unique tips and observations not seen previoulsy by me on the garden variety travel sites, blogs or book. I find his information informative, useful and concise.
This is my favorite travel podcast hands down. I listen to many other shows, but this one is the best in my opinion. The host is very knowledgable about so many hotspots around the world. He gives good insights, but doesn't ruin it by telling every little detail. I'm especially intrigued by the more exotic location outside the US. Norway, Greece, the Caribbean, and so forth, this guy has gotten around. The English accent is cool, very James Bond like. I look forward to the day when I can retire and start globe trotting like my man Gary. I'm definitely going to visit some of the spots on his list. In the meantime, I'm going to listen to every episode and start creating a bucket list. Kudos for a great show.
I really enjoy listening to this podcast. My wife and I travel at least once a year and it's nice to know information about locations we might be interested in visiting. His first-hand experiences with the destinations and cruise lines are quite insightful. He provides just enough details to get you curious about a particular place, but stops short of elaborating on it in protracted detail. As such, when you actually go to the destination, you can uncover the wonders on your own. I especially like Gary's take on cruise ship traveling. He mentions the Cunard Cruise Lines as reference, but from what I've heard, most cruise lines are similar in their offerings. Most of the time, my wife and I travel by air. However, we are planning on a cruise sometime in the near future and this podcast will undoubtedly be useful when the time comes. The sound quality is great and my wife loves the host's voice. I give this two thumbs-up and recommend it to amateur travelers like myself.
I look forward to listening to Gary Bembridge's podcast they are very informative. Keep up the good work.
For my money, this is the best travel podcast online. Why? First, other travel shows usually consist of multiple commentators who climb all over each other trying to be funny and cute. The fact that Bembridge offers his info solo, earnestly, without fluff, fanfare, or silliness is a big plus. Second, the portraits he paints of travel spots are vivid and interesting even if I have no plans to partake of those places: I suspect that I will never go to Mauritius, ride a train in South Africa, or go on a Cunard cruise, but his enjoyment of these experiences is infectious and fun to hear about. Third, the historical background that he offers about the travel sites provides welcome context to places like Victoria Falls, Shanghai, and Barbados. Finally, his voice with the Brit (actually Zimbabwean?) accent is quite soothing and can lull one to sleep--in a good way! I look forward to each podcast--the longer and more detailed the better...
This is the best podcast to listen to if you want some first-hand insight into the culture of an area, and *why* to visit certain attractions. I love how you get the human element in Gary's podcast, and learn about experiences off the beaten path. Updated March 2010 - Gary, I'm glad to see you're back! I've missed your podcast.
I was hoping for more and got this partial reading of the author's travel diary. I travel for a living and I have bben to all of theses places - this was just an overview of what these places are about. I would like to hear how "normal" people travel and what they see. Not everyone travels in or with the upper classes. This podcast was a big disappointment. Less elitism and more real information.
I really like these podcasts & wish Mr. Bembridge would release some new ones. UPDATED - Thanks for the new podcasts! Great to have you back!!
Tips for Travellers does not give the listener much more than he/she knew about the destination prior to listening to the podcast. To be certain it wasn't just one episode, I listened to a few, including destinations I am familiar with. Yep, the recommendations are not creative nor off-the-beaten track. The narrator detracts any interest from the destination. He also fumbles the names of attractions and gives the most basic, unrefreshing descriptions. Thumbs down for this one.